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Cargo is a thin wrapper around existing containers (e.g. Orion, Jetty, OC4J, Tomcat, jo!). It allows you to start/stop containers and deploy deployables like EARs and WARs.

Copy Hippo shared files

By machak
Deploy shared hippo dependencies into tomcat shared library

Executor Generator

By lei.yue
Generate executors by API.


Help you generate entity classes and corresponding Mybatis Mapper xml files base on create sql script.

GXT 3.0 PropertyAccess Generator

This plugin generate property access class for JPA entities.

IDEA Jetty Runner

A plugin that allows you to quickly run Jetty from IntelliJ IDEA.

If you require full support please consider buying the IntelliJ IDEA Enterprise Edition.
This plugin should be Win / Mac / Linux compatible.

Compatible with servlet-api versions: 3.1, 3.0, 2.5, 2.4, 2.3, 2.2.
Protocols: HTTP / 1.1 (RFC 7230), HTTP / 2 (RFC 7540), WebSocket (RFC 6455, JSR 356), FastCGI.
Many thanks for the kind contributions on GitHub, cheers guys!

Minimum requirement: JVM / JDK / JRE v8
tags: jetty, container, webapp, runner, tomcat, runner

Jetty Integration

By mashtun
Allows configuration and use of the Jetty webserver directly from IntelliJ IDEA, for running/debugging web applications.


Enables the rapid development, testing and monitoring of SOA applications.

Mybatis Log

extract SQL statement of action logging switch to executable SQL statement.
  • default key ctrl+shift+H.
  • Orion Integration

    By fate
    Orion J2EE Integration


    By lxlqwo
    简单易用的打包工具,安装后,右键src下的任意目录,在菜单中点击Package Jars按钮,按说明即可导出相应的Jar!
    A Simple tool to package jar, after the installation, call out the mouse menu on the directory UNDER src, click the Jars Package button, than export the Jar!

    Resin Plugin

    Provides the ability to run and debug Resin (version 2.x and 3.x) from within IDEA

    Vaadin Support

    By H4nter, kot1
    This is an outdated plugin for IDEA 11 and earlier. Please use Vaadin Designer.

    Winstone Integration Plugin

    Integrates with Winstone AP Server

    Winstone Integration Plugin(CE)

    Integrates with Winstone AP Server


    A ZK framework plugin for IntelliJ that helps developer to work with ZK Java Web Framework. The ZUL editor is exceptionally powerful providing content assistance for both the MVC and MVVM patterns.

    This plugin can be installed on IntelliJ platform 141.1532 or greater.