Plugins with tag "Editor"

Code Outline 2

Shows a zoomed out "outline" of your code while you're editing it.

TextMate bundles support

This plugin provides TextMate bundles support.

Heap Allocations Viewer

Highlights local object allocations, boxing, delegates and closure creations points.

File Info

Displays information about the selected file.

IDEA Mind Map

Base64 Helper

It's a plugin to encode/decode [hex]string, based on Base64 algorithm.

Copy/Paste Stack

Copy/paste stack is an advanced copy history manager including a clipboard viewer.

Hungry BackSpace

Modifies BackSpace key to hungrily delete whitespace.


TabReorder plugin allows to reorder editor tabs using mouse (drag and drop) or keyboard shortcuts.

Relative Line Numbers

Simple plugin to show line numbers relative to the current caret position.