Top Downloads for TeamCity

Agent Auto Authroize

For organizations that heavily automate their build agent infrastructure, the manual step of authorizing and unauthorizing agents can become an issue.

Gradle Init Scripts

Gradle Init Scripts is a plugin that manages Gradle initialization scripts for reuse within a project or projects.

Azure Classic Cloud Support

[obsolete] creates cloud build agents in Microsoft Azure cloud via Classic (Service Management) deployments.

Groovy script (teamgroovy)

Groovy script as a build step (teamgroovy).

Container cloud

This plugin implements "Agent cloud" functionality for running agents within containers, such as Docker.

Redgate DLM Build Runner

Redgate Software develop database lifecycle management ( DLM) tools that help your organization include databases alongside applications in agile processes.

Symbol Server support

Allows using TeamCity as a Windows symbol server.


A build radiator for Team City written in JavaFx.

Tasks Build Runner

A plugin to identify pending tasks in the code.