Plugins with tag "Tools integration"


A plugin for IntelliJ IDEA to interact with a CRX repository via the FileVault tool which is packaged with Adobe AEM/CQ.

Jar Juggler

Library package manager.

Heroku Integration

By jexp
Heroku integration for all Jetbrains products.

Eclipse Dependency Sync

This plugin keeps IntelliJ project classpath in sync with Eclipse .classpath file.

Multi-OS Engine Plugin

Multi-OS Engine IDE plugin for Android Studio.

Retrotranslator Integration

Automatically retrotranslate classes compiled by IDEA.


PhpMetrics integration.

IntelliJad 8

IntelliJad 8 integrates the Jad decompiler into IntelliJ IDEA 8.


CLion Arduino Plugin.


Application Lifecycle Intelligence for HP ALM.