Plugins with tag "Framework integration"

ZF1 integration plugin

Zend Framework 1 integration plugin.

Laravel Insight

Laravel Insight is a very helpful PhpStorm IDE plugin that introduces a lot of features when you are working with Laravel Framework.


This plugin adds support for the development of OSGi-based applications to IDEA.

dmServer Support

This plugin supports development of the OSGI (Osmorc) bundles targeting Spring dmServer Runtime.


UIkit live templates / snippets.

Stapler plugin for IntelliJ IDEA

Stapler plugin for IntelliJ IDEA 11.

Gluon Plugin

The Gluon Plugin allows developers to create Java applications that target the Android and iOS mobile platforms as well as the Desktop platform using the same codebase.


Sails or Treeline integration for InteliJ Platform.

Android Scala

Plugin for Android development with Scala.

Jangaroo 0.9

A plugin for using the Jangaroo Open Source tools version 0.9 and up in IntelliJ IDEA 15.