Top Downloads for TeamCity


AlertMePro is TeamCity Notification plugin which allows you to receive notifications from your TeamCity Server to Skype.


A radiator in a game-like design.


A configurable TeamCity plugin that notifies your Slack or Hipchat recipients.

ALM Octane CI Integration

This plugin introduces easy ALM Octane integration through Jetbrains plugin repository, enabling ALM Octane to display TeamCity build pipelines and track build and test...

NuGet support

support for NuGet build runners and feed (bundled since TeamCity 7.0).

Container cloud

This plugin implements "Agent cloud" functionality for running agents within containers, such as Docker.

Microsoft Azure Active Directory Support

Allows using Microsoft Azure Active Directory for authentication in TeamCity.

Config Transformations

Provides support of applying .net config transformations.

Xray Test Management for Jira

Xray TeamCity Plugin provides the means for successful Continuous Integration by allowing users to report automated testing results and associate them with new or...

Bazel build support

This integration with Bazel build system provides the following features for bazel projects: Bazel tool detection on build agents Bazel command build...