Plugins with tag "Navigation"

Go To Project

Enables opening project windows with speed search.

Switch Structure

Displays a label list for a switch statement enclosing the caret, jumps to source on Enter.


The plugin adds menu actions allowing you to go to a specific tab.


Allows navigation from within Ant files Xpress files (Programming language of the Sun Identity Manager/Oracle Waveset) OIM xml files (Export/import format...

Android Color Manager

The plugin that manages Android colors.


Support for hyper link highlighting in IDEA editors (Ctrl+Mouse) with mouse click to open (Ctrl+Click).


Show popup with currently opened files in editors organized by tree.

EventBus3 Intellij Plugin

By likfe
Provides actions which allow you quickly move around the event bus.(now it only for EventBus 3.x) to @Subscribe or onEventMainThread @Subscribe to...


Embedded Web Browser.

Open in splitted tab

Inspired by the assistant-view in Xcode.