Plugins with tag "Code editing"

Javadoc Utility

This simple plugin provides the following javadoc features: Generating getters and setters with javadoc (rus/eng) (press ALT+G).


Auto-Align allows you to align your code with a pretty print alignment.


By jowan
Can input, can be selected to auto generator findViewById code in Activity or etc, support ButterKnife(version 8.4.0), support ViewHolder.

Djaneiro for PyCharm

This was originally a pure port of the Djaneiro plugin for Sublime Text, but new features have been added not found in the original plugin.


Commenting (Ctrl-/, Ctrl-Shift-/) in custom file types (e.g.


Toggles public/protected/private and true/false.


Plugins contains several tools related to working with class declarations.

Groovy Method Completion

This plugin lets you auto complete your super classes method declarations in Groovy language as well as quickly create Getter and Setters for their fields.

Options completion plugin

By woru
Options completion plugin.

KonaWorks PowerPack

A pack with the following tools.