Top Downloads for TeamCity


*What* Provides a way to visualize, orchestrate differential deployments in Octopus.

JIRA reporter

adds comments/modifies JIRA issues on TeamCity builds.


TeamCity runner plugin for Kobalt build system.

Advanced Installer

builds Advanced Installer setup projects.

Meta Runners Power Pack

a collection of meta runners for various tasks like downloading a file, triggering a build, tagging a build, changing a build status, running PHP tasks, etc.


Plugin allowing to invite users to create or join TeamCity projects.


TV screen widgets.

Url Build Trigger

Adds a build to the build queue when detecting a change in the specified URL.

Tag build

service message to add a tag for the current build.

Commit Status Publisher

(bundled since TeamCity 10.0) Publishes build status to JetBrains Upsource, GitHub, Atlassian Bitbucket Server(Stash) or Gerrit Code Review tool.