VojtÄ›ch Krása

String Manipulation

Provides actions for text manipulation.

Eclipse Code Formatter

Allows using Eclipse's code formatter directly from IntelliJ.

Useful actions

In Misc. By meo
Contains following actions:.

Swing Buttons Fix

In Misc. By meo
By Swing default the Enter always fires default button regardless of selection by arrows or Tab .

PlantUML integration

PlantUML diagramming tool integration.

VisualVM Launcher

Launches VisualVM from within IDEA.

Grep Console

In Misc. By meo
Allows you to define a series of regular expressions which will be tested against the console output or file.

Frame Switcher

Plugin for more convenient switching between projects/frames/windows than is alt-tab or Window menu.

Maven Helper

In Maven 2. By meo

Non Project Files Unlocker

In Editor. By meo
Disables annoying dialog for unlocking non-project files - IDEA-125379.