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.env files support

By Adelf
.env files support
Homepage | Github | Issues.

  • PHP: getenv() and env() parameters completion, based on .env file keys
  • Ruby: ENV[] parameters completion, based on .env file keys
  • Dockerfile and docker-compose.yml files support. Requires Docker integration and YAML support plugins
  • Go to declaration(in .env file) and usages(in code), by Ctrl+click or hot key(Ctrl-B, etc.)


By merz
ABACUS Plugin set


Activiti Designer plugin for Intellij Idea. Initial version.

AEM IDE Tooling 4 IntelliJ

This ItelliJ IDEA Plugin allows you to manage a project deployed to Adobe Experience Manager or Apache Sling directly from IntellliJ IDEA. It supports the deployment of OSGi Bundles and JCR content nodes, importing content from the Adobe Experience Manager / Apache Sling, creation of content nodes and OSGi services through AEMDC (AEM Developer Companion) to one or more Adobe Experience Manager or Apache Sling instances. In addition a project can be created based on Maven Archetypes. Changes in content nodes can be pushed to the server automatically and changes to OSGi services can be hot swapped in Adobe Experience Manager / Apache Sling without restarting the server.

AEM IntelliJ Plugin

Intellij Platform plugin for Adobe Experience Manager.
  • HTL/Sightly support (HTML files under jcr_root directory)
    • syntax validation and highlighting
    • autocompletion and documentation for:
      • block attributes (data-sly-*)
      • global objects (properties, currentPage, wcmmode, etc.)
      • properties (jcr:title, cq:lastModified, sling:resourceType, etc.)
      • built-in expression options (context, addSelector, i18n, etc.)
      • display contexts (html, scriptToken, unsafe, etc.)
      • use objects (Use API objects and Sling Models)
      • block variables (eg. data-sly-use.variable)

AEM Tools

AEM Tools is a plugin which contains set of AEM related extensions and features
  • HTL(Sightly) support:
    • Syntax Highlighting
    • Code Completion
    • Code navigation
    • Quick Documentation (ctrl+q)
    • Java Use API support (Sling Models & Use Classes)
    Note: to make the completion work, AEM dependencies should be present in project's POM, the project should be indexed
  • OSGi
    • Resolve OSGi configs for OSGi services (Felix only) (configs presented via gutter icon)
  • dialog.xml completion for Classic UI

Android FindView Generator

Auto-generate views with FindView annotation by layout.

Android Support

Supports development of Open Handset Alliance Android applications with IntelliJ IDEA It works with Android SDK 1.5 and with earlier versions


  • Run and debug Android applications on both the emulator and the real device
  • Run Android Activity with one click or shortcut
  • Completion, navigation and validation inside the AndroidManifest.xml, layouts, animations, and other resources
  • Move string literal from Java code to the strings.xml file
  • Quick Fix for adding resources for unresolved reference
  • Navigation between code and resources
  • AIDL syntax highlighting


Support for AngularJS and Angular

Apache Tiles 2.0 plugin

Tiles 2.0 plugin

AppDynamics Android Agent Installer


AppDynamics Mobile Real User Monitoring (RUM) enables you optimize and gain greater visibility into the end-user experience of your mobile application.

Mobile RUM enables you to do the following:
  • Track mobile user sessions in real-time and understand the business impact of mobile app performance on your KPIs.
  • Identify and resolve crashes and errors quickly and efficiently.
  • Gain accurate user insights and visibility into every user and their mobile application activity.
  • Discover business transactions to provide mobile application to back-end application dependencies by using Mobile RUM with AppDynamics APM.
  • Observe and analyze the network requests from your mobile app.
About the Plugin

This plugin is a lightweight utility employing a wizard to obtain the basic information needed to instrument your application and then injects changes to your Gradle build configuration and instrumentation initialization into your application code.

When Not to Use the Plugin

If you have already instrumented your application, don't use the plugin. Instead, consider customizing your instrumentation with the Android SDK.

Learn More

For general information about our Mobile product, see Mobile Real-User Monitoring. For explicit instructions on installing and using the Android plugin, see the Android Agent Plugin tutorial.


By fgwei
Argus CIT plugin provides Jawa language support, and integrates Argus products (eg., Argus-SAF, jawa2java, etc) for Android APK analysis.

AribaWeb Plugin

AribaWeb (http://aribaweb.org) is the Open Source component-based web application development framework for creating rich, AJAX-enabled applications with the minimum of code (and no hand-coded JavaScript). This IDEA plugin provides several productivity-boosting features to accelerate AW development within IDEA: 1) Component class to Template source toggle, 2) Remote opening (clicking on component names in AW web pages will open them in IDEA), 3) Several "Live Templates" for common AW Component tags.

Aspose Maven Project Wizard

Aspose Maven Project creates a new IntelliJ maven based project by fetching and referencing maven dependencies of Aspose Java APIs.

Aspose Maven Project Wizard allows you to create Aspose Maven based project by selecting API(s) from Aspose Java product lines like Aspose.Cells for Java and Aspose.Words for Java etc.

Once specific API is selected, its Maven Dependency reference is automatically fetched from Aspose Cloud Maven Repository and added in pom.xml of the maven project.

With this plugin, you never need to check for new releases of Aspose APIs. Whenever a new release is published and its maven dependency is available, latest maven dependencies will be used while creating new maven project.

Aspose.Barcode Java for IntelliJ IDEA Maven

Aspose.Barcode for Java is a robust and reliable barcode generation and recognition API, written in Java, it allows developers to quickly and easily add barcode generation and recognition functionality to their Java applications. It is available for the Java SE, Java EE and Java ME platforms. The API supports most established barcode standards and barcode specifications. It has the ability to export to multiple image formats including: BMP, EMF, GIF, JPEG, PNG, TIFF and WMF.

The plugin's Aspose.Barcode Maven Project wizard lets you create a Aspose.Barcode Java API maven project by fetching / referencing the latest API mvn artifact from the Aspose Cloud Maven Repository.

Plugin provided wizards also gives you option to download / copy the examples source code for using Aspose.Barcode for Java API.

After the completion of wizard, project will be created and API examples are downloaded. All references and required resources will also be automatically added to the project.

You can then copy / use codes (using option File-> New-> Aspose.Barcode Example) from those examples for your project needs and enhance them as necessary.

Aspose.Cells Java for IntelliJ IDEA Maven

Aspose.Cells for Java is an award-winning Excel Spreadsheet component that allows Java developers to embed the ability to read, write and manipulate
Excel® spreadsheets (XLS, XLSX, XLSM, XLSB, XLTX, SpreadsheetML, CSV, ODS), HTML, MHTML, PDF and image file formats into their own Java applications without needing to rely on Microsoft Excel.

The plugin's Aspose.Cells Maven Project wizard creates a Aspose.Cells Java API maven project by fetching and referencing the latest API artifact from the Aspose Cloud Maven Repository.

Aspose.Cells Maven Project wizard also gives you option to download the example source codes of using Aspose.Cells for Java API

Once you are finished with the wizard i.e created project and downloaded examples. You can add those free of cost example source codes for using Aspose.Cells Java API in your project

The newly created project and the examples you added is now ready to be extended, all references and required resources will also be automatically added.

Aspose.Diagram Java for IntelliJ IDEA Maven

Aspose.Diagram for Java is an easy-to-use, high-performance and well-documented library that works with VSD, VSDX, VSS, VST, VSX, VTX, VDW and VDX files in Java applications without the need to rely on Microsoft Office Visio®.

It allows developers to open, manipulate and create diagrams / place various elements, from lines and fills, to more complex elements, and then export to VDX, VSX, VTX, XPS, HTML, SVG, SWF, XAML, image or PDF formats.

The plugin's Aspose.Diagram Maven Project wizard lets you create a Aspose.Diagram Java API maven project by fetching & referencing the latest API mvn artifact from the Aspose Cloud Maven Repository.

Plugin provided wizards also gives you option to download & import the example source codes for using Aspose.Diagram for Java API.

After the completion of wizard, project will be created and API examples are downloaded. All references and required resources will also be automatically added to the project.

You can then import / use codes (using option File-> New-> Aspose.Diagram Example) from downloaded examples for your project needs and enhance them as necessary.

Aspose.Email Java for IntelliJ IDEA Maven

Aspose.Email for Java API allows developers to create as well as read message files, enabling complete processing of message contents.

Aspose.Email for Java enables you to create, read and manipulate Outlook MSG, PST, EML, EMLX and MHT files from within a Java application without the need of using Microsoft Outlook. The API also allows connecting to email servers and send/receive emails. It's support for POP3, IMAP and SMTP protocols provide complete capability of working with SSL as well as non-SSL email servers.

The plugin's Aspose.Email Maven Project wizard lets you create a Aspose.Email Java API maven project by fetching & referencing the latest API mvn artifact from the Aspose Cloud Maven Repository.

Plugin provided wizards also gives you option to download & import the example source codes for using Aspose.Email for Java API.

After the completion of wizard, project will be created and API examples are downloaded. All references and required resources will also be automatically added to the project.

You can then import / use codes (using option File-> New-> Aspose.Email Example) from downloaded examples for your project needs and enhance them as necessary.

Aspose.Imaging Java for IntelliJ IDEA Maven

Aspose.Imaging for Java is an easy-to-use, high-performance and well-documented imaging library, that provides the most flexible group of routines for the developers to create, manipulate, save and convert images in their Java applications with ease and performance.

The plugin's Aspose.Imaging Maven Project wizard lets you create a Aspose.Imaging Java API maven project by fetching & referencing the latest API mvn artifact from the Aspose Cloud Maven Repository.

Plugin provided wizards also gives you option to download & import the example source codes for using Aspose.Imaging for Java API.

After the completion of wizard, project will be created and API examples are downloaded. All references and required resources will also be automatically added to the project.

You can then import / use codes (using option File-> New-> Aspose.Imaging Example) from downloaded examples for your project needs and enhance them as necessary.

Aspose.Note Java (Maven) for IntelliJ IDEA

Aspose.Note is a feature-rich Java class library that enables java applications to programmatically interact with OneNote documents without requiring Microsoft Office OneNote having installed on the server. The Java API of Aspose.Note empowers developers to Create, Read, Export and Manipulate the contents of the Microsoft OneNote file format by working with attachments, text, hyperlinks, tables, tags and text styles. Easily extract images from OneNote documents and convert them to PDF, BMP, JPG, GIF and TIFF image file formats with high fidelity.

With Aspose.Note for Java, it is possible to program with Microsoft OneNote files without Microsoft Office Automation. The OneNote API is easy to use, saves time and developers can create robust solutions with less code.

The plugin's Aspose.Note Maven Project wizard creates a Aspose.Note Java API maven project by fetching and referencing the latest API artifact from the Aspose Cloud Maven Repository.

Aspose.Note Maven Project wizard also gives you option to download examples source code of using Aspose.Note for Java API.

Once you are finished with the wizard i.e created project and downloaded examples. You can add those example source codes --for using Aspose.Note Java API-- in your project.

The newly created project and the examples you added is now ready to be extended, all references and required resources will also be automatically added.

Aspose.OCR Java for IntelliJ IDEA Maven

Aspose.OCR for Java Aspose.OCR for Java is a character recognition API that allows developers to add OCR and OMR functionality in their Java based applications.

Aspose.OCR is aimed at developers who need to find text in image files. It allows developers to extract text from images quickly and easily, saving the time and effort involved in developing an OCR solution from scratch.

The plugin's Aspose.OCR Maven Project wizard lets you create a Aspose.OCR Java API maven project by fetching & referencing the latest API mvn artifact from the Aspose Cloud Maven Repository.

Plugin provided wizards also gives you option to download & import the example source codes for using Aspose.OCR for Java API.

After the completion of wizard, project will be created and API examples are downloaded. All references and required resources will also be automatically added to the project.

You can then import / use codes (using option File-> New-> Aspose.OCR Example) from downloaded examples for your project needs and enhance them as necessary.

Aspose.Pdf Java for IntelliJ IDEA Maven

Aspose.Pdf for Java is a PDF document creation API that enables your Java applications to read, write and manipulate PDF documents without using Adobe Acrobat.

Aspose.Pdf for Java offers an incredible wealth of features, these include: PDF compression options, table creation and manipulation, graph support, image functions, extensive hyperlink functionality, extended security controls and custom font handling.

The plugin's Aspose.Pdf Maven Project wizard lets you create a Aspose.Pdf Java API maven project by fetching / referencing the latest API mvn artifact from the Aspose Cloud Maven Repository.

Plugin provided wizards also gives you option to download / copy the examples source code for using Aspose.Pdf for Java API.

After the completion of wizard, project will be created and API examples are downloaded. All references and required resources will also be automatically added to the project.

You can then copy / use codes (using option File-> New-> Aspose.Pdf Example) from those examples for your project needs and enhance them as necessary.

Aspose.Slides Java for IntelliJ IDEA Maven

Aspose.Slides for Java is a unique PowerPoint management API that enables Java applications to read, write and manipulate PowerPoint documents (PPT, PPTX, POS, PPS, POTX, PPSX) PDF, HTML and image file formats without using Microsoft PowerPoint. Aspose.Slides for Java is the first and only Java API that provides functionality to manage PowerPoint documents within your own applications. As with all Aspose Java APIs, Aspose.Slides for Java is written in pure Java.

The plugin's Aspose.Slides Maven Project wizard creates a Aspose.Slides Java API maven project by fetching and referencing the latest API artifact from the Aspose Cloud Maven Repository.

Aspose.Slides Maven Project wizard also gives you option to download the example source codes of using Aspose.Slides for Java API

Once you are finished with the wizard i.e created project and downloaded examples. You can add those free of cost example source codes for using Aspose.Slides Java API in your project

The newly created project and the examples you added is now ready to be extended, all references and required resources will also be automatically added.

Aspose.Tasks Java for IntelliJ IDEA Maven

Aspose.Tasks for Java is a project management API that adds Microsoft Project ® documents manipulation capability in java applications – all without using Microsoft Project ®.

Aspose.Tasks for Java API exposes the complete project document structure to read and write Microsoft Project documents in both MPP and XML formats. With this powerful API, developers can control various stages of project management, such as project planning, definition and tracking.

The plugin's Aspose.Tasks Maven Project wizard lets you create a Aspose.Tasks Java API maven project by fetching & referencing the latest API mvn artifact from the Aspose Cloud Maven Repository.

Plugin provided wizards also gives you option to download & import the example source codes for using Aspose.Tasks for Java API.

After the completion of wizard, project will be created and API examples are downloaded. All references and required resources will also be automatically added to the project.

You can then import / use codes (using option File-> New-> Aspose.Tasks Example) from downloaded examples for your project needs and enhance them as necessary.

Aspose.Words Java for IntelliJ IDEA Maven

Aspose.Words for Java is an advanced class library for Java that enables you to perform a great range of document processing tasks directly within your Java applications.

Aspose.Words for Java supports processing word (DOC, DOCX, OOXML, RTF) HTML, OpenDocument, PDF, EPUB, XPS, SWF and all image formats. With Aspose.Words you can generate, modify, and convert documents without using Microsoft Word.

The plugin's Aspose.Words Maven Project wizard creates a Aspose.Words Java API maven project by fetching and referencing the latest API artifact from the Aspose Cloud Maven Repository.

Aspose.Words Maven Project wizard also gives you option to download the example source codes of using Aspose.Words for Java API

Once you are finished with the wizard i.e created project and downloaded examples. You can add those free of cost example source codes for using Aspose.Words Java API in your project

The newly created project and the examples you added is now ready to be extended, all references and required resources will also be automatically added.

Atex Polopoly Tools

Tools to be used with the Atex Polopoly CMS


This plugin brings support for Aurelia framework to the IntelliJ platform

Azure Toolkit for IntelliJ

Azure Toolkit for IntelliJ IDEA.

Basis.js framework plugin

Basis.js integration plugin for JetBrains IntelliJ platform.
Features (there are not much features for now):
- remote inspector integration:
Allows you to inspect basis.js apps from your favorite IntelliJ-base IDE
Video demo

Feel free to contribute!

BEAR.Sunday Plugin

BEAR.Sunday plugin.

Behat Support

Allows to use Behat BDD test framework for PHP

Bitrix Framework Support

By vizh

Bitrix is popular in the former Soviet Union region, so there is no much sense to me and you to communicate in a foreign language. But you can feel free to write me in English anyway.


  • Поддержка папок bitrix и local.
  • Переход на файл компонента, шаблона компонента (поддерживаются Twig и Smarty), шаблона сайта а так же на директории и файлы, найденные в строковых переменных.
  • Переход на файл включаемой области при клике в вызове IncludeComponent('bitrix:main.include', ...);?> на значение ключа 'AREA_FILE_SUFFIX'.
  • Корректное определение типов и автокомплит для специальных переменных и переменных шаблона.
  • Автокомплит компонента и его шаблона в процессе набора $APPLICATION->IncludeComponent(...) и CBitrixComponent::includeComponentClass(...)
  • Решена проблема с подсветкой bitrix как неразрешённого пути в вызовах require($_SERVER["DOCUMENT_ROOT"]."/bitrix/header.php"); и похожих конструкциях.
  • Безопасный рефакторинг файлов с автоматическим обновлением их вызовов в строковых переменных.
  • Поиск использований, например файла some.css, в вызовах $APPLICATION->SetAdditionalCSS('...some.css'), во всех файлах проекта.
  • Шаблоны создания типовых страниц и разделов сайта.


Пожелания и сообщения об ошибках можете отправлять на почту или оставлять в Кабинете. Там же можете посмотреть планы по развитию.


Плагин помогает работать с языковыми файлами в проекте под управлением 1C-Битрикс: Управление Сайтом или Битрикс24.
Пока реализовано следующее:
- Переход по коду языковой фразы из вызова GetMessage()
- Автодополнение кода фразы при вызове GetMessage()
- Показ значения языковой фразы прямо в коде на месте вызова GetMessage() или loc::getMessage()
- Немецкие языковые файлы автоматически открываются в кодировке ISO-8859-15
- Подсветка строк с русскими символами в контексте PHP, как кандидатов на вынесение в языковой файл - Функция создания языковой фразы из строки с русскими символами (alt+Enter) - Переход в файл, где зарегистрировано js-расширение

Blade Support

Blade Support


CakeStorm is a PHPStorm plugin for CakePHP developers.
Provides the ability to easily jump between files.

  • Ctrl+B(Ctrl+Click) - Go to declaration
  • Ctrl+; S - CakePHP SmartJump
  • Ctrl+; V - CakePHP SmartJump with Vertical Tab
  • Ctrl+; H - CakePHP SmartJump with Horizontal Tab
For more details please visit GitHub page https://github.com/vexus2/cake-storm

Catberry Framework support

Catberry is a framework with Flux architecture, isomorphic web-components and progressive rendering.

Main features:
  • Create Catberry project.
  • Create Catberry components.
  • Create Catberry stores.
  • Auto-completion catberry-tags in template and navigation to components.
  • Navigation to cat-component template from tag declaration.
  • Auto-completion cat-store attributes in template and navigation to store.

Chef integration

Chef integration: working with cookbooks, recipes. Code completion of resources, recipes and cookbooks references.

CND Language / Jahia Framework

Jahia logo CND Language / Jahia Framework

definitions.cnd files syntax highlighting, code completion, and other amazing stuff.

Compatible with Jahia versions 6.6.x & 7.x

Java 8 needed

See the plugin Github project for detailed features list.

CND Language
  • Syntax highlighting
  • Syntax checking and error highlighting
  • Code completion
  • Code formatting
  • Find usages
  • Go to declaration
  • Refactoring
  • File icon CND file icon
  • Line markers namespace nodetype mixin property
  • Code folding
  • Brace matching
  • Commenter

Jahia Framework

Compatible with Jahia versions 6.6.x & 7.x

CND files features:
  • Helpers/Quickfixes (alt+enter on nodetype name)
    • Create nodetype and nodetype properties translations
    • Create new view
  • Nodetype folders icon in Project View view folder
  • View files grouping view folder
  • Completion and other features on Jahia nodetypes (embedded Jahia base and main modules .cnd files)

Other files/languages features:
  • JSP / Java / XML
    • Nodetypes usages highlighting & line markers
    • Nodetypes completion
    • Go to nodetype declaration
    • Unknown nodetype error highlighting
    • Create nodetype quickfix
  • Properties (resource bundles)
    • Translations keys syntax highlighting & line markers for namespaces, nodetypes and properties
    • Translations keys nodetypes and properties completion
    • Go to namespace, nodetype or property declaration from translations keys (ctrl-click/cmd-click)
    • Error message if adding translations for a choicelist on a non-choicelist property

Codename One

Codename One Plugin for IntelliJ IDEA
Easily create native apps using Java™ for iOS, Android, Windows and more!

Completable Reactor

CompletableReactor framework makes it easier to create business flows that have concurrently running parts and complex execution branching.
CompletableReactor provides DSL-like Builder-style API to describe business flows.
Framework built on top of Fork Join Pool and CompletableFuture API.

Completable Reactor plugin provide graph visualization and source code navigation within IDE.


This plugin is intended to increase productivity of developers, who build applications on the CUBA Platform.

Key features:

  • IDE and CUBA Studio integration
    While CUBA Studio facilitates visual development, CUBA Plugin simplifies working with code in a Java IDE.
  • Intuitive navigation
    Navigate transparently through the platform-related elements.
  • Smart autocomplete and injections
    Use auto completion and injections for the platform specific code.
  • Advanced code inspection
    Smart code inspection and quick fix suggestions for the platform-related code in your IDE.

See also:

Website | Forum | GitHub | Issue tracker


Provides support of Cucumber.js


Integration with Cuppa, a test framework for Java 8.


Dalesbred support.

DAMapping stack integration

IntelliJ IDEA 14 BETA Integration plugin for the DAMapping stack.


  • IntelliJ IDEA: 14.0.3
  • DAMapping framework: 0.6.0

Datanucleus Intellij Plugin

By serce
Plugin allows you enhance Datanucleus classes after compilation (currently JPA only)

defrac Support

Build multi-platform apps with defrac inside IntelliJ IDEA

Demandware Studio Plugin

Demandware development tools. JDK8+ Required.

Dingo API plugin

By Adelf
Dingo API Plugin

  • Route: Controller completion and goto

dmServer Support

This plugin supports development of the OSGI (Osmorc) bundles targeting Spring dmServer Runtime. Following features are available:

  • option on "Technologies" page of the module wizard to quickly configure OSGI & dmServer module
  • Spring DM OSGI/Bean context XML templates (from "Technologies" page or Facet settings)
  • run configuration for local/remote dmServer
  • Platform Archive (PAR) modules (from Facet settings)
  • dmServer specific OSGI framework instance (from OSGI Project / IDE settings)
  • 1.0 / 2.0 specific server configuration, (from Settings / Application servers)
  • automatic management of pre-installed server library bundles
  • download libraries from SpringSource Bundle Repository
  • dmShell for local server's -- tool window accessible when server is started
This plugin requires IDEA X EAP (96.1121) build or later.

Doma Support


Dozer support plugin

Drupal Support

Drupal Support

Drupal Symfony Bridge

Drupal Symfony Bridge
GitHub | Issues | Documentation (Symfony2 Plugin)

Integrates support for Symfony components in Drupal8 with Symfony Plugin

  • Enabled Symfony Plugin per project (File > Settings > Symfony2 Plugin)
  • Install Php Annotation plugin to enjoy all the annotation stuff
  • Plugin needs a valid PhpStorm indexer, use "File > Invalidate Caches / Restart" if something crazy is going on
  • Twig/PHP: Routing
  • Twig/PHP: Gettext support (just throw in a full po file into project)
  • PHP: Config index
Features (from Symfony)
  • Full container support
  • Twig extensions
  • and more...
  • Twig variables types and completion
  • Twig namespaces for include, extends, macros, ...
  • Child mapping of \Drupal\Core\Config\Config::get


This plugin provides basic Ember.js support to all JetBrains IDEs that support JavaScript.


  • Ember.js project discovery when imported from existing sources
  • Automatically sets the language level to ES6
  • Marks app, public and tests folders as source, resource and test folders
  • Marks node_modules and bower_components as library folders
  • Enable JSHint using .jshintrc
  • Quick navigation via Navigate → Class... and Navigate → Related Symbol...for all major app components
  • Generate Ember.js files via ember generate
  • Basic reference resolving and completion for e.g. DS.belongsTo('user')
  • Live Templates

Errai Framework

Errai Framework Support
Add code inspections, refactoring support, and other tools for the Errai Framework to IntelliJ IDEA.


Unofficial eZ-plugin. Provides completion for contentclasses and attributes in eZ Publish 5.x / Platform.

Fabric for Android Studio

Fabric for Android Studio


Fabric launches with four core Kits - Crashlytics, Answers, Digits and Twitter. More on that below.

SDK Onboarding.
Instead of reading through dozens of pages or watching videos to learn how to integrate an SDK, our plugin quickly and smoothly walks you through adding Kits to your app so you can spend more time coding. It's that easy.

Build Tools support. We've tightly integrated our plugin capabilities with Gradle, Maven, and Ant, giving you all the power of Fabric from your command line build tools.

Multi-Organization Support. Part of multiple organizations? Want to switch between them? You can! Just click the small arrow in the upper left corner to bring up the list of your organizations.

Live Updating.
If you or your teammates close issues, delete an app, or add an app on the web or through the IDE plugins, it will update live. Those changes will be reflected immediately in your Fabric plugin.

Automated Deobfuscation.
Using Crashlytics and ProGuard? Our plugins and build tools know you when build and auto-upload your mapping files to our servers, giving you deobfuscated stack traces on your Crashlytics dashboard.

Issues View.
You can see the list of your Crashlytics issues right on your desktop! If you want more details, simply click through and it will load the issue in your browser.

Have questions? Shoot us an email at support@fabric.io. Need access to Fabric? Visit Fabric.io.

Third party licenses

Framework MVC Structure Support

Provides MVC structure information for framework-based projects. Currently supports Symfony 2 and Yii.


FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) development support for IntelliJ IDEA. This plug-in will work with either the free open-sourced Community Edition or the licensed Ultimate Edition of IntelliJ IDEA. This plug-in requires IntelliJ IDEA 2016.3 or v2017.1 (with FRC plugin v0.5 and later)

Please report issues or make feature requests at: https://gitlab.com/Javaru/frc-intellij-idea-plugin/issues

The plug-in is in beta and is not feature complete yet. But it does provide a fair number of features at this time. More will be added in future versions.

Free MyBatis plugin

Free Mybatis plugin
This Plugin is fork from https://github.com/rockjava/intellij-mybatis-plugin

Gluon Plugin

The Gluon Plugin allows developers to create Java applications that target the Android and iOS mobile platforms as well as the Desktop platform using the same codebase.

Go! AOP Framework

Go! AOP Plugin
GitHub | Issues

This plugin adds a support for aspect-oriented programming in PHP with Go! AOP plugin for IDEA products, allowing for natural experience with advised methods, pointcuts and aspects. Installation
  • Open "Settings > "Plugins", select "Browse Repositories" and type "Go! AOP"
  • Install it and PHP Annotations Plugin, then restart your IDE
  • Go! AOP pointcut syntax highlighting and parsing
  • Analysis of pointcuts and insertion of line markers for navigation to the concrete advice
  • Highlighting of incorrect doctrine annotations for @access, @execution and @within pointcuts
  • Completion of doctrine annotations for @access, @execution and @within pointcuts
  • Completion of visibility modifiers and pointcut keywords
  • Automatic injection of pointcut language into the Go\Lang\Annotation\* annotations
  • Color settings adjustment for pointcut expressions
  • Support for the Php-Deal Design-by-Contract framework for PHP
  • Completion contributor for class names and reference provider

Google App Engine Integration

By nik
The plugin is bundled with IDEA Ultimate Edition since version 9.
Provides support for developing Google App Engine applications. The following features are available:
  • option on "Technologies" page of the module wizard to quickly create an AppEngine project
  • inspection to report forbidden code in App Engine application
  • run configuration for Google App Engine Dev server
  • option to run JDO or JPA Enhancer on make (in Google App Engine Facet settings)
  • action for uploading an application to Google (Tools | Upload App Engine Application)

Google App Engine Support for PHP

Google App Engine Support for PHP

Google Autofactory Support

Provides support for Google's AutoFactory.
  • Implements various inspections for AutoFactory misusing
  • Gutter icons for quick navigation to "autfactoried" constructors / usages search

Grafter Macro Support

Provides syntax support for the Grafter library


IDEA Support for Guice, Google's inversion-of-control container


The HandyTapestry plugin for IntelliJ Idea helps you to develop Tapestry web applications faster. The plugin adds helpful completions and navigations in the HTML template. The Create Tapestry component wizard helps to create components.


By evant
IDE integration with Holdr.

hybris integration

This plugin is an open source (LGPL) plugin for SAP Hybris Commerce integration.

Bug tracker: Intellij IDEA Plugin Support

If you have any questions you can send an email to:
Alexander Bartash (repo owner)
Martin Zdarsky-Jones

- Import of Hybris extensions to Intellij IDEA.
- Automatic configuration of Spring, Web and Ant Intellij IDEA plugins.
- Custom editor for impex files with automatic formatting, find usages and go to declaration actions.
- Custom editor for items.xml with validation and easy navigation.
- Visualization of business process graph (use context menu of the file "Diagrams/Show Diagram", only Ultimate IDEA).
- Enhanced project view tree.
- Syntax highlighting for flexible search queries.

Contribution guidelines:
- Please read Contributor License Agreement
- Available tasks are in our JIRA (requires a login but you can sign-up) also you can suggest new features or report bugs without login on our Support Desk it has anonymous access.
- How to Configure Project Environment For Plugin Developers
- We are working with Pull Requests because it allows us to review the code before merging it. You need to fork this repository, implement a feature in a separate branch, then send us a pull request.
- Be sure to include into your pull request and all commit messages the following line: "Signed-off-by: Your Real Name your.email@email.com" otherwise it can not be accepted. Use your real name (sorry, no pseudonyms or anonymous contributions).
- For additional questions you can send an email to Alexander Bartash or Martin Zdarsky-Jones

By installing thing plugin you agree to sending us anonymous statistics about plugin usage. We do not collect any information about you or your project. We just want to know which features from this plugin our users need most and learn new ways to make thing plugin better.

- Alexander Bartash
- Vlad Bozhenok
- Martin Zdarsky-Jones
- Alexander Nosov
- Michael Golubev
- Eugene Kudelevsky
- Markus Priegl
- Sergei Aksenenko
- Roger Ye
- Hector Longarte

iBATIS Plugin

The plugin for IntelliJ IDEA to accelerate iBATIS development with following features:
  • Code completion and navigation
  • Find usage and rename refactor
  • Inspection
  • Code generation
  • Database integration
  • Other features
For detail, please reference user guide.

iBATIS/MyBatis mini-plugin

Simple iBATIS/MyBatis plugin
Contains essential features only, no datasource integration (yet)
Works for IDEA >= 10.0.3


Incl - plugin for including android libraries and plugins by one action. 1. Press [SHIFT + CMD(CTRL) + A] 2. Enter "Include " 3. Check action from expanded list: * Include Dagger2 (Incl) * Include ButterKnife (Incl) * Include apt (Incl) * Include jitpack (Incl) * Include Java 8 compatibility (Incl) * Include Vkontakte (Incl) * Include Fresco (Incl) * Include appcompat (Incl) * Include BaseProject (Incl) * Include DataManager (Incl)


Stripes even more easy !!!


IntelliStripes' Next Version. This plugin add support for Stripes Framework to IntelliJ Ultimante 11 and up


Plugin adding intentions and actions for generating setters for izi-gwt framework


Jaguar.dart framework integration plugin for Intellij.

Jangaroo 0.9

A plugin for using the Jangaroo Open Source tools version 0.9 and up in IntelliJ IDEA 15.

Jangaroo 4

A plugin for using the Jangaroo Open Source tools version 4 and up in IntelliJ IDEA 2016.3+.

Jangaroo Migration to Ext AS 6

Migrate ActionScript and MXML code from Ext AS 3.4 to Ext AS 6.


JavaFMI is a set of components to work with the Functional Mock-up Interface FMI. This plugin allow to build and inspect easily an FMU using the javaFMI builder and wrapper. https://bitbucket.org/siani/javafmi/wiki/FmuBuilder

JBoss jBPM

JBoss jBPM 4.0 support (http://www.jboss.org/jbpm.html)


  • Graphical designer for jpdl files with DnD, usages search, rename and inplace editing
  • Completion, navigation, refactorings and highlighting inside jpdl xml editor
  • Links to processes from class files

JCR Content Editor

Allows import/export of JCR content from CQ/AEM(/other?) and limited editing

JMH plugin

Plugin for generating and running JMH benchmarks from your IDE

Joomla! Support

Joomla! Support

Jspresso Developer Studio

Jspresso Developer Studio for IntelliJ IDEA

K2 E-Shop Integration

This plugin enables custom functionality used in our company, when developing the responsive version of our eshop.
You can click-through file references in the GetTemplate function, and use file completion for all the files.

Kdyby Events support

Support for Kdyby Events library

Laravel Insight

Laravel Insight is a very helpful PhpStorm IDE plugin that introduces a lot of features when you are working with Laravel Framework.

  • Better Blade support (eg. folding);
  • Better Eloquent\Model support (eg. query scopes completion);
  • Better Support\Fluent support;
Read all features and details at official Wiki.

Laravel Plugin

Laravel Plugin

  • Install plugin and active it per Project under "Settings > Languages & Frameworks > PHP > Laravel"
  • Use "Laravel IDE Helper Generator" to generate ide classes
  • Configure root Views directory, if not using default file structure
  • (Enable autopopup for completion in plugin setting)

  • PHP/Route: Controller completion and goto
  • PHP/Route: Router::resource references
  • PHP/Route: detect route names on "as" key
  • PHP/View: completion and goto for view templates
  • PHP/Config: "providers" class array completion
  • PHP/Config: Config key indexer, completion and goto
  • PHP/Translation: Translation key indexer, completion and goto
  • PHP: Service dic
  • Blade: extends, include and Php usage linemarker
  • Blade: section, yield, stack overwrite and implements linemarker
  • Blade: Improvements in Blade template name completion and navigation
  • Blade: trans directive
  • Template: Index for Php usage
  • Try to remove "IDE Helper Generator" deps; mostly done :)
  • Require Symfony2 Plugin, to reduce duplicate code
  • Support trans/transChoice translation syntax

Magento PhpStorm

Magento PhpStorm Plugin supports Magento2

- PHP class reference from XML file (*.xml)
- Navigation from PHP class to Plugins


Plugin, created to improve life-work balance while working with Magento 2
Configuration smart completion and references
  • di.xml
  • layouts
  • events.xml
  • webapi.xml
  • @api usage
  • ObjectManager usage
Code helpers
  • "Navigate to configuration" reference in scope of class/interface
  • "Go to plugin" reference in scope of class/interface and method
  • "Navigate to Web API configuration" reference in scope of class/interface and method


Plugin, created to improve life-work balance while working with Magento 2
Create Magento 2 Components
  • Module
  • Controller
  • Database model
  • Copy template files to theme
  • Copy less files to theme
  • Create new theme
Code helpers
  • Navigate to template files from layout xml

MediaWiki Support

By Reedy

MediaWiki Support for PhpStorm.

Source is available at GitHub, pull requests and issues welcome.

MicroPython Support

Support for MicroPython devices in IntelliJ IDEA and PyCharm.


  • Code completion and docs for MicroPython modules
  • Flash a Python file to a device
  • Run REPL on a device

Currently the plugin supports only Micro:bit devices. Contributions are welcome!

Microsoft Azure HDInsight Tools for IntelliJ

DEPRECATED – please install Azure Toolkit for IntelliJ plugin to get latest updates.
  • Azure HDInsight Tool for Java has been integrated into Azure Toolkit for IntelliJ. And will stop updating. We recommend that use the Azure Toolkit for IntelliJ which includes the latest and greatest version of HDInsight Tools for IntelliJ.
  • If you created projects using the HDInsight Tools for IntelliJ, they will continue to work in the Azure Toolkit for IntelliJ.
Important new functionalities have been released! Please install Azure Toolkit for IntelliJ plugin to use these cool features. The recent release focuses on users’feedback to ensure a smooth user experiences on project creation and submission. The release also covers a couple of new features including Spark 2.0 support, local run, and a refined Job View and Job Graph.

Support Spark 2.0
The HDInsight Tools for IntelliJ and Eclipse now is fully compatible Spark 2.0. It allows you to enjoy the cool features from Spark 2.0 including API usability, SQL 2003 support, performance improvements, structured streaming, R UDF support, as well as operational improvements.

Local Run - Use the HDInsight Tools for IntelliJ with the Hortonworks Sandbox
With this feature, the HDInsight Tools for IntelliJ can work with generic Hadoop clusters in addition to submitting Spark jobs to HDInsight clusters. Using the Hortonworks Sandbox allows you to work with Hadoop locally on your development environment. Once you have developed a solution and want to deploy it at scale, you can then move to an HDInsight cluster. Connect to local sandbox for local run and debug

Job View & Job Graph
The updated Job View provides you a slick UI to view your jobs list, job summary, and details for a selected job. The job graph also allows you to view the execution details, task summary, and executors view for a job.

Microsoft Cloud Services for Android

Microsoft Cloud Services for Android for IntelliJ and Android Studio.

Minecraft Development

Brings support for Bukkit, Spigot, Paper, BungeeCord, Sponge, LiteLoader, Forge, and Canary projects to Intellij IDEA.

MineDroid GUI

Small plugin that enables autocompletion and autocompilation for MineDroid projects

MinutePHP view / controller switcher

Fast way to switch between view and controller in a single keystroke.
Designed to run with Minute framework only.

Mule ESB Plugin For IntelliJ

Mule ESB Plugin For IntelliJ.

MyBatis plugin

Plugin for mybatis
Feel free to feedback
NOTE: There is a free version in the repository which is forked from our previous open source plugin about a year ago.
If there is any problem with the free version, we can not tell what the problems are because the free version is NOT being maintained by us and there were too many updates in the past year.
You can switch to our version if you have any problems with the forked one.
Wish you happy coding with our plugin.

Mybatis Tools

Add some framework support, such as mybatis etc.

depend on intellij'spring plugin, not support intellij community、Android Studio version so far


NativeScript support.


  • Wizard project creation
  • Run/Debug configuration
  • Code assistance
  • Plugins management
  • Live templates
  • Angular support


Nativetap plugin for Android Studio.

This plugin is intended to work with Nativetap.io desktop client.
For more details, visit our website: nativetap.io.

Neos Support

Support for the Neos CMS.


  • Fusion / TypoScript2 language support
    • Configurable syntax highlighting
    • Basic formatting
    • Brace matching
    • Breadcrumb navigation
    • Code folding
    • Structure view
    • EEL helper references (Ctrl+Click navigation to class/method)
    • Prototype references (Ctrl+Click navigation to prototype definition)
    • Resource references (Ctrl+Click navigation to resources)
  • Completion for node type definitions
  • "Go to definition" for node types / supertypes / constraints in NodeTypes.yaml

Nette framework helpers

Nette development with pleasure

Neuroph For Intellij

Allows for easy integration of the Neuroph libraries into intellij products and easy to use example neural networks

Nextras Orm Plugin

Provides support for Nextras ORM – an ORM library for PHP.


Plugin for Nuxeo support.

Supported features:

  • Registration of Nuxeo SDKs;
  • Selection of the default SDK to use;
  • Auto detection of Nuxeo modules;
  • Hot reload of Nuxeo module marked as hot reloadable;
  • Integrated Nuxeo Shell.

Source code: https://github.com/troger/nuxeo-intellij

This plugin is not officially supported by Nuxeo, but you can ask questions via Nuxeo Answers.

Ofbiz Framework

Ofbiz Framework the plugin


The OpenCms Plugin for IntelliJ lets you sync files and folders from your local Filesystem to the OpenCms VFS and vice versa. It enables OpenCms direct publishing right from your IDE and it lets you package your modules into module zips that can be imported in any OpenCms instance.

  • Integration of OpenCms menus in:
    • the main menu
    • the project popup menu
    • the editor popup menu
    • the editor tab popup menu
  • Integration of menu actions to sync files and folders between your local file system and the OpenCms VFS
  • Integration of menu actions to start OpenCms direct publish sessions for files and folders right from your IDE
  • Integration of menu actions to generate manifest.xml files for your modules
  • Integration of menu actions to package module zips that can be imported in OpenCms
  • Integration of menu actions to import module zips in OpenCms
  • Supports three different sync modes that can be configured for each module:
    • PUSH: Local file system is master
    • SYNC: Changes are synced depending on the file or resource date
    • PULL: The OpenCms VFS is master
  • Automatic publishing of file changes (configurable)
  • Automatically pulls resource meta data (e.g. properties) from OpenCms and stores it as XML files in the local file system.

See the plugin's GitHub Wiki for details

Oro PHPStorm Plugin

Oro PHPStorm Plugin Plugin for the PHPStorm that will help to increase the development speed on the projects based on the OroPlatform.


This plugin adds support for the development of OSGi-based applications to IDEA

Otto & Robolectric

IntelliJ plugin to optimize synergy of Square library utilization.

Otto is an event bus designed to decouple different parts of your application while still allowing them to communicate efficiently.

Robolectric is an Android testing tool.

Ouzo framework plugin

By woru
Ouzo framework plugin
What's new:
  • Support for legacy namespaces (only for legacy ouzo applications)

  • Completion for array keys in constructor and create, createNoValidation, newInstance, where, assignAttributes and updateAttributes Model's methods based on Models @property tags
  • Translation extraction action for twig
  • Translation extraction action
  • References for translation keys
  • References for controllers and actions in routes
  • References for views
  • References for partials
  • References for models in relation definition
  • Navigation from Controllers actions to corresponding views (with 'Go To/Ouzo View' and 'Navigate/Related symbol' (Ctrl+Alt+Home))
  • Navigation from views to Controllers actions (with 'Navigate/Related symbol' (Ctrl+Alt+Home))
  • Annotate unused translations
  • Annotate invalid entries in translation files
  • Annotate missing translations
  • Add missing translation intention action
  • Edit translation intention action
  • Show all usages of a translation key
  • Remove unused translation intention action
  • Rename refactoring for translation keys
  • Translation key completion

OXID Plugin

OXID Plugin

Because of code sharing install Symfony2 Plugin and enable it per project

Dependencies Features
  • PHP: Periodically scans module metadata for class inheritance and exports them to ".phpstorm-oxid.meta.php" in your project root
  • PHP: Metadata file exists inspector in array values
  • PHP: oxLang::translateString support
  • PHP: TypeProvider, references for factory function: oxNew, oxRegistry::get
  • PHP: Custom class inheritance TypeProvider for factories that a extended by metafile
  • PHP: oxConfig::*ConfigParam
  • PHP: Completion and navigation in all metadata files; array key and value context
  • Smarty: Block references and linemarker
  • Smarty: File includes references
  • Smarty: File metadata parser for template related stuff
  • Smarty: Ident oxmultilang, oxcontent

PhoneGap/Cordova Plugin

PhoneGap/Cordova integration for InteliJ Platform.
Note: The plugin is a part of WebStorm IDE and you don't need install it manually for WebStorm

* PhoneGap/Cordova Project wizard

* Run PhoneGap/Cordova application from IntelliJ toolbar

* Code completion for event types

* Ionic support


PHP Annotations

PHP Annotation
GitHub | Issues

  • Just install and be happy
  • Optional: Install Symfony Plugin
  • Optional: Install PHP Toolbox
  • Optional: Configure plugin "Languages & Framework > PHP > Annotations"
  • Youtube: PhpStorm: PHP Annotations Plugin
  • Attach PhpClass to their DocTag to support "Code > Optimize Imports"
  • Auto alias detection on use statement
  • Filter annotation classes on targets like method, class, property, ...
  • Goto for doc tags and property names
  • Detect annotation property values on phpclass property name including types
  • Index classes with @Annotation inside doc block
  • Plugin extension point
  • Doctrine related providers
  • Class import annotator
  • Class constants in DocTags
  • Doctrine ORM intention and quickfixes for: repository and properties
  • Auto alias import for annotation class
Related Plugins

PHP Toolbox

PHP Toolbox GitHub || Json Examples

This plugin provides "Method References" and "Type Provider" extracted from the Symfony Plugin. You can configure the plugin with simple per project files .ide-toolbox.metadata.json to support for eg $f->('date_time')->format, new Datetime('caret'). Also it improves some PhpStorm Core functionality.

  • PHP: More type hint variable completion variants
  • PHP: Better callable arrays completion and navigation
  • PHP: Global string navigation for class, method and function syntax
  • JSON plugin references extract from Symfony Plugin: schema see README
  • Basic json files for: Behat, PHPUnit, Doctrine, Symfony, Twig and PHP Core
  • Json REST-Server inside PhpStorm

PHPSpec BDD Framework

Allows to use PHPSpec Specification-oriented BDD test framework for PHP

PHPUnit Enhancement

Fork of PHPUnit Autocomplete Assistant

PhpStorm plugin to provide smart autocomplete, code navigation and refactoring features for mocked class methods.

Feature list

  • method autocomplete for class, abstract class and trait mock objects;

    • type providers: getMock, getMockForAbstractClass, etc. will return mock object with methods of mocking class and PHPUnit_Framework_MockObject_MockObject;
    • supported PHPUnit methods:







  • code navigation (go to declaration, find usages, etc.) and refactoring (rename methods);
  • highlighting of incorrect method usages;
  • Prophecy support.

Play 2.0 Support

Play 2.0 Framework support

Polopoly Importer

Plugin to import content XML into the Atex Polopoly CMS.

This version keeps state on application-level, not on project level.


By marcv
Plugin to import content-xml to Polpoly, or any service that accepts put requests for that matter.

PRADO Plugin

PRADO Framework Integration for PHPStorm/IDEA. Features: Templates (.tpl/.page)
  • Syntax highlighting
  • Autocompletion for control names
  • Autocompletion for attribute names
  • Quick documentation for controls and attributes
  • Goto control declaration
  • Goto attribute declaration
  • Check for used control types
  • Check for used control properties including quickfixes
Controls (.php)
  • Autocompletion for used control ids (properties) including type information


This plugin is indented to reduce effort of Android application development by generating common code accross various applications. Now we completed retrofit integrator only it can be be used to Integrate Retrofit to your project(for server communications).

Randori Compiler

The Randori Framework is a tool that helps in making LARGE Javascript application development manageable.

It consists of an Actionscript cross-compiler and a client-side JavaScript framework.

Please visit http://randoriframework.com for more information.

To quickly get started please follow these lessons.

Require.js plugin

Require js plugin
- Completion file paths
- Reference find files
- Completion path for loader plugin (path start with "module!")
- Paths support
- Map support
- Package support


Robotlegs Support for IntelliJ
  • Adds a Robotlegs tool window to let you explore the mappings in your project.
  • Use CTRL + SHIFT + G to jump to a mapped class (from view->mediator, event->command, etc)
  • File issues here: https://github.com/johnlindquist/open-source-plugins/issues

Robotlegs Up Down Plugin

Helper plguin for Robotlegs MVCS developers


Sails or Treeline integration for InteliJ Platform.

* Sails/Treeline Project wizard
* Run Sails/Treeline application from IntelliJ toolbar
* Generate project with SASS or LESS preprocessor
* Generate API from IDE
* Generate Models from IDE
* Generate Controllers from IDE
* Generate Adapters from IDE
* Beta Auto completion Model (name and methods)
* Beta Auto completion Service (only name)

Right click on api, models, controllers, adapters folder to generate files from IDE or use "shift control alt G" or "shift cmd alt G" shortcut
Need some feedbacks and testers for Windows ! @jaumard on twitter or jimmy.aumard at gmail dot com

SCA Support

Editing enhancements for working with SCA configuration in IntelliJ


IntelliJ IDEA plugin for Scio - https://github.com/spotify/scio

Shopware Plugin

Shopware Plugin

Issues Installation Features
  • PHP: Subscriber name completion for controller/hooks/events
  • PHP: Type provider for Manager::getResources
  • PHP: Event and method references for subscriber events
  • PHP: Magic method type provider
  • PHP: Bootstrap::getInfo, Bootstrap::Path, ModelManager::addAttribute/generateAttributeModels
  • PHP: Enlight_Controller_Router::assemble array parameter
  • PHP: Custom config and event name indexer
  • PHP: Quickfix for subscriber method generation and content
  • PHP: Linemarker for subscriber methods
  • Smarty: References for files, controller, actions, widgets
  • Smarty: Block references on extends path
  • Smarty: Namespace tag support
  • Smarty: Blockname and include indexer
  • Smarty: Template include, extends linemarker
  • Smarty: Support templates libraries/include paths
  • Smarty: Blockname implements and overwrite linemarker
  • Shopware: Theme and assets
  • Shopware: Snippets index for template usage in backend and frontend
  • Shopware: Snippets references for Smarty and ExtJs files
  • PHP/Smarty: Template controller references for php and smarty
  • Symfony: Custom container loader
  • Symfony: Shopware service container ids in subscriber
  • Doctrine: Extension for Symfony Plugin
  • Doctrine: Lifecycle event completion for subscriber
  • ExtJs: Doctrine Model and controller targets
  • ExtJs: Controller action linemarker and goto
  • Generator: Shopware project installer
  • Generator: Plugin boilerplates
  • PHP Toolbox: internal JSON configuration

Silex/Pimple Plugin

Code completion for Pimple PHP Dependency Injection Container

Beta release.

Plugin needs pimple container dump (pimple.json) in project root directory, to create it follow instruction at https://github.com/Sorien/silex-pimple-dumper

SMOG Matcher Generator

Generates a companion matcher class for a selected Java class based on the SMOG library extension to Hamcrest.

The SMOG library supports property matching on object graphs. For more details, see the project page at GitHub.

This plugin is also hosted at GitHub.

Spock Framework Enhancements

This plugin provides support for the Spock specification framework.

  • Adds syntax highlighting to Spock labels
  • Provides inspections for label ordering
  • A Spock spec template and a collection of live templates for feature methods contributed by @fpape
  • Code generation assistance in specs for setup, cleanup, and adding a test method contributed by @fpape

Spryker Plugin

Spryker Plugin
  • Creation of Spryker-Classes
  • DocBlock Updater

Stapler plugin for IntelliJ IDEA

Stapler plugin for IntelliJ IDEA 11

Symfony Plugin

Symfony Plugin Documentation | Doc on GitHub | Donate
  • Activate plugin per project in "File -> Settings -> Languages & Framework -> PHP -> Symfony" or use auto configuration notification
  • (Required) Install PHP Annotations
  • (Optional) Configure a default project connection in "Remote Hosts Access / Remote Hosts" to enable support for remote files in plugin settings
  • (Optional) Ignore Symfony "cache" directory because of duplicate classes "Settings -> Project -> Directories"
  • (Optional) Install PHP Toolbox
  • (Optional) To support XLIFF translations add "*.xlf" / "*.xliff" to XML "Editor" -> "File Types"
Features: Version

This plugin supports Symfony 2 and 3

Dependency Injection Container
  • References for services in ContainerInterface::get()
  • Detect ContainerInterface::get() result type
  • References for services, tags, events, methods, ... inside yaml, xml and php
  • Indexer to provide live editing without a compiled container
  • Tagged class indexer
  • ORM QueryBuilder support, including chaining and nested methods
  • References and TypeProvider for doctrine getRepository
  • TypeProvider for EntityRepository::find/findOneBy/findAll/findBy
  • Field and relations resolving and annotation and yaml
  • Template names in all file references
  • Provide Template implements and extends goto on linemarker
  • Assets file references like javascript, stylesheets and more
  • Support @Template annotations
  • Trans and transchoice support with annotator, quickquick and translation extraction action
  • References for block names (completion back since PhpStorm8)
  • Variable TypeProvider similar to php with several scopes and providers like docblocks, controller, actions, template inclusion, ...
  • Macro implements goto on linemarker
  • Filter, Function, Macro and Extension support
  • References for form types
  • Form field name references on data_class
  • References for form options, extension, ...
  • References for UrlGenerator::generate() related calls
  • Autocomplete route name in twig templates
  • Go to for routing name methods
  • CodeFolding to display real route uri instead of its name
  • Route parameter completion
  • Annotator which notice unknown route, template, service, assets, ...
  • Several stub indexer to provide some live generation provider in replacement for compiled container
  • Linemarker and "Related File" to provide possible goto targets and controller action
  • Search Everywhere support and custom search for only Symfony related Symbols "Navigate > Symfony Symbol"
  • Bridge for PHP Annotations to support annotation related stuff
  • Dotenv and Docker environments variable extraction for DIC parameter
Related Plugins Contributors

Tapestry 4.1

Tapestry 4.1 Basic tapestry 4.1 support.

Tapestry 4.1 Support

Tapestry 4 Support Very simple plugin that provides some basic tapestry support.
It is intended to support development for tapestry 4 projects.


By zenus

Thinkphp framework integration for PhpStorm.

  • References to class file from D(),M() function
  • D(),M() function autocomplete and quick-create.

THOP Builder

Write Thought Processes in IDEA. Plug-in currently supports downloading of all THOPS, editing and uploading a THOP, running a THOP and printing result in the console (debug output collected via debug(..) are visible when run using Debug action)
  • Set-up your SMB connection per project in Tools->Connect SMB...
  • Select one or more .js files, use Upload THOP(s) in context menu
  • Select a directory, use Download THOPs in context menu to download all THOPS
  • Select one or more .js files to Delete THOP(s) using context menu
  • Full support for Run Configurations: Run THOPs by right clicking -> Create, Run or Debug

TMC Plugin for Intellij

TMC-IntelliJ is the IntelliJ IDEA plugin for University of Helsinki's TestMyCode framework. TestMyCode is used by various online programming courses for exercise testing and submitting.

Set your TMC settings in the TMC menu and you're ready to go!

If you run into any bugs, please submit an issue of it at the Github repository.

TMF Plugin

辅助开发基于 tradespi 的程序。可以创建 provider、SPI,在 provider/SPI/namespace 之间跳转。

TYPO3 CMS Plugin

TYPO3 CMS Plugin GitHub Repository
beta quality
Autocompletion enhancements

The plugin reads the local project and tries to parse out usage of well-known APIs and provides you with autocompletion on points it knows for example possible parameter names.

  • Autocompletion for calls to IconFactory::getIcon with available Icons and preview
  • Line marker for Icon-Api usages with jump-to-definition and preview
  • TypeProvider for `$GLOBALS['TYPO3_DB']`, `$GLOBALS['TSFE']` and `$GLOBALS['BE_USER']`
  • Line marker for extbase entities

Service Locator & Extbase Dependency Injection Container

The plugin provides you with greater code stability, since the return types of instance creations are inferred, giving you stable auto-completion and insight into the written code.

  • infer return type of GeneralUtility::makeInstance() calls without meta file
  • infer return type of GeneralUtility::makeInstanceService() calls without meta file
  • infer return type of ObjectManager::get() calls without meta file

The plugin parses the available route names in the core and extensions. More precisely it parses the `Configuration/Backend/(Ajax)Routes.php` files.

  • completion for backend route names on BackendUtility::getAjaxUrl()
  • completion for backend route names on UriBuilder::buildUriFromRoute()
  • annotations for both valid and invalid route references
  • line marker to allow quick navigation to the route definition
Code inspections
  • Extbase property injection (@inject) performance inspection

Code generation
  • Fluid Styled Content Element (experimental)


Thank you to Daniel Espendiller and Adrien Brault for providing their Symfony2 Plugin in the first place. It is a great inspiration for possible solutions and parts of the code.


UI5 Helper

This plugins adds some codeInsight and framework knowledge for Open- and SAPUI5 to IDEA IDEs. It does not do much in its current state, it is not "production ready" and it will not save your time for now.

Things it may be able to do now (experimental):
  • XMLView: Go To Controller
  • Controller: Go To (XML)View
  • Collapse the controller name in the XMLView
  • complete target names in manifest.json
  • Provide API Docs in XMLView
  • References to event handler implementation in XMLViews
Things that will (or will not) come:
  • Settings to enable or disable certain features
  • Understanding & support for the UI5 binding syntax incl. completion, references, syntax checking
  • Indexer for UI5 classes including metadata and inheritance tree
  • Go to Controller, go to View, go to formatter, go to event handler, ...
  • support for manifest metadata like routes etc.
  • References to event handlers
  • Caching for API docs
  • Version selection in settings actually works.
  • Completion in XML Views
  • Gathers some knowledge about own ui5 classes. Not that useful for now.
  • First implementation of API docs in XMLViews. More to come!
  • Bugfix: controllerName lookup for "sap.ui.core.mvc.XMLView" should work just like "sap.ui.core.mvc.View"
  • Feature: Controller: go to View


UIkit live templates / snippets

Check Github repository for list of snippets and for contributing

ULC Plugin

Plugin for Rich Internet Application development with Canoo's UltraLightClient (ULC) library.

The ULC plugin provides the following functionality:
  • ULC Facet: conveniently manage the ULC installations available on your computer (as you do for JDKs), assign a specific ULC installation to a module, specify the ULC libraries to be put on the class path, specific for each module. Easily switch between different ULC versions. Source code stubs and JavaDocs are automatically available.
  • ULC Application Class Template: use 'New' -> 'ULC Application Class' to create an empty ULC application class, configure the ULC file template using 'IDE Settings' -> 'File Templates'.
  • ULC Run Configuration: simply configure, run and debug your ULC application class without the need for a main-method, configure ULC-specific parameters such as carrier stream provider, data stream provider, coder registry providers, log level, connection type, user parameters and init parameters.
  • ULC Code Inspections: increase productivity and reduce error count by using ULC-specific code inspections such as check for static references to ULCProxy instances, missing dispatchers on ULCProxy subclasses and missing scroll pane around model-based widgets.
  • This plugin is compatible with ULC 6.1.x and ULC 6.2.x

Unvired SDK Installer

Plugin to install Unvired SDKs for developing Unvired Mobile Apps


UXCore templates / snippets.

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Support for Vue.js


Support for Vue.js

WDK View

Provides the user with a simplified view of WDK components. Displays all the custom WDK components in a tree format, with all related files readily accessible regardless of thier physical location.

WFA console

Utilities for developing in WFA

  • Reload WFA database quickly (usually after test executions)
  • Utilities to restart WFA server, add certifier, admin user, open client etc.
  • Acquire 7 and C-mode cache quickly and directly from the IDE
  • Restore backups/Import dars from the file right-click menu
  • Ctrl + Alt + C: XML un-escape and copy to clipboard and Ctrl + Alt + V: XML escape and paste from clipboard useful when working with the Perl, PowerShell, MVEL and SQL in content.
  • Easy content navigation: partially type command, workflow, finder etc names in the 'goto file' menu (ctrl+shift+n) to open them
  • Restore WFA backups without upgrading
  • Take a WFA backup and write it to the selected file
  • Run customs sql scripts on WFA database

Wicket Source

In concert with the 42lines wicket-source Firefox/Chrome extension, this plugin allows you to navigate easily between a deployed Wicket application and the corresponding Java source files


WicketForge assists developers creating Wicket applications.

See Wiki for features and usage instructions.

Woko Plugin

Plugin for the Woko framework

WordPress Support

WordPress Support

Wuff IntelliJ Plugin

By mcmil
A plugin which attempts to ease Eclipse E4 development using Wuff in IntelliJ IDEA.

Wuff IntelliJ Plugin

A plugin which attempts to ease Eclipse E4 development using Wuff in IntelliJ IDEA.

XMLBeans integration

By gja
Plugins that compiles XMLBeans XSD schemas.


Yeoman integration

Yii2 Support

Plugin contains the following functionality
  • render() methods for views
  • i18n
  • Configuration arrays for object instantiation
  • ActiveQuery, Query and migrations (database connection is required)
  • Autocomplete in model's rules method
  • Calculates return type for Yii::createObject call and one/all method calls of ActiveRecord

Detailed information can be found in README.md


The z2-plugin simplifies development with the z2-environment.
A more detailed description can be found at the z2-environment wiki Following features are implemented so far:
  • Launching: Start your z2-environment on your local machine from the IDE
  • z2-Sync: Synchronize your local changes with the z2-environment
  • z2 dependency resolution: Resolve missing dependencies from the z2-environment
  • Managing z2-modules: z2-modules can be created and deleted on demand
  • Arming modules: Armed z2-modules become active after z2-Sync.
  • z2-Module wizard: Create new z2-modules with or without Spring support
  • z2-Properties editor: Provides completions and documentation for z2-properties files

ZF1 integration plugin

Zend Framework 1 integration plugin.
Adds menu item "Go to view script..." and "Go to controller action..." to the Navigate menu.

ZF2 Module Creator

A plugin that creates new module for Zend Framework 2 project.

It assumes the project structure is of ZendSkeletonApplication.

In a ZF2 project, right click on the project view, and choose "New -> Module".

Although the plugin name is Module Creator, any suggestion or feedback for more integration is welcome ( repository or email).