TeamCity Plugins

New or Updated

Google Cloud Agents

Allows to use Google Compute Engine to scale the pool of build agents.


DM Dashboard A highly customizable dashboard used to radiate important information to interested people.

Gradle Build Cache

Gradle Build Cache is a TeamCity plugin that provides a build feature to enable the Gradle Build Cache.

Gradle Init Scripts

Gradle Init Scripts is a plugin that manages Gradle initialization scripts for reuse within a project or projects.

Nouvola DiveCloud

Nouvola Plugin Cloud-based, scalable load testing and performance testing for your web, mobile and API, using the power of Nouvola.

Google Artifact Storage

which allows replacing the TeamCity built-in artifacts storage by Google Cloud Storage.

S3 Artifact Storage

This plugin allows replacing the TeamCity built-in artifacts storage with AWS S3.

Azure Artifact Storage

which allows replacing the TeamCity built-in artifacts storage by Azure Blob storage.

Top Downloads

.NET Core Support

brings support of .NET CLI toolchain to build .NET Core projects. Blog post about this plugin usage.

xUnit test runner 2

A xUnit runner for TeamCity.

Octopus Deploy

Creates Octopus-compatible NuGet packages and triggers Octopus Deploy deployments.

Docker Cloud

This plugin leverages the TeamCity Cloud API in order to start and dispose TeamCity agents hosted in Docker containers on demand.

Azure Resource Manager Cloud Support

Creates cloud build agents in Microsoft Azure cloud via Resource Manager deployments.

GitHub Commit Hook

This plugin allows installing GitHub webhooks for GitHub repositories used by TeamCity VCS roots.

OAuth2 authentication

Enable GitHub or generic oAuth2 authentication to build server.


AlertMePro is TeamCity Notification plugin which allows you to receive notifications from your TeamCity Server to Skype.