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Active Intellij Tab Highlighter

Active Tab Highlighter Plugin for IntelliJ family IDEs

Afterglow Theme

By justsid

Theme based on the Afterglow Sublime Text theme. It replaces the sidebar icons and sidebar background colour, source code is available under the MIT license on Github. This theme is an extension of the Darcular theme, which should be applied.

Forks and pull requests are welcome, although I also take Github issues :)

AppCode UI Designer

Provides visual editing support for Xcode Storyboard and XIB files.

Background Image Plus

Set the editor background to a random picture from a folder.


drawing chibi-chara(small cute anime character) images, similar to wallpaper


By kimptoc
Plugin that loads a background image into editors


For people with color vision deficiency: a plug-in for IDEs based on the IntelliJ platform.

Console Beep

Plays a sound when a certain text appears in console

CPU Usage Indicator

By meo
CPU Usage Indicator in the status bar, just like the Memory Indicator.

-it is painted in a background thread, not EDT, so it will update even when the GUI is stuck
-getting the process usage is a quite expensive operation :(

Enable Color Management

By niw
Enable color management on OS X using ColorSync, which is not working with bundled Java correctly.


The plugin matches root package names to country code top-level domains and replaces 'package' icon with the flag.

Resource files with names like 'name_lang.properties' are also affected.


Plugin provides possibility to create several UI profiles for different screen resolutions and easily toggle between them.
This plugin will be useful for Linux users with several displays of different resolutions.

To start using this plugin:
1) Set up all the fonts sizes in your IDE. Plugin supports:
  • Default system font size;
  • Editor font size;
  • Console font size.
Then go to Settings > Appearance & Behavior > HDPI profiles > Add current profile and save your profile.

2) Toggle between profiles in main menu "HIDPI profiles"

Idea 2016.2 Icon Pack

By kb
Changes new modern icons to the old ones. Welcome back to IntelliJ IDEA 2016.2


By MitI_7
Customizing the JetBRAINS IDEs.


  • Adding background image in Editors.
  • Change icons at Editor.
  • Plays sound at certain events(Run, Run Error, Open Project, Close Project).

Light Bulb Toggle

Allows to turn off a light bulb in "Editor | General | Appearance".

UI for <option name="SHOW_INTENTION_BULB" value="false"/> in editor.xml.

Remember to turn it ON before uninstalling plugin.

Material Theme UI

By chrisrm
This will add the Material Theme look to your IDE.

Material Theme UI Extended

This will add the Material Theme look to your IDE.


A mvp development support plugin.


By batrdmi
Allows to bind actions of your choice to the following mouse gestures performed in editor:
  • press-and-hold of right mouse button (bound to "Quick Documentation" by default)
  • simultaneous press of left and right mouse buttons (bound to "Show Usages" by default)

Presentation Assistant

By nik
This plugin shows name and Win/Mac shortcuts of any action you invoke (View | Descriptions of Actions)

Project Label

Project label creates a small label on the bottom right project window with the name and a changeable color.

Note : For best results install Lato font from Google Fonts

Quick Launch

By kotcrab
Quick Launch plugin lets you favorite run configurations and quickly access them from new tool window. This greatly help if you constantly need to change active run configuration in your project for example when you have separate configuration for server and application or a game and editor.

Sexy Editor

By najgor
Make your IDE editor sexy by putting an image in the editor background :) Use different image(s) for different file sets, on various positions, in random mode, or even in slide-show mode!

This plugin is totally useless, but, hey, you'll become a major geek in the office:) Beware: usage of this plugin may produce some jealousy among your co-workers, and may attract some hot-looking-females: use it on your own risk!


Simple Titles

Limit the file part of the window title only include the file name. Windows speech recognition fails when a window title is too long, this alleviates the problem.

Simple Titles - Project Only

Fork of https://github.com/tylercal/simple-titles. Limit the Jetbrains Product window title to only include the project name. This can be useful with using time tracking services.


Adds smooth and kinetic scrolling to the file editor.


By pillace
Change the theme of IDE between Darcula and Default depends of the hour that you put into the Settings. You can change the hours in Preferences > Other Settings > Theme Switcher. Or you can change the theme Manually in Tool > Change Theme.


Makes your editor caret 1 pixel thin (for retina users).


compress images use TinyPng api.


intellij wallpaper plugin

Window Sizer

By gwallet

Center and resize the project window to predefined dimensions, or ask for a custom one if needed.

Available for IntelliJ platform ≥ 135, /!\ Requires Java 8 Runtime /!\

Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0