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Accessors Plugin

The Accessor Plugin provides two intention action which can be used to replace direct accesses of a property of a class with a suitable getter or setter method.


AutoBoxingPlugin provides a number of intentions to wrap primitive types to their corresponding wrapper classes.


Code folding and code display simplifying intentions.

FQN Improved

By ceva
FQN plugin
Contains the following intentions:
  • New Replace Qualified Name With Import is replacing Replace Qualified Name With Import intention from IntentionPowerPack.
    Compared to the IntentionPowerPack implementation this is fixing some bugs and is adding new functionalities:
    • will be able to perform the intention only if this is possible.
    • will be able to apply the intention on expressions too, not only on type definitions.
    • will add an import statement only if it is needed.
  • Replace all qualified name references with import is a new intention that will replace all occurrences of qualified Java class with their short version. This intention is working like the version above except that will change all the elements that are the same with the element selected.

JNomad Plugin

Inspection for HQL/SQL efficiency. Uses JNomad library


Place your cursor on a RegExp. Hit alt+enter, select "Open in Debuggex". This will launch your RegExp at debuggex.com


Adds some simple but convenient intentions and inspections for IntelliJ IDEA.


  • unwrap if-statements, synchronized-statements, try-statements, and (do-)while-statements
  • copy method Javadoc from overriden/implemented method
  • add missing method parameter Javadoc


  • detect log statements that are not surrounded by a log level check
  • detect fields and method parameters that don't match the naming preferences defined in the current code style settings
  • detect fields of configurable types that are erroneously declared as being static
  • detect class/method/field modifiers that don't match order suggested by JLS
  • detect redundant method/field modifiers
  • detect redundant field initialization

Slf4j log format converter

Adds an intention to allow the conversion of '+' into Logger.info formats with '{}'.