Top Downloads for TeamCity

FitNesse Tests Runner

a build runner to run FitNesse tests.

PHPUnit Listener 2

listener pluggable via PHPUnit's suite.xml that will produce TeamCity service messages for tests.

TAP Parser

automatically recognizes TAP protocol messages and transforms them to TeamCity test messages.

tSQLt runner

a runner for unit testing framework for Microsoft SQL Server.

Runscope plugin

plugin for TeamCity to trigger Runscope tests and parse their results.

Boxcar notifications

send out notifications via Boxcar.


a standalone Windows application to display TeamCity build statuses, e.g.


a standalone Windows application which displays TeamCity build status on Delcom lights devices.

CCTray support

ability to see TeamCity build statuses in the CruiseControl's CCTray (bundled since TeamCity 7.0).