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Takes a sentence and turns it into a FIT method or classname.

PMIP - Poor Mans IDE Plugin

A simple tool for realtime rapid development of Intellij plugins in ruby. For example:.

Useful actions

In Misc. By meo
Contains following actions:.

testIT LivingDoc Intellij IDEA Plugin

IntelliJ IDEA Plugin for LivingDoc.

Electric Flow

Electric Flow plugin provides possibilities:.


Paste code with a click!.

WDK View

Provides the user with a simplified view of WDK components.


Tries to provide smart (and choosable) pre-selections for the different Introduce-... refactorings.

Struts Plugin

Provides full integration of Struts in IDEA (configuration files, JSPs, code). See Settings->IDE Settings->Errors->"Struts Code/Configuration Inspections" for...


Opens the relevent folder when right clicked.