Top Downloads for TeamCity

VSTest.Console Runner

allows running tests with vstest.console (bundled since TeamCity 9.1).

Terms of Service

Allows to show a custom agreement to users before they get access to TeamCity UI.


Bumblebee is a TeamCity plugin that enables developers, testers, and release engineers to easily integrate HP ALM into their CI environment.

Microsoft SDKs Detector

detects Microsoft SDKs (Azure SDK, Windows Phone SDK and ASP.NET MVC) on the agent and exposes configuration parameters.

TeamCityApp Beta

Android application: TeamCity in your pocket.


integrate with JMeter for performance testing within builds and displaying trends.

Upsource links

adds links to JetBrains Upsource reviews to changes displayed in TeamCity.

Amazon S3 Uploader

Allows to upload content into different Amazon S3 buckets.