Plugins with tag "Framework integration"

Apache Tiles 2.0 plugin

Tiles 2.0 plugin.

Mybatis Tools

Add some framework support, such as mybatis etc. depend on intellij'spring plugin, not support intellij community态Android Studio version so far.

Kdyby Events support

Support for Kdyby Events library.


Plugin, created to improve life-work balance while working with Magento 2.

ULC Plugin

Plugin for Rich Internet Application development with Canoo's UltraLightClient (ULC) library.

JCR Content Editor

Allows import/export of JCR content from CQ/AEM(/other?) and limited editing.

Otto & Robolectric

IntelliJ plugin to optimize synergy of Square library utilization.

AribaWeb Plugin

AribaWeb ( is the Open Source component-based web application development framework for creating rich, AJAX-enabled applications with the minimum...

Neos Support

Support for the Neos CMS.

WDK View

Provides the user with a simplified view of WDK components.