Top Downloads for TeamCity


Testinium is a cloud based web and mobile test automation tool.

Netparker Cloud Scan

Allows to launch Netsparker Cloud scans.

TeamCityApp Beta

Android application: TeamCity in your pocket.


Bumblebee is a TeamCity plugin that enables developers, testers, and release engineers to easily integrate HP ALM into their CI environment.

Terms of Service

Allows to show a custom agreement to users before they get access to TeamCity UI.

Netease Cloud Agents

Teamcity Netease (163yun) Cloud Agent Run teamcity agents on 163yun container service. Compatibility Tested on teamcity 2018.1.x. 163yun.

FogBugz Issue Tracker 2

a more recent version of the integration with FogBugz issue tracker.


Adds the ability to run builds in sandboxes, under different user accounts (requires TeamCity 6.5.3).