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this is a plugin of android-databinding framework.
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Android Strings.xml To CSV Converter

Android XML to CSV converter.

Allows you to translate strings.xml, arrays.xml, plurals.xml into different languages in spreadsheet form, and vice versa.


You can access the plugin from the "Tools" menu at the IDE toolbar



Support more rows of data

Bug fixes and improves stability


Android Styler

This plugin will save you a lot of time if you work with android layouts. You can easily create styles from view attributes.

1. copy lines with future style from your layout.xml file
2. paste it to styles.xml file with Ctrl+Shift+D
3. enter name of new style in the modal window
4. your style is prepared!

JAXB 2.0 XJC generator

Generate files from your XSD schemas with JAXB 2.0 XJC generator


By jeje
Run JiBX binding compiler after the Java compiler has run and provides validation support.

JiBX Idea Plugin

Provides JiBX Binding support for Java language

To configure version 0.2, you must place all your jibx bindings in a folder called "jibx" in your module's root. Files that are not jibx bindings can not exist in this directory. You must also have jibx configured as a dependency of your module, as it will be used for the actual compilation (not the version included with this plugin).

Please contact me via e-mail or github for questions, feature requests, bugs, etc.

Future releases will include:

  • Configuration of compilation verbosity logging
  • Configurable (or scannable) jibx binding file location
  • Integration of other JiBX 'extras' in the IDE
  • Integration of JiBX validation with Idea's validation
  • Unit tests for plugin's build
  • Want others? Send requests.


Retrofit your Android layout XML files.

It will adjust your attributes order in accordance with the rules, and it will adjust some attributes to the front, and take some attributes at the end of the rows. It will make your code format more nice.

It is open source. https://github.com/drakeet/LayoutFormatter
Related articles: 当我们谈 XML 布局文件代码的优雅性

Log4j Plugin

A plugin to accelate log4j.xml file writing:
  • Action to create log4j.xml for different version
  • DTD resource binding
  • Code completion for editing
  • Log4j 1.3 support

Material Design Specs

Android Studio & IntelliJ Plugin for Android UI widgets with Material Design specifications.
This plugin helps to drag and drop the generated code to our XML layouts.

RELAX-NG Support

Support for RELAX-NG XML schemas. See relaxng.org and the corresponding IntelliJ IDEA feature request: IDEA-13734.

The plugin provides the following features:

  • Completion and validation of XML documents associated with RELAX-NG schemas
  • Editing RELAX-NG files in XML and compact syntax, including on-the-fly error checking, completion, documentation lookup and more.
  • Conversion between different schema formats (including W3C XML Schema/XML 1.0 DTDs) using Trang

SelectorChapek for Android

By avast
This plugin automatically generates drawable selectors from appropriately named Android resources.

XML Pack

XML Pack

XMLBean Generator

XMLBean Integration.


Provides dreamweaver-like feature to find and replace xml tags. Allows you to create powerfull and complex patterns with GUI and perform search and replace of them.

XPathView + XSLT-Support

The XPath part of the plugin provides a possibility to evaluate XPath expressions against any XML document opened in IDEA. It can also generate and show an XPath expression that matches the current node.

The XSLT part adds syntax highlighting, analysis, completion, navigation and refactoring of XPath expressions and named templates for XSLT documents.

XSL-FO Support for IntelliJ IDEA

This plugin provides run configuration that allows execution of XSL-FO transformations with Apache FOP.


Interactive XSLT Debugger. Allows debugging of XSLT stylesheets in IntelliJ IDEA.

Important: The plugin requires version 3 or later of the "XPathView + XSLT-Support" plugin. If this isn't installed yet, IDEA will automatically download and install it when installing the XSLT-Debugger plugin. If an earlier version is already installed, please upgrade the plugin manually.


Provides a flexible way for displaying structure of XML files to make navigation easier. xStructure allows to configure node rendering to display attributes or tag values. It allows also to hide some nodes to make structure tree more compact.