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Struts Assistant

By anima
Enables Struts support, including Web Flow Diagrams, Structure Tree, Properties Table, Wizards and much more.
Supports Code Completion/Navigation/Lookup/Refactoring for Struts, Validation and Tiles configuration files.

Struts Navigator Plugin

Enhance navigation feature for Struts resources (Action, Form, Forward, Tiles, Jsp) under IDEA.
  • Goto Declaration(Ctrl+B)
  • Quick Definition Lookup (Ctrl+Shift+I)
    • Such as Action class, Form class and Jsp file
  • Quick View for Resource Definition in XML (Ctrl+Q)
    • Press Ctrl+Q when caret is in Action or Form class's name to view declaration in xml
    • Press Ctrl+Q when caret is in Struts taglib to view declaration in xml, such html:form's action, tiles:insert's attribute and so on
    • Press Ctrl+Q when caret is in XDoclet tag to view declaration in xml
    • Press Ctrl+Q when caret is in xml to view declaration in other xml, such as Tiles definition
  • Action Lookup Dialog (Ctrl+Shift+O)
    • Past action's path from browser, such as "http://localhost/vieworder.do?id=7889"
    • Input your action's path for search, such as "/logon.do"

  • navigation from jsp (taglib) to other resources
  • navigation from xml to other resources
  • avigation from XDoclet to other resources

  • Tested on liferay portal source ( http://www.liferay.com/web/guest/downloads/portal_source )

Struts Plugin

Provides full integration of Struts in IDEA (configuration files, JSPs, code).

See Settings->IDE Settings->Errors->"Struts Code/Configuration Inspections" for detailed descriptions of available inspections.

See Settings->IDE Settings->Intention Settings->"Struts [..] Intentions" for detailed descriptions of available intentions.

See Settings->Project Settings->"Struts Plugin" for other settings.

This software is provided AS IS, use at your own risk.


  • ResponseTimeMonitor: taken from Spring Framework (www.springframework.org)
  • This plugin wouldn't have been possible without these tools: InspectionGadgets & PsiViewer


A Bean Component Window which creates a Java Bean with all set get methods.


A Struts Layout Window which creates a Struts Layout for Struts WebApp.