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ADB Wifi Device Connection

ADB Wifi Device Connection is a tool that is used to connect devices with android studio without using a USB cable. 1. Plug first device with usb 2. tools-adb devices wifi 3. enter the address of the existing adb sdk 4. enter the ip end devices 5. connect


execute run/debug test from xml for automation project based on smart-api-framework

Binder Plugin

This is a plugin for Android Studio and IntelliJ that connects to the Binder Library built at the High Bay. This plugin makes Binder even easier to use!.

gradle-intellij-plugin wizard

IntelliJ plugin that adds a wizard that creates a plugin module with gradle-intellij-plugin (https://github.com/JetBrains/gradle-intellij-plugin).


BNF Grammars and JFlex lexers editor. Readable parser/PSI code generator.

Groovy Console Plugin

Allows to run Groovy Console in Idea classloader, so that makes testing different APIs really easy

Hello Plugin

Popup Hello Alert(Press command+alt+f12) This is test plugin.


Hodor live templates for Hodor front-end framework


Lets you instantly try running plugin components like Intentions, Inspections and Actions in the current IDE instance.

Just open a source file extending AnAction, IntentionAction, or LocalInspectionTool and hit Ctrl-Shift-F10 to run it, just like a JUnit test or Java Application. It will be installed in your current IDEA instance and ready to go. To uninstall, just click the X in the Run Configuration window. HotPlugin can display System.out.println() calls in the window, and monitor the idea.log file to help with debugging.

  • Intentions should appear immediately, as a light bulb, when the isAvailable() method returns true.
  • Inspections should appear after a code change, if one of the check methods return a ProblemDescriptor. Note that you might have to enable it in the Errors settings window if you haven't overridden isEnabledByDefault()
  • Actions will be linked to a button on the Run Configuration window, and context menu items on the editor and project windows. Just click them to activate the action.

Due to IDEA's plugin system, HotPlugin can't test all types of plugins, particularly ones dealing with interaction with other components and saving configuration but is good for rapid development and testing parts of a plugin. When you get to the stage of testing the whole plugin, use the standard DevKit "Plugin" run configuration to start a new instance of IDEA and test your plugin fully.

Note that it is possible to write code that will mess up your current IDE session by going into infinite loops or manually adding listeners to IDE hooks which can't be cleaned up. If this happens, a restart of IDEA will reset everything.

Enjoy. Any suggestions for enhancements are welcome. The source is available via Subversion at http://svn.roblisa.com/plugins/HotPlugin/

Install Plugin Locally

Install a plugin module locally

This plugin is useful if:

  • You wish to test a plugin locally before uploading to the repository
  • You are unable to test a plugin within the sandbox due to memory constraints
  • You are developing a proprietary plugin and do not wish to upload to the repository

Once you have prepared your plugin module(s) for deployment using Build/Prepare Plugin Module for Deployment, the option to Install Plugin Locally will appear in the Build menu.

IntelliJ API Watcher

The plugin provides 'Find External Usages' action which allows developers to quickly find plugins which use IntelliJ platform classes, methods or fields and 'Check external usages' option in 'Commit Changes' dialog which checks that changes in IntelliJ platform classes don't break external plugins.

Note: it makes no sense to install this plugin if you don't contribute to IntelliJ IDEA sources. Also the plugin requires connection to a server which isn't accessible outside of JetBrains internal network.


Used by Android developer ,can be product by one key with BaseActivity BasePresenter ProjectApplication and so on.


By syl
This is a plugin for IntelliJ IDEs to write plugins at runtime without having to restart IDE. It uses Groovy as main scripting language and has experimental support for Scala and Clojure.

To get started:
  • open "Plugins" tool window
  • select one of the plugin entries in the panel (entries are folders, and "plugin.groovy" are startup scripts for plugins)
  • click "Run" icon to execute plugin (or use keyboard shortcut "alt+C, alt+E" or "ctrl+shift+L")
If the above worked fine:
  • modify "plugin.groovy" and rerun plugin to see results
  • add built-in plugin examples and experiment with them
  • for more details see readme on GitHub
If something doesn't work, feel free to report an issue.
(To use alt+... shortcuts on OSX with JDK8 you might need to edit keyboard layout, please see this wiki page.)

Logisys (Other Login System Andorid Dev)

Logisys System provides ease of interaction with a third party,such as privyid, facebook, twitter, google, instagram, path..


execute run/debug test from xml for automation project based on mtop-api-framework

Options completion plugin

Options completion plugin
Parses phpDocumentor's hash description (https://github.com/phpDocumentor/fig-standards/blob/master/proposed/phpdoc.md#7-describing-hashes) and shows supported keys.
  • Complete array keys for function parameters
  • Show elements type in completion
  • Support enum


Pain Points. Boo boos. Yuckyness. H@CKS

Panda Image Compression

This will help you to compress jpg or png images.

Plugin Packer

This plugin can pack plugin distributive for IntelliJ IDEA Plugins Central. It can also pack sources into common archive.


This plugin for plugins is only meant for IDEA plugin developers and provides no user functionality!

The Plugin Error Report Submitter is a plugin for plugin developers to receive email notification about errors reported by plugin users through IDEAs error reporting integration. Submitted error reports are sent to a server who will forward the reports to the owning plugin author(s) by email. The email addresses of the recipients are first extracted from the plugin descriptor but can be overwritten through a properties file if shipped along with the actual plugin.

This Plugin Error Report Submitter should make it obsolete for plugin users having to post plugin error messages on the IDEA mailing list, which is quite a cumbersome thing to do and which possibly led to many unreported errors.

The Plugin Error Report Submitter binary can be found in your personal IDEA plugins folder (plugins\PluginErrorReportSubmitter\errorReporter.jar) and documentation is available in the jar file's README.txt or online (see plugin home page link).


This plugin allows plugin developers to upload new versions of their plugins to the IDEA Plugin Repository from within IDEA.

The upload functionality can be accessed from the Tools menu, selecting the Upload Plugin... menu item. Specify the path to the plugin .jar or .zip file to upload, enter the id of the plugin as defined by the IDEA Plugin Repository, optionally add a message for the RSS feed, and finally provide your IDEA Plugin Repository authentication credentials.

Note: The id of the plugin as defined by the IDEA Plugin Repository can be determined by browsing to the web page of the plugin and extracting the id from the URL. For example, the URL of the SimpleIntentions plugin is http://plugins.intellij.net/plugin/?id=59, hence the id required for its upload from within IDEA is 59.


A Program Structure Interface (PSI) tree viewer. This plugin may be useful for developers who are considering using the PSI interface in their own plugins.

Style Generator

A handly tool to move attributes to styles


Click Here For User Guide

Quick Start
1. Select .java or .xml(layout resource) files
2. Key down ALT + T
3. Configure template info
4. Restart your IDE and try it

Don't repeat yourself and enjoy your time.


By ueqt
Generate properties(getter and setter) with JsonProperty.

UnoBase templates injector

UnoBase library templates injector

ViewHolder for Android

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This Plugin is a tool for my company's project to convert the xml text to json text. It rewrite the rules of JsonOject parsing xml so that the xml tag header is the same as its own attribute as an attribute, and the parsing logic of the special attribute is added.