Top Downloads for TeamCity

Status Based Artifacts

Publish artifacts based on the build status.

Agiletestware Pangolin Connector for TestRail

Integrates TeamCity with TestRail by automatically publishing test results from TeamCity to TestRail using Pangolin server (

Code Dx

Allows users to integrate TeamCity with Code Dx.


*What* Provides a way to visualize, orchestrate differential deployments in Octopus.

ApexSQL DevOps toolkit

The ApexSQL DevOps toolkit is a set of components and scripts that integrate with ApexSQL SQL developer tools to create SQL Server database continuous integration and...


TeamCity runner plugin for Kobalt build system.

Server Profiling

Can be used for detailed investigation for TeamCity server performance problems. The data collected is to be sent to TeamCity support.


Plugin allowing to invite users to create or join TeamCity projects.


TV screen widgets.