Plugins with tag "Code tools"

Android Asset Importer

This plugin is designed to facilitate the process of importing multiple assets into Android Studio in a painless manner.

PHP Docker

Allows to create php interpreter for remote run inside docker container.


Script engine for interacting with Idea.


Context Viewer plugin for IDEA.


By stist
Scrap tool loosely based on the 'Scrappy' plugin using the in-memory compiler from

Code snippets

Allows to create and store tagged and titled code snippets.

Pastebin plugin for Intellij IDEA.

JavaDoc Sync Plugin 8

The JavaDoc Sync Plugin will assist you to keep your JavaDoc in sync between interface definitions and the implementations, or method definitions and...

Snip2Code Plugin for IntelliJ

This plugin allows the user to interact with Snip2Code service directly from within IntelliJ IDEA.

POJO Generator

Generate Java objects from XML and JSON files.