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Amazon EC2

By jeje
Adds integration tools with Amazon EC2.

  1. Edit Amazon EC2 settings from the settings panel and fill in your AWS Access ID and AWS Secret Key.
  2. (Re)open a project
  3. Click on the Amazon EC2 toolbar on the bottom of IntelliJ main window

Api Debugger

Api Debugger

Axis TCP Monitor Plugin

Integrates the Axis TCP Monitor

Beame Insta-ssl plugin

Beame.io Jetbrains plugin

Beame-insta-ssl provides HTTPS tunnel for exposing your work.

Beame.io tunneling infrastructure allows you to expose local HTTP port so it's accessible via https://YOUR-RANDOM-ID.beameio.net to anyone with the link.

The encryption is end-to-end. TLS is terminated on your machine.


Get initial registration token



FTP Plugin

FTP Bridge

Simple File Transfer Utility.

Inca X

Inca X is a visual development and deployment platform for Jini technology that can significantly increase your productivity and reduce time to market by allowing you to concentrate on designing and developing your systems, rather than losing valuable time on setup, configuration and deployment issues.

Instant Patch Remote Java Process

Instant Patch Remote Java process by copying fresh .class files and resource files directly to remote host via secure channels


The Network plugin allows developers to proxy requests and view the request and responses in IntelliJ.

Network Tools

Network Tools provide various tools for monitoring the network.

Change Log

Version 1.0 This is the first release version of this tool

  • WhoIs database query tool
  • Ping tool
  • Port Scanner tool


Open Uploader

File (default.Apk) upload plugin, do not need to open the page directly to the APK file or other files uploaded to the server, support for custom upload path and parameter information.

plugin proxy

PlugProxy was made by Christopher A. Longo(http://www.bbzzdd.com/plugproxy), and it is a Java-based port forwarder/port debugger implementation used to forward data from one TCP port to another. It allows you to invisibly send a request from one site to another, and lets you debug or inspect data as it travels through the port forwarder.


The plugin allows the user to view the content of a file which could be on a different computer. The file's content is presented to the user in a console as the file grows. In this way the user can monitor a log file in a test or production environment, and if the project's sources are synchronized with the deployed application the user can navigate classes by clicking the stack traces in the console. The user can configure alarms for the console so he is warned when a new info/warning/error is added and he doesn't need to keep an eye on the console. Initially the plugin supports SSH but it is developed in a way that it can be easily extended to support other protocols, like Telnet.

REST Client plugin

RESTClient is a Java application to test RESTful webservices.


RESTClient is an application used to test RESTful web services. Features include support for all HTTP methods, saving requests and responses, custom headers, basic and digest authentication, proxy servers, SSL, request/response tracing, test scripts, and Base64 password encoding/decoding.

RMI Explorer

explores a local or remote RMI registry and executes remote methods


This program tranfers source code and class file to the WEB server at the same time This program is able to prevent the loss of source code. class file is sent as binary type while others are sent as ascii type.


By fghj
Dumb Http Client for testing and debugging RESTful webservices. You're welcome for advice, patches and code reviews. Please send me email to tsigelnik@gmail.com




TunnelliJ plugin works as a TCP tunnel and it useful for any network development. It allows you to monitor, sniff TCP connections and display the content in a very effective way inside your IDE.

Websocket Client

By dmitz
Simple websocket client for Intellij IDEA.

ZipTo(G)mail Backup

Compresses a project into 1 zip file, and emails it to a (G)mail account.
Sensitive email account data is DES encrypted.