Plugins with tag "plugin by JetBrains"

Artifacts torrents

By spak
turns the TeamCity server and agent into a torrent tracker and seeder for artifacts published to the server.

Command Line Remote Run Tool

a command line tool to start remote run/personal build.

Commit Status Publisher

(bundled since TeamCity 10.0) Publishes build status to JetBrains Upsource, GitHub, Atlassian Bitbucket Server(Stash) or Gerrit Code Review tool.

Investigations Auto-Assigner

a plugin to assign build failure investigations automatically (basic implementation).

Groovy plug

example for TeamCity extensions in Groovy.

Queue Manager

(bundled since TeamCity 8.0) allows you to pause the TeamCity build queue manually.

Symbol Server

Allows you to use TeamCity as a Windows symbol and source server.