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Android Studio & IntelliJ Plugin for sort xml by name="xxx".
'Editor > PopupMenu(Right Click) > Refactor > Sort Xml By Name'

- Insert space between difference prefix
- Insert version and encoding
- Delete comment
- Code indent number

Auto Parcel

Adds a generator action to automatically add Parcelable support for Android model classes

AutoValue plugin

Provides context menu options, generate menu options and code intentions to generate and manipulate the builder method and/or create method on classes annotated with @AutoValue. -- Also works with @AutoParcel and @AutoParcelGson annotations.


To generate document in Kotlin File

Es6 intentions

ES6 custom actions.

Fluent setter generator

This is a simple fluent setter generator plugin.

Idea file rename

Intellij Idea plugin that provide actions for multiple file renaming :

  • Add text at the beginning of the file name
  • Add text at the end of the file name (before the dot)
  • Add text at the end of the file name (after the dot)
  • Add text at the end of the file name (after the extension)
  • Replace text in the file name

Known Bugs :

  • On IntellijIdea 7.0.X, refactoring preview display an error dialog when multiple files are renamed

Java Utility class can be Singleton

Converts Java utility class (only static members) to singleton, changing all references from UtilityClass.member to UtilityClass.getInstance().member.

Jonnyzzz Dependencies

This plugin provide an action to analyze project/modules for unused dependencies


Twelve concurrency oriented refactorings and intentions for IntelliJ IDEA

Move with Dependencies

By yole
Allows to move a class along with its transitive dependencies to another module and ensures that all dependencies of the class being moved are acceptable in the context of the target module.

Pull up method refactoring extension

*** Warning : this is an experimental software, it contains many bugs. ***

Extends Pull Members Up refactoring to consider methods with different types in different classes to be pulled-up as an abstract method with generic types.

Also provides an extension of the Extract Superclass refactoring to support several classes simulteanously.

Readable test names

By Must
Additional rename refactoring that renames methods from camel cased names to underscored names.
'ThisIsATestMethod' will become 'This_Is_A_Test_Method'

I have personally mapped it to CMD+OPTION+R on my mac.

Refactor-J for IDEA 5.0

Twenty new automated refactorings for IntelliJ IDEA

Refactor-J for IDEA 6.0

Twenty new automated refactorings for IntelliJ IDEA

Refactor-J for IDEA 7.0

Twenty-five new automated refactorings for IntelliJ IDEA

Refactor-X for IDEA 5.0

New automated XML refactorings for IntelliJ IDEA

Refactor-X for IDEA 6.0

New automated XML refactorings for IntelliJ IDEA



Lookup a synonym for the word under the cursor for easier naming of your variable, parameters, methods and classes. Can be used to replace text in a variable, or during renaming.

To use it, do either of these:

  • select a piece of text and go to the Refactor menu. You'll find the Thesaurus option there now.
  • rename anything (such as a variable or class). The dropdown on the rename modal window will now list synonyms.
  • To learn more, take a look at the repository: https://github.com/pascaldevink/intellij-thesaurus


Eases the creation/updating of XLIFF translations. Select target text and invoke the "Create/Update XLIFF translation" action. Define your Unit ID and destination file. The given text is automatically replaced by the fluid translate view helper.