Alexey Efimov

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This plugin support for file assotiations for IntelliJ application.


This is toolwindow with all system properties of JVM.


Support for hyper link highlighting in IDEA editors (Ctrl+Mouse) with mouse click to open (Ctrl+Click).


Support for compiling native properties files to ascii.


Log filter for coloring or split by tabs IntelliJ IDEA console output.


Enables "Open With" different editor for any files in project.

API Comparator

Plugin for viewing API changes in jar files.


Show popup with currently opened files in editors organized by tree.


Plugin for catching editor tabs spilling and puting ejected files into stack.

JFlex Support

Enables JFlex support in IntelliJ IDEA.

Batch Scripts Support

Windows Batch Scripts support for IntelliJ IDEA.


Perform researching of current selection or word.

Problems View

The problems detector for monitoring something wrong in IDE (incomplete settings, wrong configurations, etc).

Plugin Packer

This plugin can pack plugin distributive for IntelliJ IDEA Plugins Central.

Windows Context Menu

Windows Explorer context menu for files and folders within IDEA project.

Offline Module

Disable or enable modules in project without deleting.

Spell Checker

Integrates spell checker jazzy into IDEA as inspection.

Spell Checker English Dictionary

Standard english dictionary for Spell Checker plugin.

Spell Checker German Dictionary

Standard german dictionary for Spell Checker plugin.

Spell Checker Russian Dictionary

Standard russian dictionary for Spell Checker plugin.

Android Support

Supports development of Open Handset Alliance Android applications with IntelliJ IDEA It works with Android SDK 1.5 and with earlier versions Features: ...

Eclipse Mode

Enable Eclipse features in IntelliJ IDEA such as incremental compilation.

Debian package generator for TeamCity installation

a tool to generate custom Debian package for the TeamCity server and agent.