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Analyze multiple stack traces

A simplistic plugin that allows you to grep processes by name/substring of the ps -aux output and open stack traces of all grepped processes. WARNING: works on systems which provide `ps aux`, i.e. doesn't work on windows

Clear Ignore This Update

Too scaled to press "Ignore This Update" button? This is the plugin that undo pressing "Ignore This Update"

Disable context help

This plugin disables idea context help functionality, which is quite annoying, when launched accidentally from various tool windows.

Fast Project Open plugin

Opens project by taking path from clipboard

Flyway Migration Creation

This plugin adds new menu item to easily create new flyway migrations.

IDEA Restart

Restart IDEA without Invalidate Caches , Go to File->Restart or ctrl alt R

Main Menu toggler

Main Menu visibility toggler for IDEs based on the IntelliJ platform.

New Class Dialog With Options

This plugin adds several common creation options to the new class dialog.

Recent Projects Extender

Extends the size of your "Reopen Recent Projects" list (alt-R) to 50.

In IntelliJ you can do this via ctrl+shift+A, type "Registry", hit enter and modify "ide.max.recent.projects".

This plugin is made for IDE's where the "Registry" action is not available (e.g. Android Studio)

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Run Configuration as Action

Register all run configuration as actions.
It's allows to create button in toolbar to run specific configuration.