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Struts 2

Provides full integration of Apache Struts 2.

See here for feature description and usage guides.

Struts Assistant

By anima
Enables Struts support, including Web Flow Diagrams, Structure Tree, Properties Table, Wizards and much more.
Supports Code Completion/Navigation/Lookup/Refactoring for Struts, Validation and Tiles configuration files.

Struts Navigator Plugin

Enhance navigation feature for Struts resources (Action, Form, Forward, Tiles, Jsp) under IDEA.
  • Goto Declaration(Ctrl+B)
  • Quick Definition Lookup (Ctrl+Shift+I)
    • Such as Action class, Form class and Jsp file
  • Quick View for Resource Definition in XML (Ctrl+Q)
    • Press Ctrl+Q when caret is in Action or Form class's name to view declaration in xml
    • Press Ctrl+Q when caret is in Struts taglib to view declaration in xml, such html:form's action, tiles:insert's attribute and so on
    • Press Ctrl+Q when caret is in XDoclet tag to view declaration in xml
    • Press Ctrl+Q when caret is in xml to view declaration in other xml, such as Tiles definition
  • Action Lookup Dialog (Ctrl+Shift+O)
    • Past action's path from browser, such as "http://localhost/vieworder.do?id=7889"
    • Input your action's path for search, such as "/logon.do"

  • navigation from jsp (taglib) to other resources
  • navigation from xml to other resources
  • avigation from XDoclet to other resources

  • Tested on liferay portal source ( http://www.liferay.com/web/guest/downloads/portal_source )

Struts Plugin

Provides full integration of Struts in IDEA (configuration files, JSPs, code).

See Settings->IDE Settings->Errors->"Struts Code/Configuration Inspections" for detailed descriptions of available inspections.

See Settings->IDE Settings->Intention Settings->"Struts [..] Intentions" for detailed descriptions of available intentions.

See Settings->Project Settings->"Struts Plugin" for other settings.

This software is provided AS IS, use at your own risk.


  • ResponseTimeMonitor: taken from Spring Framework (www.springframework.org)
  • This plugin wouldn't have been possible without these tools: InspectionGadgets & PsiViewer


A Bean Component Window which creates a Java Bean with all set get methods.


A Struts Layout Window which creates a Struts Layout for Struts WebApp.