Plugins with tag "Formatting"


Applies DVK coding convention to a Java-file.


this is a plugin for android Layout formatting,you can use this plugin to farmat you layout.xml; it can make you layout.xml more beautiful.

IntelliJ uroboroSQL Formatter

IntelliJ uroboroSQL Formatter UroboroSQL Formatter is often used in enterprise systems, For formatting to a highly maintainable style even for very long SQL (1 K...

Android Project Exporter

Use this to export your homework.

Code Style Hook

Plugin to apply the project's code style to a subset of the changed files on commit.


Add Format action in Edit menu to format the current opened

JBehave Example Table Formatter

The plugin provides a convenient way for formatting Example Tables in JBehave .story files to have same column length.


Format yaml file.

IntelliJ IDEA Properties Sorter

If you are working on a project where different IDEs are used, properties files will often cause merge conflicts because of different format and ordering.

Comment Formatter

Intellij plugin used to align comments.