Plugins with tag "Code tools"


AndroidAccessors is designed to generate getters and setters for Android projects. It removes leading m's from field names so the external methods are cleaner.


Spring Framework integration plugin for IntellijIDEA Community Edition.


Dynamic code execution environment a la Smalltalk or Visual Age ScrapBook.

Apache Equals HashCode and ToString generator

Generates equals() and hashCode() and toString() using the Apache Commons lang3 library.

Android Annotations @ViewById injection code generator

This plugin will generate automatically all the @ViewById annotations for an Android Annotations annotated class.


Base on GsonFormat. Quickly to convert a JSON string to an entity class ..

Android strings.xml tools

Provides simple actions for sorting entries in Android localization files and adding missing ones.

Class Hunter

The Class Hunter Intellij plugin aims to provide a way for Intellij programmers to locate missing Java classes in folders or Jar files required by projects.

Classpath Complete

You don't have to remember which jar file contains which class file any more.


GitHub | Issues An Generator, generate code more easily and productive.