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Base64 image encoder

Allows to view image as base64-encoded for using in CSS/HTML.
Available as new button in image editor toolbar. This plugin requires Java 8 to run.


By 0leGG
Basic viewer for Adobe After Effects animations exported with bodymovin library.

Color Browser

This plugin allows you to see colors used in Java code and CSS/HTML files. You may also picks colors and insert one of several representations of that color in the current editor.


Translates a colour, chosen in a colour pane, into java/css code and
  • inserts it at the cursor location, or
  • copies it into the clipboard
, in 1 click.

Gold Section

Gold Section 2(GS2) is a design tool for building nice palette for HTML documents by method of "gold section" (in base of one is magical number 1.618033985017358...).

Image Design Editor

As a developer, how many times did you have to wait somebody to design/draw an image icon for the brand new feature of your software you are working on? Or maybe you have tried 5 different software products to draw the icon yourself. Image Design Editor is developed to help IDEA users in designing the image icons by themselves. It is integrated as an IDEA plugin, so you only need to select the New Image Icon menu item under the New menu and a dialog will be displayed, asking you to select the desired output file type (JPEG or PNG) and the new image file size (width and height with supported values between 12 and 64). When the OK button is hit, a canvas will allow you to draw the image icon pixel by pixel. It is designed with a reduced set of features just for making the icon drawing easier for us, the developers. It is probably not a very good idea to be used by very skilled graphic designers.

  • create JPEG or PNG images with a resolution between 12*12 and 64*64 pixels
  • choose any transparent (4 bytes based) or non-transparent (3 bytes based) color for drawing using a decorated (added transparency support) JColorChooser
  • pixel by pixel drawing either by dragging or by clicking the mouse in the canvas area
  • image preview at any moment in the design time
  • mouse coordinates in the resulted image display
  • set background color
  • rubber mode to clear the wrong pixels
  • when the Save image button is clicked, the image icon is ready to be used in your application, you just need to write the code to load it

I hope you will enjoy using it or modifying it as much as I enjoyed developing it.


A small and simple plugin to quickly and easy view GIF, JPG and PNG images. Images are loaded from a directory or from a JAR-file. Future releases will include features such as transformation and possiblity to generate Java code for loading an image.

Korge IntelliJ Plugin

Intelli-J Plugin for Korge game engine, that builds resources, and provides jtransc integration.

Material Color Palette

This plugin helps you add a Material Color value into the project

NavMine Demo

Diagrams demo

PNG Optimizer

By kb
Plugin allows to optimize PNG files by size before commit and manually via context menu in Project View


A viewer for Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) documents. Since SVG can render images, you can also use this viewer to display png, jpeg, tiff and gif files.

SvgViewer 2

An updated version of the SVG Viewer plugin originally released by Andrew Armstrong back in 2004 (I attempted to contact him but his listed email address is no longer valid) This release works with the current versions of the Intellij platform and runs in Intellij and WebStorm. It seems to have trouble in AppCode due to a missing Batik dependency. However I was unable to find a 'depends' node in the plugin.xml file that indicated it works with all Intellij platforms except AppCode so I simply left it out, indicating it works for Intellij only. UPDATE: I've added some dependencies so that this can be used with WebStorm and PhpStorm. It will not work on AppCode, even if it shows up as being available in the browser repository for that product.