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Hodor live templates for Hodor front-end framework


By syl
This is a plugin for IntelliJ IDEs to write plugins at runtime without having to restart IDE. It uses Groovy as main scripting language and has experimental support for Scala and Clojure.

To get started:
  • open "Plugins" tool window
  • select one of the plugin entries in the panel (entries are folders, and "plugin.groovy" are startup scripts for plugins)
  • click "Run" icon to execute plugin (or use keyboard shortcut "alt+C, alt+E" or "ctrl+shift+L")
If the above worked fine:
  • modify "plugin.groovy" and rerun plugin to see results
  • add built-in plugin examples and experiment with them
  • for more details see readme on GitHub
If something doesn't work, feel free to report an issue.
(To use alt+... shortcuts on OSX with JDK8 you might need to edit keyboard layout, please see this wiki page.)


Pain Points. Boo boos. Yuckyness. H@CKS

Panda Image Compression

This will help you to compress jpg or png images.


A Program Structure Interface (PSI) tree viewer. This plugin may be useful for developers who are considering using the PSI interface in their own plugins.


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Quick Start
1. Select .java or .xml(layout resource) files
2. Key down ALT + T
3. Configure template info
4. Restart your IDE and try it

Don't repeat yourself and enjoy your time.

ViewHolder for Android

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This Plugin is a tool for my company's project to convert the xml text to json text. It rewrite the rules of JsonOject parsing xml so that the xml tag header is the same as its own attribute as an attribute, and the parsing logic of the special attribute is added.