Plugins with tag "Misc"

Keymap exporter

Allows to export IntelliJ IDEA keymaps at the PDF format.


The output to the console as a hyperlink URL.


Enables "Open With" different editor for any files in project.


Find and attach sources for binary artifacts by click of a button.

Android Device Controller

Control your Android device from within Android Studio.

Miscellaneous Functionality

Adds additional inspections and code construct resolution capabilities missing from IntelliJ IDEA.


By Roge
Allows to install plugin from site right from the browser by using bookmarklet. Just click on bookmark and plugin will be installed!.


The Hagrid plugin gives a quick overview of all possible key mapping conflicts.


Converts property files with native-encoded characters (characters which are non-Latin 1 and non-Unicode) to Unicode-encoded.


DER Viewer is a plugin to inspect ASN.1 structures encoded under DER (Distinguished Encoding Rules).