Top Downloads for TeamCity

Applitools Eyes

This plugin adds Applitools Eyes test results to your TeamCity build report.


Cradiator is a Windows (WPF) app that displays a summary of Continuous Integration (CI) project statuses.


The TeamCity Roundhouse plugin provides support of deploy database via roundhouse.


OctoPnP provides "Pack and Publish" functionality for Octopus-based deployments automation.

Flowdock custom notifier

A custom TeamCity notifier that sends messages to Flowdock on build events.

BitTorrent Support

With this plugin, users and build agents can download TeamCity build artifacts with the help of the BitTorrent protocol which usually works faster in a distributed...


Provide user mapping as parameters so other plugins can map a user to another name.

VCS Support: VSS

This plugin provides support for Microsoft Visual SourceSafe.

SpiraTeam CI Integration

Integrates SpiraTeam with the JetBrains TeamCity continuous integration build server.

Google Tag Manager

Allows adding Google Tag Manager to all TeamCity UI pages.