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原作: https://github.com/PingerOne/A8Translate
GitHub: https://github.com/ice1000/A8Translate
作者: wanpingping, ice1000

Action Tracker

By nik
Allows to record actions performed by user in IntelliJ IDEs. Use Tools | 'Start Tracking' action to start recording, and Tools | 'Stop Tracking...' to show the recorded data.

Activity Tracker

By syl
This is a proof-of-concept plugin for tracking and recording IDE user activity. Currently the main feature is recording user activity into csv files. To use the plugin see "Activity tracker" widget in IDE statusbar.

The main idea is to mine recorded data for interesting user or project-specific insights, e.g. time spent in each part of project or editing/browsing ratio. If you happen to use the plugin and find interesting way to analyze data, get in touch on twitter or GitHub.

For more details see project page on github.


This plugin helps you to track the development time of all your projects.
by Serge Nes

Android Intent Sender

Plugin allows you to send intents with specified data and extras to android devices or emulators with adb command "broadcast", "startactivity", "startservice".
Full readme: here

Auto Sync

This automates the action of right clicking on a project and clicking synchronize. This can be useful if you need to turn off the IDE's "Auto Synchronize on Frame Activation" due to using network mounted file systems.

Autoscroll Save

At last, a handy way to save your Autoscroll to/from Source settings :)

Toggle "Autoscroll to Source": Crtl-Alt-Shift PAGE UP
Toggle "Autoscroll from Source": Crtl-Alt-Shift PAGE DOWN
Save "Autoscroll to/from Source" settings: Crtl-Alt-Shift END

Use the toggle actions to quickly enable / disable autoscroll settings in the active project.

Save the autoscroll settings to apply them to currently open projects and all projects opened or created in future.

The key bindings can be re-assigned via Settings -> Keymap -> search for "autoscroll".

Saved settings can be disabled in the "autoscroll.xml" file located in config/options, if needed.

Awesome Console

Finally a plugin that makes links in your console at least 200% more awesome!

With this plugin all files and links in the console will be highlighted and can be clicked. Source code files will be opened in the IDE, other links with the default viewer/browser for this type.
Now you just need to configure your favorite Logger to include the file name (and optionally a line number) and you can instantly jump to that file that throws this stupid error.


Links are integrated for the following types:
  • source
  • file
  • url

Classic Icon

By merz
I Want The Classic IntelliJ IDEA Application Icon Back.
Or specify a custom icon in IDEA_HOME\bin\idea.properties
Unix: "classic.icon=/path/to/my/icon.png"
Windows : "classic.icon=c:\\path\\to\\icon.png" (use two '\' as file separator)
Supported products AppCodeAppCode CLionCLion DataGripDataGrip IntelliJ IDEAIntelliJ IDEA PhpStormPhpStorm PyCharmPyCharm RiderRider RubyMineRubyMine WebStormWebStorm

Close All Processes

Single click to kill all processes. Do notice the following: 1. You will not be inquired to approve each process individually. 2. Processes are interrupted (SIGKILL), and therefore will NOT gracefully end.

Code History Mining

By syl
This is proof-of-concept plugin for code history visualization and analysis.
For more details and examples of visualizations see GitHub page.

See also code history miner web server and CLI with similar functionality.

CodinGame IDEA Editor

CodinGame IDEA Editor allows you to edit code, execute particular test case and see result directly in Intellij IDEA.


Find and share color schemes on ideacolorschemes.com


A plugin to allow developers to configure custom filenames using template variables.

Available template variables:

${NAME} name of the new file specified by you in the 'New' dialog ${USER} current user system login name ${NOW} current system date.
The formatting for the date can be specified by a format string after a semicolon (${NOW;FORMAT}). The default format is yyyy-MM-dd_HH-mm-ss


The output to the console as a hyperlink URL. Browser will open when you click on the link. https://github.com/siosio/consoleLink

Download Selection

Select a url, type "ctrl+shift+A", type "Download Selection" or select "Download Selection" from the Tools menu.

Env File

Env File Compiled with Java 1.6 GitHub | Issues Env File is a plugin for JetBrains IDEs that allows you to set environment variables for your run configurations from one or multiple files.
Supported formats:
  • .env
  • YAML dictionary
  • JSON dictionary

All formats assume that both keys and values are strings.
Supported Platforms:
  • PyCharm
  • IDEA
  • RubyMine

Force Shortcuts

Forces the user to use keyboard shortcuts by blocking click action and displaying the keyboard shortcut in a popup. Can be toggled on/off from the "Tools" drop down in the menu bar


By syl
The first plugin in the world to gamify development in IntelliJ IDEs.
Basically, it plays sounds from Mario video game on various actions.
See youtube video.

To start/stop use "Main menu -> Tools -> Start/Stop Friday Mario".

Grep Console

By meo
Allows you to define a series of regular expressions which will be tested against the console output or file. Each expression matching a line will affect the style of the entire line, or play a sound. For example, error messages could be set to show up with a red background.

Additional Features:
Filter/grep the console output into a new console tab
File Tailing:
- Main menu | Tools | Open File in Console
- Main Menu | Help | Tail (IntelliJ) Log in Console
- Project View ToolWindow | right click context menu | Tail
- Drag&Drop "Tail File" panel in main toolbar
- http and Windows context menu integration

Inspired by Grep Console plugin for Eclipse Used Remote call plugin implementation for http integration.


Do you like [Ctrl/⌘]+Shift+N pop-up window? Isn't it really fast way to open files?
Do you want to open bookmarks/ notes similar way right from your IDE?
In this case this we made this plugin specially for you!

This plugin provides you an ability to CRUD your bookmarks/notes from IDE and open them very fast using similar to [Ctrl/⌘]+Shift+N pop-up window approach. + you can synchronize your data with cloud and access it directly from your favorite browser by using appropriate plugin.

It's very easy to create/read bookmark or note - open pop-up window [Ctrl/⌘]+Shift+~ and execute command:
  • note.key - opens note with key note.key
  • +note.key [note_content] - creates / updates note
  • -note.key - deletes note
  • /note.key - open note on hashMem.com

To open notes faster you can type only part of the key (it works just as [Ctrl/⌘]+Shift+N pop-up window).

Few more cool features:
  • ★ Cloud synchronization for free - http://hashmem.com
  • ★ Designed for keyboard use
  • ★ Plugins for browsers which use same ideas and principles (we strongly advise you to check it) ( Chrome, Firefox, Opera )

To report a bug or suggest an idea please contact us by mail (support@hashmem.com) or via GitHub page

IntelliJ IDE Distribution Cleaner

By nik
Adds 'Delete Disabled Plugins' action to 'Tools' menu allowing to delete disabled plugins from distribution of IDE to save disk space

IntelliJ task integration for Microsoft team foundation server

By syt
Supports integration with Microsoft Team Foundation Server issue tracking system. To configure synchronization between an TFS system and IntelliJ IDEA choose type of server and enter credentials. IntelliJ IDEA will automatically synchronize the tasks. To run the plugin, the TFS SDK must be Provided from your IDE. To do so, download the SDK from http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=22616. After extraction copy the the redist/native directory and the redist/lib/com.microsoft.tfs.sdk-*.jar file into the lib/ directory of the IDE.

Keymap exporter

Allows to export IntelliJ IDEA keymaps at the PDF format
Usage: Main Menu | Tools | Export keymap to PDF

Limited WIP

By syl
Plugin to limit the amount of changes you make at a time. It has two main features:
  • show notifications when current changelist size exceeds limit
  • automatically revert current changelist after a timeout

See https://github.com/dkandalov/limited-wip for details.


Live Template preview plugin.


Allows to run multiple run configurations at once: group multiple run configurations and start them in a single click. Not only application and test run configurations can be grouped, but other Multirun configurations can be organized into single run configuration.

Use cases:

  • Start batch of tests for multiple modules or applications
  • Start multiple applications, like multiple servers or backend + web application


  1. Run -> Edit Configurations...
  2. Find and add a new Multirun configuration
  3. Add other run configurations to the Multirun configuration
  4. Pick options you'd like
  5. Ready to use

Multirun + Before Launch Tasks gives even more functionality: read more at http://goo.gl/KwHvx

Open in terminal

This plugin adds possibility for open terminal from editor and project context menu in corresponding file/directory location.

Override File Language

Override file language. Useful for "unknown" files or files without extensions. Similar to SublimeText set syntax functionality.

Performance Testing

Plugin for automated execution of test scripts, capturing performance snapshots and gathering performance statistics.

Plugin Developer's Toolbox


For now only one very useful function: Slicy file mover/renamer.

Plugin website: Plugin Developer's Toolbox GitHub Repo

Bug tracking & feature requests: Plugin Developer's Toolbox GitHub Issues


Pomodoro timer


Pomodoro timer for coding dojo

Quick Notes

Quick Notes is a plugin written for IntelliJ IDEA. This plugin adds the ability to manage multiple text notes within the IDEA itself. These could be some tips, notes, code snippets, etc that usually comes to mind while coding and Quick Notes provides an ideal way to save those thoughts quickly and easily.

Quick Notes is compatible with multiple opened IDEA instances, so any change made to any note in one instance of IDEA gets reflected in the other IDEA instances without any delay.

Quick Notes plugin provides many features aimed towards easy maintenance and quick access to the Notes. Here are some of the major features of this plugin

  • Add and Manage multiple notes
  • Rename an existing note
  • Delete an existing note
  • Manage notes across multiple IDEA instances
  • Any change in one IDEA instance gets reflected across other IDEA instances
  • Notes are saved in user's home folder "userhome.ideaquicknotes"
  • Show or hide line numbers
  • The toolbar can be placed at top or bottom location
  • Ability to change Font of notes
  • Ability to search notes
  • Ability to save notes to a file

Click here to read/download the manual for this plugin.

For any bugs or suggestions, please leave a comment on the plugin page at

Quick Notes is an open source project hosted at github and you are always welcome to join this project and contribute.


Regular Expression Tester for IntelliJ IDEA.
Allows you to experiment with Java regular expressions in a dynamic environment.
  • Full highlighting of regular expression syntax for an easy visual clue (including bracket matching and error detecting)
  • Tooltips with context help will be shown when the mouse is over a part of the regex.
  • Synchronized selection of regular expression and text: Just select part of the regexp to see which part of the text is matched by this part.
Functionality of this plugin is available as java-applet at http://myregexp.com/applet.html


RemoteSynchronizer plugin allows you to synchronize files with remote locations. Instead of manually copying files from your project to other locations using external tools (command line, file explorer, etc.), RemoteSynchronizer launches copies from your IDE, relying on mappings defined for your project. It can also delete obsolete files on remote locations.

Remove Usage Plugin

Plugin that enables "Eclipse like" removal of search items from usage search results.


By syl
Quickly opens temporary IntelliJ text editor tab.
  • Alt+C, Alt+C - open default scratch
  • Alt+C, Alt+S - open list with all scratches
  • Alt+C, Alt+A - add new scratch
In scratches list popup:
  • Alt+Insert - add new scratch
  • Alt+Up/Down - move scratch
  • Shift+F6 - rename scratch
  • Delete - delete scratch
  • Ctrl+Delete - delete without prompt
(See also "Main menu -> Tools -> Scratch")

For more details see GitHub page.

Serial Port Monitor

This plugin aims to leverage Arduino development with CLion by providing Serial Monitor Tool Window. It allows you to communicate to your Arduino device without leaving the IDE. Functionality is pretty similar to those, available in Arduino IDE through "Serial Monitor Tool".

  • Serial Monitor Tool Window with project-based persistent settings
  • Status widget
  • Duplex Console View (Regular view + HEX)

Note: Only COM port (both hardware and virtual) is currently supported. In order to use virtual COM port please make sure to install all necessary drivers.

Shell Process

Run a shell command on selected lines

Solve for All integration

Searches for selected text using Solve for All, a customizable ad-free answer engine that can be enhanced by data and plugins from the community. There are many data sets and plugins for developers. Useful for getting inline documentation for JDK classes, python classes and functions, Ruby code objects, HTML elements, Javascript classes and functions, CSS classes, and more.


Find and attach sources for binary artifacts by click of a button.

Spell Checker Java Dictionary

Standard Java dictionary based on Maven repository

Swing Buttons Fix

By meo
By Swing default the Enter always fires default button regardless of selection by arrows or Tab . This plugin fixes it so the focused button is fired with Enter.


View the synonyms for the current word under cursor. Makes your tough naming decisions less painful.

Tempore Plugin

Absolutely awesome plugin which you can't code without. Don't hesitate, download perfect multifunctional Tempore Plugin with plenty of exiting features.

  • Helps you to check how much time you spend on your projects.

  • Reminds you to take a rest if you code for a long time.

  • Automatically stops if you are out of work for more than
    five minutes and resumes when you are back.

  • You can also stops or resume it manually, just as you want.

  • Draws charts to show how much time you spend per day.
    • It's Red , if it's less than 4 hours.
    • Yellow , if it's between 4 and 8 hours.
    • Green , if it's more than 8 hours.
Just install the plugin and let it track the time.

To open Statistics Dialog click the clock-widget on the Status Bar (look at the picture).

I'm trying to create some helpful stuff for this IDE, so
for me it's more than important to get some feedback from you,
Please text me, if you want something to be improved or changed.
Hope you like it.

Code with pleasure.


This plugin eases working with the code and comments written not in English.
If you deal with the code with variables and error messages in spanish, german
or whatever language just use Alt + Y to get the needed translation.
Plugin employs Yandex Translator.
The language pair can be adjusted in settings or you can choose auto-detection.

Unicode Browser

This plugin allows you to browse and search characters and parts of the Unicode™ character set. Insert characters into an editor in one of 10 forms. Decodes coded characters at the cursor position.


Zipper adds the ability to pack the whole project into a single ZIP file.
Ideal for creating backups really quickly.

Just choose Menu > Tools > Pack the whole Project or press CTRL + SHIFT + P


Manage ZooKeeper in IntelliJ IDEA.
After install ZooKeeper plugin, please open "Preferences" to set connection information in "ZooKeeper" item, then you will find a "ZooKeeper" tool windown, click "ZooKeeper" tool window to visit ZK file system.
  • Double click the leaf to edit node value
  • Right click editor to update node value into ZooKeeper
  • Right click ZK tree to execute "edit", "add" and "delete" operation
  • Recursive support for add and delete operation
  • Node filter support
  • Click "Refresh" button on "ZooKeeper" tool window to refress ZK tree or node
  • Icon for different type, and transparent icon for ephemeral node
  • Stat tooltip, Copy node path