Plugins with tag "Editor"


Provides the support for TagMyCode.

Close Editor Tabs Left Right

IntelliJ plugin to close all open editor tabs to the left and right of your current one, includes actions, context menu and editor tabs items.

DeltaHex Editor

Hexadecimal editor based on deltahex library.


A tool for manipulation of source, test source and excluded folders directly from the project pane.

Less Hungry Backspace

Modifies the backspace key to delete trailing whitespace in the previous line.


Several utilities for Intellij IDEA.

Locale Utility

Auto-Resource Bundle - Replace string with resource bundle GUI.


If there is no selection in the editor, this action toggles the case of the character immediately following the caret (if any) and moves the caret to the position...


Close all open editors fitting a given description, i.e. All editors of type X, e.g.


Wraps the selected text (usually HTML) in 'out.println("");', escaping the necessary characters in the process, for use in a servlet of tag.