Plugins with tag "Navigation"


A version of Camel Humps that fits my style and works in latest IDEA.

Request mapper

Plugin for quick navigation to url mapping declaration.


Enables [Ctrl-B] in text files and java comments, to jump to files/classes under the cursor.


Lysosome allows you to move the text cursor to the start or end of a selection using the left and right cursor keys, like in many other common text editors.


A plugin that eases the navigation through the elements of a project and the execution of actions on those elements. Please visit the home page of this plugin for a...


Open files quickly by organizing them in seperate lists.

Offline Module

Disable or enable modules in project without deleting.


Collection of simple utilities for IDEA.


The XFiles plugin offers a configurable, dynamic mechanism for defining working sets of files and allowing navigation between files selected by a working set.

Open Commit On GitHub

This plugin add an editor popup menu.