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A powerful translation plug-in.

AmbientTalk IDE

AmbientTalk language support

Apache Avro™ support

A plugin adding support for Apache Avro™.

Apache config (.htaccess) support

Apache config (.htaccess) support

AppleScript Support

Provides support for writing and executing scripts with AppleScript.
For applications with legacy dictionary formats requires installed Xcode for dictionary file generation.

Wiki: How to AppleScript
Plugin page: https://plugins.jetbrains.com/plugin/8149


AsciiDoc language support for IntelliJ platform.

AsciiDoc is a text document format, similar to formats like Markdown, for writing notes, documentation, articles, books, ebooks, slideshows, web pages, man pages and blogs. AsciiDoc files can be translated to many formats including HTML, PDF, EPUB, man page. AsciiDoc is, in contrast to Markdown, highly configurable: both the AsciiDoc source file syntax and the backend output markups (which can be almost any type of SGML/XML markup) can be customized and extended by the user.

If you want to use the JavaFX instead of the Swing preview, you'll need to run IntelliJ with 64bit Java. If your IntelliJ distribution doesn't come with 64bit Java, you'll need to have an environment variable `IDEA_JDK` or `IDEA_JDK64` pointing to the installation folder of a 64bit Java. See Jetbrains support database for more information.

AWS CloudFormation

Amazon AWS CloudFormation language support

Open any *.template, *.json or *.yaml file with CloudFormation language inside. There should be number of features available:

  • Template validation
    • Overall file structure
    • References to resources, conditions, parameters, mappings
    • Resource types and properties
  • File structure (aka Go to member) (Ctrl-F12 on Windows): fast jump to any entity in the file
  • Completion in Ref clause
  • Completion of resources types and properties
  • Live template for Ref clause: type "ref" and press Tab
  • Ctrl-Click on any reference to jump to its definition
  • Quick Documentation for resource types and properties
  • Format file

Bamboo Soy

Syntax highlighting, autocompletion and static analysis for your closure template files.


Bash language support for the IntelliJ platform.
Supports syntax highlighting, rename refactoring, documentation lookup, inspections, quickfixes and much more.

BEM Support

BEM Plugin: BEMHTML language support


Provides advanced C / C++ / Makefile editing and compiling / debugging capabilities. Editing capabilities consist of reference navigation (variable / field / macro / macro parameter names), completion, live semantic and error highlighting (sometimes with fixes :),
find usages, goto class / symbol / macro def / constant, refactorings (rename, introduce var), override / implements action / navigation,
quick navigate info (Control + Mouse hover), generate default/copy constructors and assignment operator, detect unused variable / functions, structure view
, surround with cast/if/etc, navigate from java native declaration to cpp implementation and backward, do compile for cpp files and build for makefile/dsp/vcproj files and more.
Debugging support consists of GDB integration exposed as idea debugger interface.
EAP software, works only for Win32/(MsVc/Gcc + CygWin/MingW), Linux 32bit /Intel/Gcc, MacOSX/Intel/Gcc platforms with IntelliJ Idea 14 / 14.1 Ultimate / Community editions (builds 139.*, 141.*), WebStorm.
Detailed readme and blog


Clojure and ClojureScript

CMD Support

CMD support plugin for Intellij Idea
Sources | Issues

  • Enables highlighting
  • Adds new actions

Compiled with Java 1.6

Coco/R grammar support

Plugin for Jetbrains IDEs to support grammar files (*.atg) of the Coco/R compiler generator. Feel free to contribute issues, code, feature requests or simply your "I'm using it!" stance.


Plugin for CoffeeScript language support


CoffeeLint intellij integration.

Support displaying CoffeeLint warnings as intellij inspections

Support for custom CoffeeLint rules


By romeo
Plugin for CoffeeScript language support for IntelliJ IDEA 10.5 (Ultimate Edition). The plugin is bundled in RubyMine 3.2 and later will be bundled in other JetBrains IDEs.


Syntax highlighting for CoffeeScript


By hoho
Conkitty Template Engine Support


By hoho
Coocoo DSL for MVC applications

Courier schema language

Courier Schema Language plugin.
See github.com/coursera/courier


CSharp language support.
very experimental state
Right now only syntax support and grammar validation

D Language Support

D Language support for IntelliJ IDEA 14


Support for the Dart programming language.


Device components description language tools. http://acsl-mipt.github.io/


This plugin provides support for the Dylan programming language.

Djinni IDL file support

Add some basic navigation, code-completion and error highlighting support to .djinni files. License Copyright 2015-2016 Dropbox, Inc.

Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
You may obtain a copy of the License at


Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
limitations under the License.


Plugin for doT.js templates support.
Donate with LiqPay


Dust Template Support

Issues, feature requests, source code: https://github.com/yifanz/Intellij-Dust

E2DIT Minimal Language

By int64
Syntax highlighting for minimal language E2TML.


EJS support


Store elements id's for optimus


Elixir plugin

Elm language plugin

Plugin for Elm language support.

  • Supports Elm 0.18 (If you need to have different version supported, see this link)
  • Parsing the syntax
  • Syntax highlighting and color settings page
  • Going to declaration
  • Highlighting unresolved references with a quick-fix option to add an import statement
  • Code completion
  • Spellchecking
  • Brace matching
  • Rename refactoring

Elm Language Support

Support for Elm language.

This plugin is discontinued. Please use Elm language plugin


Emblem template support


Support for Lua programming language.

Source Code | Gitter | Donate

  • Syntax highlighting
    • Highlight global value
    • Highlight local/param value
    • Highlight up value
  • Code completion
    • Keyword completion
    • Basic completion
    • Type inferred based completion
  • Debugger
    • Attach Debugger(Windows only)
    • Remote Debugger(Mobdebug.lua)
  • Lua 5.3 support
  • Find usages
  • Rename
  • Go to definition
  • Go to symbol
  • Go to class
  • Go to file
  • Parameter name hints
  • Comment based type/class annotation
  • Structure view
  • Comment in/out
  • Color settings page
  • Method override line marker
  • Quick Documentation
  • Live templates
  • Postfix completion templates
  • Code formatter
  • Code intentions
  • Code inspections
  • Lua Standard Library/API
  • Region folding



Erlang support for IntelliJ IDEA, RubyMine, WebStorm, etc.

Feel free to file new feature requests as an issue on GitHub, just like a bug.

Donate to support the project.

Fest Support

Fest templater support

FFDL Plugin

Provides syntax highlighting for FFDL files.


Fortran language support
The plugin supports FORTRAN 77, FORTRAN 90, FORTRAN 95, FORTRAN 2003 and FORTRAN 2008 source code. Several nonstandard extensions are also supported. Lexer, parser and syntax highlighter are provided.

Frozen Idea

ICE framework support.

GLSL Support

Support for the OpenGL Shading Language

GNU GetText files support (*.po)

This plugin enables support for GNU GetText files (*.po)


This plugin extends IntelliJ platform with Go-specific coding assistance and tool integrations, and has everything you could find in Gogland.

Go language (golang.org) support plugin

Support for Go programming language. Please note, that the following features are available in Gogland but not in this plugin:
  • Navigation
    • Go to inheritor structures
    • Go to super interfaces
  • Type-aware completion (aka Smart completion)
  • Extract function refactoring
  • Implement type
  • Inspections and quick-fixes
    • Introduce method
    • Introduce field
    • Delete unused parameter
    • Show symbol duplicates
    • Add/delete missing/redundant expressions in case of assignment count mismatch
    • Properly implemented Duplicated symbols inspection
    • Recursive type detection
    • Invalid const initialization
  • Tests and coverage
    • Sub-tests support (runner, navigation, gutter actions)
    • Debugging tests
  • Debugger
    • Step out
    • 100x faster performance
  • General
    • Highlighting of go:generate comments
    • Quick documentation for struct fields
    • Semantic highlighting
    • Parameter name hints
    • SQL auto-injection

Google Closure Soy Templates

Google Closure Soy Templates custom language plugin for IntelliJ IDEA


Handlebars and Mustache template support

Note: The plugin is a part of WebStorm IDE and you don't need install it manually for WebStorm


By Atsky
Haskell language support

Haxe Support

Support for the Haxe programming language.

HCL language support

This plugin adds support for HashiCorp Configuration Language (HCL) and HashiCorp Interpolation Language (HIL) languages
And their combination, Terraform configuration files (.tf)
Also HCL format is used for Nomad(.nomad files).
Features: For file formats with HCL (.hcl, .tf, .nomad):
  • Syntax highlighting
  • Structure outline in 'Structure' tool window
  • Code formatter, so reformat code action available
  • Code folding
  • Comment/Uncomment action
HashiCorp Interpolation Language:
  • Syntax highlighting
Terraform specific support: In both config and interpolations:
  • Autocompletion
  • Find Usages / Go to definition for resources, providers, variables and their properties
  • Rename Refactoring
  • Introduce Variable Refactoring (for string property values)
  • Several inspections
  • Report usage of deprecated properties
  • Unresolved reference checks (in interpolations)
  • Check required/missing properties in resource/provider
  • Predefined Terraform methods autocompletion in interpolations
  • (WIP) Better properties validation (type checking)
  • (WIP) Working with dependent modules
  • (WIP) Type-specific autocompletion in interpolations


HDLine (pronounced 'headline') provides support for HDL languages (VHDL, Verilog, SystemVerilog). See the Release Note for information on supported features.


By argb
Pascal support for IDEA.


Interactive viewer for '.log' files.


  • Code highlighting based of log level: error, warn, info, etc.
  • Intention to highlight columns (time, category, threads, stack frames) in log file editor.
  • Folding of uninteresting events
  • Hyperlinks of stack traces in log
  • Navigation to source code that emit log events (F7).
  • Go to next error action (Shift + F7)
  • Extends selection
  • Intention tp highlight distance between events (marks time as red)
  • Advanced error stripe (heat map)


Provides ".ini" files support.


IntelliBot, Robot Framework Support

The IntelliBot plugin for IntelliJ/Pycharm adds smart editing features to support the Robot Framework.

Make sure to setup your IDE correctly to gain Python support.

Find us in Github.


SmartFrog Plugin for IntelliJ IDEA


IntelliJ solidity support

You can support the plugin development by clicking ★ on GitHub and rating it on the plugin page.

Contributions are always welcome!


IDE support for Jaggery. Syntax highlighting, code completion and code formatting are enabled

Jet Template Language Support

Go Jet support for intellij ===== This intellij plugin adds support for the Jet template engine http://github.com/CloudyKit/jet - [x] Parser - [x] Lexer - [x] Multilayer Syntax highlighter - [ ] Formatting - [ ] Auto-completion - [ ] Write tests

Jodd Props Support

Enables editing of Jodd props files.

  • Highlighting keys and values
  • Highlight profiles in keys
  • Highlight macros in values
  • Customizable highlighting colors
  • Code folding for section blocks
  • Triplequote multiline values

JS GraphQL

GraphQL language support including Relay.QL tagged templates in JavaScript and TypeScript.

Provides the following features:

  • Schema-aware completion, error highlighting, and documentation
  • Syntax highlighting, code-formatting, folding, commenter, and brace-matching
  • 'Find Usages' and 'Go to Declaration' for schema types and fields
  • Schema viewer and 'Go to Implementation' for schema interfaces
  • 'Structure view' to navigate GraphQL and GraphQL Schema files
  • Configurable GraphQL schema retrieval and reloading based on a local file or a url using 'then-request'
  • Execute queries with variables against configurable endpoints

JSFL Support

Support of JSFL, the scripting language for automating Adobe Flash.


K/Q Language Support (kx.com). Features:
  • Syntax highlighting
  • Navigate to declaration
  • Code completion
  • Find usages
  • Rename refactoring
  • File structure
  • Go to symbol
  • Color settings

Kubernetes and OpenShift Resource Support

Provides assistance for editing YAML files containing Kubernetes resources. Optionally adds support for OpenShift resources in addition to native Kubernetes resources.

Usage YAML files are auto-detected - add in a "kind" or "apiVersion" element at the top level and the completion will be activated.

OpenShift completion is optional and disabled by default. To add OpenShift completion or change the version of Kubernetes in use, go to Settings > Languages > Kubernetes and OpenShift.

  • Auto-completion of properties within resources.
  • Popup documentation of properties.
  • Inspections to detect and fix invalid, duplicated, and missing required properties.
  • Supports Kubernetes 1.2 to 1.7 top-level resources.
Current Limitations
  • Only YAML files are supported; no JSON support.

La Clojure

Provides Clojure language support: syntax and error highlighting, completion, navigation and refactorings

For IDEA 2016.2 and later please use https://plugins.jetbrains.com/plugin/8636

Lasca plugin

This plugin is for Lasca Programming Language


By hsz
LaTeX plugin for IntelliJ IDEA
GitHub | Issues | Donate ( PayPal or BTC )

  • Syntax highlighting
  • Editor toolbar actions with shortcuts
  • Code folding
Feature requests:
  • suggesting functions' names
  • obtaining installed packages
  • generating PDF files
  • preview generated PDF files
  • and more...

Compiled with Java 1.6


Provides support for Latte – a template engine for PHP.


Support for the LeekScript language (http://leekwars.com).


Plugin for supporting LiveScript in JetBrains IDEs.


Plugin for LiveScript language support


By snfru
LLVM language support


Lua language integration for IntelliJ
  • Some Automatic FrameXML Injections (World of Warcraft)
  • Type Inference Based Completions (Experimental)
  • Introduce Variable Refactoring (Experimental)
  • Modules support (Experimental)
  • Debugger (Experimental)
  • LuaDoc Creation, Highlighting and Folding
  • Live Templates ("Zen Lua")
  • Custom API Support including custom function signatures and documentation
  • Lua Standard Library Information via Quickhelp (ctrl-Q)
  • Goto Symbol
  • Safe Delete
  • Rename Identifier
  • JavaHelp For Lua 5.1
  • Go to definition
  • find usages
  • Code formatting
  • Speculative completion as an option (Settings|Lua)
  • Code completion
  • 1 quickfix
  • 6 code intentions
  • 11 code inspection
  • Script execution and run configurations
  • Kahlua REPL Console
  • Lua REPL Console
  • Structure view
  • Syntax checking
  • Highlighting of Upvalues, Parameters and Fields
  • Highlighting global vs local variables
  • Customizable Syntax highlighting
  • Code folding for code blocks and comments
  • Brace Matching for do blocks, long strings and comments, and (, { , [
  • Minor feature: comment in/out.

Markdown Navigator

Markdown Navigator 2.0

Markdown language support for IntelliJ platform

A Markdown plugin with GFM and a matching preview style.

Get Markdown Navigator enhanced edition to unlock all productivity features.

Document with pleasure!

Work with Markdown files like you do with other languages in the IDE, by getting full support for:

  • Paste images into documents for fast screen capture links
  • Drag & Drop files and images for fast link insertion
  • Formatting to cleanup documents with a key stroke
  • Navigation and Find Usages to find references without effort
  • Copy Markdown as JIRA, YouTrack or HTML formatted text
  • Convert HTML to Markdown by pasting it into a Markdown document.
  • Export to HTML or PDF to share with others
  • Refactoring of all referencing elements:
    • files ⟺ links
    • headings ⟺ ref anchors
    • footnotes ⟺ footnote refs
    • references ⟺ ref links/ref images
  • Completions to reduce typing:
    • link address ⇐ files
    • ref anchors ⇐ headings
    • footnote refs ⇐ footnotes
    • ref links/ref images ⇐ references
    • link text ⇐ ref anchor/link address
  • Error and Warning annotations to help catch mistakes early
  • Intention actions for fast results with less effort
  • Wrap on Typing to keep it nicely formatted as you edit
  • GitHub style rendering that you are used to, out of the box
  • Fast typing response for distraction free editing
  • Fully customizable to adjust to your preferences and project needs


Markdown support

Markdown support for IntelliJ products

Mathematica REPL

This plugin allows to connect IntellyJ Idea(TM) to Mathematica(TM) Kernel
and have minimal front-end to Mathematica session, control evaluation
and kernel. You can evaluate your code directly in the REPL without running full Mathematica Front-End.
To use this plugin you need a full installation of Mathematica for given platform. The plugin will depends on the JLink Mathematica component and some native libraries.
The following functionality is available:
  • Creating new Mathematica session tabs at the Mathematica REPL toolbar.
  • Starting/Stopping Kernel Link.
  • Evaluate selection in the REPL/Find information on the selected symbol.
Please note that front end support is basic so the advanced features like Manipulate or dialogs are not supported.
The plugin does not provide syntax highlight support for Mathematica language. There is another great plugin for that Mathematica Support. Please refer to the Mathematica-IntelliJ-Plugin.

Mathematica Support

Mathematica (Wolfram Language) support for IntelliJ IDEA

GitHub | Bug Tracker | Donate

This plugin turns your IntelliJ IDEA into a powerful coding environment for Mathematica. For more information check out the official website. I have started to create user-friendly documentation of various features on the Wiki pages of GitHub. If you want to discuss specific topics, then ping me ( halirutan) in the dedicated chat room on stackexchange.
  • Advanced syntax highlighting including patterns, anonymous functions, comment tags, and more
  • CamelHump autocompletion for all built-in Mathematica functions, local variables and package definitions
  • Smart completion for function options, messages and comment tags
  • Coloring and resolving of Module/Block/Table/... variables
  • Renaming of variables and functions
  • Code folding support for localization constructs like Module, With, Block, ...
  • Quick documentation lookup for all built-in symbols and operators
  • Structured View for package definitions
  • Correct display of Mathematica's named characters
  • Inspections for version mismatch of symbols, possible errors through multiplicaton at linebreak, and missing commas and semicolons
  • Autocompletion suggestions sorted by importance
  • Highlighting and smart inserting of braces, brackets and parenthesis
  • Quick navigation between symbol usages with Navigate - Related Symbol

MIB file support

MIB file support for the IntelliJ platform.
Supports syntax highlighting, rename refactoring, code completion, structure view.

MontiSecArc Language Plugin

This projects brings the MontiSecArc language to the popular IntelliJ IDE. The plugin provides a deep integration of secure architecture files into the IDE. Allowing the fast creation of secure architectures and an plain learning curve.

MQL Idea

MQL4 language support.

NASM Assembly Support

Simple code highlighter for NASM x86/x64 assembly language
  • Autoformatter
  • More completion
  • C/C++ integration
  • Grammar bugs
  • Macros
  • Data directives

NASM Language

NASM language for JetBrains IDEs
Version 0.1.7 pre-release
  • FPU, MMX, SSE, SSE2, SSE3, SSE4, and general instruction support
  • Syntax highlighting
  • Single and multiline macro support
  • Conditional assembly directives support
  • Preprocessor directives support
  • Structure support

Todo Planned Features
  • Code completion
  • Goto symbol
  • Improved highlighting


A Nix(nixpkgs/NixOS/nixops) language plugin for Intellij IDEA.
GitHub | Consider donating to the NixOS organization

  • Syntax highlighting

Non-Dairy Soy Plugin

A plugin to help with the development of Closure Templates (soy files).

This plugin includes support for syntax highlighting, code folding, find usages and go to declaration on parameters and templates, and Structure view.

This plugin is still under development, and updates are subject to our available free time.

NSIS Language Support

Language support for NSIS

NSIS plugin

By KAdot
NSIS syntax highlighting plugin

OCaml Support

OCaml language support

OpenResty Lua Support

Adds lua-nginx-module auto-completion and documentation to Lua code. You must have the Lua plugin installed, otherwise this will throw an ungraceful exception.


By skuro
An OrgMode editor for IntelliJ IDEA


A plugin for Rust in IntelliJ IDEA. Currently contains very little in terms of features, but more will be added in coming versions.

Paste Images into Markdown

Paste images into MarkDown documents directly from clipboard
Images files are deposited in a configurable directory relative to the markdown document.


Support for the Pebble templating engine.


Camelcade plugin adds Perl5 support for IntelliJ IDEA and other JetBrains products.

Wiki | Bug Tracker | Twitter | Google Group | Sources

Donate to support Project


Apache Pig Language Plugin


Mix file recognizer. 1. Support "mix" file extension

PMIP - Poor Mans IDE Plugin

A simple tool for realtime rapid development of Intellij plugins in ruby. For example:

class HelloWorldAction < PMIPAction def run(event, context) Dialogs.new(context).info('Hello World', 'Hello from PMIP!') end end bind 'ctrl alt shift A', HelloWorldAction.new

Please see homepage for full instructions, examples and plugin helper bundles.

PostCSS support

This plugin brings support for PostCSS:

  • The IDE now recognises .pcss files. You can also enable PostCSS support for your .css files in Preferences | Languages & Frameworks | Stylesheets | Dialects.
  • Syntax highlighting for PostCSS syntax. You can additionally configure it in Preferences | Editor | Colors & Fonts.
  • Intelligent code completion.
  • Configurable Code style and auto-formatting.
  • Go to declaration, Go to symbol, and Find usages actions are available for custom selectors and custom media queries.
  • Rename custom selectors and custom media queries with ease.

The following PostCSS plugins are supported:

Protobuf Support

Google Protobuf support for JetBrains products.

  • Full Proto3 support.
  • Custom include path for proto files.
  • Usage search for messages, enums and fields (for standard and custom options).
  • Syntax validation for proto2/proto3. Checks for reserved/duplicated field tags and names. Highlight unresolved reference errors.
  • Fonts & Colors configuration.
  • Structure View.
  • Code formatting.
  • Navigation to message, enum or service by name (Ctrl+N)
  • Rename refactoring (files, messages, enums and fields).

Roadmap | Issue tracker | Chat

Pug (ex-Jade)

Support for Pug (formerly known as Jade), a template language for JavaScript

Puppet Support

This plugin provides Puppet language support. Current features include:
  • Syntax highlighting and auto-formatting for puppet manifests written using either Puppet 3.x or Puppet 4 (future) language syntax;
  • Code assistance (completion, find usages, quick definition, etc.) for variables, classes, resource types and parameters, facts and external functions and types;
  • Unresolved symbols error highlighting;
  • Ability to set up several environments to use different modulepath for resolving symbols defined in modules and a mechanism to synchronize selected environment with the current git branch automatically.

Purescript Plugin

Plugin for PureScript language support.

R Language Support

This plugin provides an integration of R, which is a language for statistical computing and graphics, into Intellij IDEA.

The plugin provides syntax and error highlighting, import-aware code completion, various inspections and quick-fixes, intelligent code folding, refactorings, code reformatting, run configurations, an integrated console, and an interactive debugger.

You can read more about the features and find more documentation on the project page

Feel welcome to report issues or to suggest features by submitting a ticket to our issue tracker.

This plugin is developed under BSD- license.

Copyright (c) 2013-2017 Ekaterina Tuzova, Holger Brandl

RAML Plugin For IntelliJ

RAML Plugin For IntelliJ

ReasonML language plugin

Reason language plugin.

ResMan file support plugin

Plugin for IntelliJ/PhpStorm facilitating usage of ResMan translate.

ReStructuredText Support

This plugin enables support for reStructuredText files (*.rst)


Language support for Rholang. Official language for RChain distributed virtual machine.


Support for Rtpl.


Rust language support

Scala Power Pack

Advanced code-assist functionality for the Scala programming language, including automated Java to Scala translation

Script Monkey

Script Monkey breaks the boundaries of Java and helps Java achieve the power & flexibilities of interpreted/dynamic languages. In other words, it helps Java achieve the best of both worlds.

Thanks to the embedded Rhino & Scripting API for being part of Java since v1.6. It's an all-in-one plugin which means, anything that was possible only by writing a plugin can be done using plugin-scripts(simple javascript code). And, any tasks that makes more sense to be scripted can be implemented using this tool.

Instead of explaining what this plugin can do in words, we wanted to show some in action.

  1. Say 'Hello' to Rhino
  2. Let's do some command shell scripting
  3. Timebar plugin script

Getting Started

For the latest information & documentations, please visit the project's homepage


Slim language support

SnakeYAML plugin

YAML parser/highlighter for Intellij IDEA platform IDEs

Includes complete YAML loading pipeline under the hood. Capable of validating YAML on all levels.

Meant to serve a base dependency for all YAML-based languages - Ansible, Salt, Cloudify.

Note for Professional/Ultimate edition users

Those editions already include basic YAML support. In case you want to enable this plugin, you'll need to reassign file type mappings:

Go to `Preferences > Editor > File Types` and move `YAML` registered patterns to `SnakeYAML`.

Spj Plugin

Custom language plugin for 101NEO framework.
This plugin is the most sophisticated environment for developing 101NEO framework.

  • Completion and Annotations depending on Neo version and .prj settings
  • Syntax highlights
  • Changing highlight color settings
  • basic code formatting and indent
  • Structure view


Android sqlite interface generator.
Generates interfaces for safely running SQLite statements and
mapping back from a cursor.


Squirrel language support.

Stylus support

Stylus language support

Sutr Language Plugin

This plugin provides language support for Sutr, the Slalom implementation of AVS Utterance.


Language Support for the scripting language Tea.


Textmapper support
  • Customizable syntax highlighting
  • Navigation (go to declaration)
  • Find usages, Rename, File structure
  • On-the-fly validation, compiler

TickScript language support

This plugin adds support for TICKScript Language which is used in Kapacitor framework for processing, monitoring, and alerting on time series data.
Features: For file with TICKScript (.tick):
  • Syntax highlighting
  • Structure outline in 'Structure' tool window
  • Comment/Uncomment action
  • Find Usages / Go to definition for variables

TL Schema support

Supports TL schema files coloring and several inspections


TOML language support

Tree syntax highlighter

Tree - very simple, readable, compact structural format. Better than xml, json, yaml and other.
Sources: https://github.com/nin-jin/tree-plugin

Twig Support

Twig Template Language Support

TYPO3 TypoScript Support

Typo3 language TypoScript support

VDL plugin for IntelliJ

Enter short description for your plugin here.
most HTML tags may be used

Weex Language Support

By moxun
Weex Language support for Intellij.
Target weex version: 0.7+
  • weex file structural inspection
  • weex component tag completion and lint
  • weex component attributes completion and lint
  • lint and quick fix for mustache
  • references link and find usages support
  • custom weex rules support
  • open declaration for component
  • completion for JS
  • open document by tag
  • documents search

  • running and debug configuration support

For Chinese developers:
加入QQ群 335401226 更快地反馈问题和获取支持

This is an unofficial tool, but I will use my spare time to ensure support for it.
Welcome any feedback for this plugin or weex.

Winstanley WDL

Winstanley provides WDL language support to the IntelliJ IDEA IDE. For the WDL language specification, see https://github.com/broadinstitute/wdl. For a workflow engine runner which supports WDL, see https://github.com/broadinstitute/cromwell.

XQuery Support

Provides support for XQuery language in version 3.0 and 3.1

XQuery Support + MarkLogic Debugger

XQuery 3.0/3.1 Language Support, with MarkLogic Debugger

Forked from XQuery Language Support plugin by Grzegorz Ligas. MarkLogic extensions added by Ron Hitchens of OverStory Ltd.

See the Wiki at https://github.com/overstory/marklogic-intellij-plugin/wiki


XQuery 1.0, 3.0 and 3.1 language support including Update Facility 1.0 and 3.0, and Scripting Extension 1.0. Supports BaseX, MarkLogic and Saxonica XQuery implementations.


This plugin enables smart editing of Xtext files.

YAML/Ansible support

YAML/Ansible support with Jinja2 tags

Based on NEON by juzna.cz

  • Index of all roles in Goto Class...
  • Index of all properties in Goto Symbol...
  • Reference Jinja2 variable declaration
  • Reference to role declaraion
  • Various completions
  • Documentation lookup


Language support for the Zephir Language

Zephir - Ze(nd Engine) Ph(p) I(nt)r(mediate) - is a high level language that eases the creation and maintainability of extensions for PHP. Zephir extensions are exported to C code that can be compiled and optimized by major C compilers such as gcc/clang/vc++. Functionality is exposed to the PHP language.