Plugins with tag "UI"

Branch in Window Title

If a git repository is detected in the parent directory of a module, the current branch name is appended to the project name in the window title.


Plugin provides possibility to create several UI profiles for different screen resolutions and easily toggle between them.

Simple Titles - Project Only

Fork of


Makes your editor caret 1 pixel thin (for retina users).

Logger folding

Folds and unfolds logger method calls in Java and Kotlin files.


Replaces shortcuts with mnemonics.

SwingExplorer Integration v2

The plug-in integrates SwingExplorer into IntelliJ IDEA.

Simple Titles

Limit the file part of the window title only include the file name.


GUIguide is an intelliJ plugin and runtime library that allows runtime inspection of properties in a GUI application, as well as links to the relevant source code and...


compress images use TinyPng api.