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IntelliJ IDEA plugin for the Aardvark.

The plugin adds syntax highlighting and code completion for Aardvark (.vark) files.

Ant Debugger

By Alexei
Ant Debugger enables Apache Ant build script debugging:
  • Open build file in editor
  • Set debug breakpoints (screenshot 1)
  • Right click on editor to show context menu (screenshot 2) and select the "Debug" menu item to launch Ant debugger
  • Wait until the Ant debugger stops on breakpoint then use step or resume debugger commands, investigate Ant variables and execution stack (screenshot 3)

You can add Ant debug configuration from the Edit configurations dialog (screenshot 4). Then you select Ant file, Java SDK for debugging session (screenshot 5).

Note. Plugin requires Java SDK to launch Ant: plugin uses build file module, project or any SDK for JDK list (the plugin searches for Java SDK in this order and uses first found).

Installation: use Idea plugins manager:

  • open Settings > plugins
  • wait until the plugin list loads
  • right click on Ant Debugger plugin and select install / update from the context menu
  • restart Idea

Supported Idea versions: Idea 8.1.x, Idea 9 (community and ultimate editions).

Please write to antdebugger at handyedit.com if there are errors / problems when using Ant debugger

Ant Debugger v1.2.0

Ant Debugger enables Apache Ant build script debugging:
  • Open build file in editor
  • Set debug breakpoints (screenshot 1)
  • Right click on editor to show context menu (screenshot 2) and select the "Debug" menu item to launch Ant debugger
  • Wait until the Ant debugger stops on breakpoint then use step or resume debugger commands, investigate Ant variables and execution stack (screenshot 3)

You can add Ant debug configuration from the Edit configurations dialog (screenshot 4). Then you select Ant file, Java SDK for debugging session (screenshot 5).

Note. Plugin requires Java SDK to launch Ant: plugin uses build file module, project or any SDK for JDK list (the plugin searches for Java SDK in this order and uses first found).

Installation: use IDEA plugins manager:

  • Open Settings > plugins
  • Wait until the plugin list loads
  • Right-click on Ant Debugger plugin and select install / update from the context menu
  • Restart IDEA

Supported IDEA versions: IDEA 13.x (Community and Ultimate Editions).

Please write to opticyclic@gmail.com or post an issue on GitHub if there are errors / problems when using Ant debugger

See https://github.com/opticyclic/antdebugger/ for v1.2.0+ and http://handyedit.com/antdebugger.html for earlier versions.

Ant Project File

By herner
An action to create an ant build file from te current project

Ant Tracer Plugin

Displays a side by side view of the ant log and the matching build artifacts.


Create Ant build.xml file for current module using your module settings

Apache Felix

Apache Felix Integration for IntelliJ IDEA 10 & 11

This plugin provides native IntelliJ IDEA support for developing, running and debugging OSGi projects developed using Apache Felix and the Apache Felix Maven Bundle Plugin.

Using this plugin, developers can run and debug OSGi applications using the Apache Felix OSGi container. The plugin allows the user to choose bundles and modules for deployment, updates installed bundles in a running container whenever they are built (e.g. hot-deploy), etc.

The plugin provides a new type of run configuration: Apache Felix run configuration. The configuration of this run configuration allows the developer to choose which bundles to deploy, The list of available bundles for deployment is comprised of all modules with packaging of "bundle", and their dependencies. Non-Maven modules (or Maven modules not of packaging "bundle") are ignored.

NOTE: This plugin contains code snippets copied from Apache Felix's Maven Bundle Plugin. These were because there was no easy way to directly invoke the Maven plugin. It is the intention of this plugin writer to contact Apache Felix and work together to refactor the code so that it is easily invokable from outside the Maven execution context (e.g. in IDEA's Maven support context), and to eventually contribute the code to the Apache Felix project umbrella.

Developed by Arik Kfir at Infolinks Inc.


By because
Build apk for multiple channel.
most HTML tags may be used


A packer plugin for android.


By serce
This plugin allows you to recreate artifact on every module structure change

Asynchronous Before Run Tasks

By bhandy
Add-on to allow running asynchronous "before run" tasks to an IntelliJ run configuration. The main motivation for writing this plugin was having to deal with multiple Spring Boot microservices which used each other. Starting them separately was a pain. Now I can start one and bring the others up with the asynchronous Maven goal task.


By najgor
Auto-package plugin performs live (background) packaging of web content files during development. It works for all web facets in a project. This plugin seems more functional then existing solution in IDEA.

Buck for IDEA

An IntelliJ plugin for Buck build system.
  • Syntax highlighting for BUCK file
  • Keywords auto completion
  • Go to buck file with one click
  • Go to to paths of dependencies with one click
  • Buck file formatter
  • Buck line commenter
  • Buck dependencies sorter


By bugvm

Easily create native iOS apps with Java.

BugVM is free and open source.

Requires Xcode 7 on Mac OSX and at least 1GB of heap space for gradle VM.

Build Feedback Plugin

Gives Feedback on the buildstate of Projects

Build Finished Notifier

By mcmil
This plugin plays a sound when a build from an external system (e.g. Gradle) is finished.


Provides Buildfeedback via FreeTTS


Plays sound when the build is ready


An IntelliJ IDEA plug-in for Apache Buildr. You must install Buildr prior to installing the plug-in. Special thanks to Pepijn Van Eeckhoudt and Steve Blundy for contributions.

Buildr Plugin

Plug-in for Apache Buildr. You must install Buildr in order to use this plug-in. This plugin is a fork of the original Buildr plugin created by Shane Whitbeck.


By tit4,
Configure build server and track project status.
  • Supports Hudson and Cruise Control
  • Notifications for project status changes
  • Supports basic authentication
  • Source code: hg clone https://bitbucket.org/tit4/buildwatcher
  • Bug tracker: https://bitbucket.org/tit4/buildwatcher/issues

Bulk Load Modules

Allows user to select a directory and it will recursively import all IntelliJ modules found.


Cruise Control Monitor -- Monitors build status and provides some controls to the user.

Classes Export One By One

Export specified class file into a specified directory, easy to project a single or multiple separate class file updates.

Clean Architecture Generator

Generate the files to create a clean architecture.
Based in MVP pattern and Repository Pattern.
The following features are available:
  • Create activity or fragment with basic architecture or your basic architecture
  • Create activity or fragment with presenter
  • Create adapter

  • VERY IMPORTANT copy all templates into folder .AndroidStudioConfigVersion/config/fileTemplates. How to know the Android Studio Config folder


    A patch that allows to compile a number of files without compiling dependent files

    Copy Src

    By yonka
    copy the class file of current file to the installation dir


    Watches a CruiseControl/Hudson RSS feed and displays images when the build is broken and fixed.


    Cruise Control build process indicator

    DataNucleus Enhancer integration

    By geri
    Read the rest of this plugins' description carefully before upgrading. If peculiar with stability stay with 1.0.8!
    Also if updating-/trying to use- DataNucleus 3.1.x continue reading this description!
    Before adding negative comments, try to get your setup straight and inquire help at the forum ( DataNucleus Forum/Tools) - most of the problems occour due to erroneous mapping configuration or invalid usage of the underlying persistence implementation.

    Integration of the DataNucleus JDO/JPA class enhancer in IDEA, including automatic class post-processing after compilation.
    Since version 1.0.5 officially part of the DataNucleus project - Thanks to Andy Jefferson for all the help.

    Due to the vast changes made since the last release and the limited time for testing this project, this beta is let out into the wild, knowing that it won't/can't be a final version.
    Users of IDEA versions lower than 11.x will not benefit in any case from this "release", they won't even realize the changes (Due to compatibility issues only the old configuration dialogue - without any modification - is shown).
    The extension API will stay backwards compatible, although the new feature(s) (manual enhancer dependencies) will not be supported (Extensions provided by myself will be updated soon)
    Skip the next paragraph if you're not interested in supporting this plugin.

    If you find this plugin useful/helpful please at least provide a rating on it's site (DataNucleus Enhancer integration) as there seem to be people out there who try to downrate without an appropriate reason (maybe just out of plain missing knowledge or inability to read documentation provided, but who knows? - just have a look at the comments).

    Keep in mind that DataNucleus 3.1.x requires asm-4.x, which conflicts with any prior version. Sometimes asm is shipped even inside regular jar files or is included in a transitive fashion (e.g. via maven). As a result, get your dependencies cleaned up and also look inside the jars you include!

    The datanucleus enhancer is not packaged with this plugin, but it's, by default, taken from (each) project module to avoid version conflicts.
    When manually setting enhancer dependencies this plugin tries to ignore the enhancer-relevant dependencies from the project module during the enhancement process. This is done on a very simplistic (rather hacky) basis by just comparing the basenames (without version) of the manually added jars with the ones from the project module dependency list, so adapt the jar file names before adding them.
    Tested with datanucleus-enhancer versions 3.0.x up to 3.1.x (Versions lower than that are not tested anymore, but -should- work)
    See enhancer documentation for further information.

    When inquiring help, please -at least- provide environment information (IDEA version, Plugin version, DataNucleus version,...) and a stack trace (from IDEA 'Messages' tab and/or IDEA log).
    Inquiries missing such information will be ignored (In such cases nobody would waste -spare- time finding out).
    Suggestions on how to improve the plugin itself are nevertheless very welcome (ofcourse without any preconditions like mentioned above ;) ).

    Documentation can be found here: DataNucleus and IntelliJ IDEA
    Please consult the forum at DataNucleus Forum/Tools in case of problems or improvement proposals - and -please- be aware that this is merely just a private project, so do not expect an utterly immediate response.


    • JDO and JPA support (API selectable via plugin configuration dialog).
    • Automatic datanucleus project module detection (enhancer and according dependencies have to be in the module classpath, except when using manual enhancer dependencies settings.
    • Manual enhancer dependencies settings, leaving it up to the user in which project modules enhancement should take place.
    • Annotation and metadata-file based enhancement.
    • Enhancer can be activated/deactivated for specific project modules.
    • Enhancement of test classes in separate build target folder (maven style).
    • Extension mechanism for adding additional enhancers (Since 1.0.6).

    Additional Information:

    • Manually setting enhancer dependencies requires IDEA 11.x - Versions prior to 11.x will display the old configuration dialog and not gain any further advantage.
    • Initial activation (via selection in the configuration ui - for inclusion in enhancement process) of modules necessary after plugin installation.
    • Updating older plugin versions to >1.0.4 does not work, they must! be manually uninstalled before upgrading.
    • At least one build is required to update the list of affected classes (configuration dialog; only affects version lower than 1.0.6).
    • Since DataNucleus 3.1.x check your dependencies for rouge asm versions lower than 4.x (maybe also included directly into regular jar dependencies).

    Known Issues:

    • After changing the implementation (Extension users only) or the api a click on the 'Apply' button is necessary to update the 'Affected Modules' list.
    • Checking out a project containing an .ipr/.ipl file and letting IDEA directly opening it in a new window can cause IDEA to block a modal plugin error message with a progress bar dialogue, thus rendering whole IDEA unusable. A workaround is to first do the checkout and then opening the project manually.
    • In IDEA versions 10.5.3 and below (not tested with 10.5.4) a full-rebuild sometimes exits with an Exception - as a workaround click the build button or restart IDEA (last resort 'solution').


    By Rook
    This plugin is desined to extract compiled classes from big project in IDEA. Plugin menu 'Easy Patch' added too Tools Menu, menuitem 'Add To Patch' added to ProjectViewPopupMenu.

    Eclipse Mode IDEA 11

    By tde
    Enable Eclipse features in IntelliJ IDEA such as incremental compilation.

    Error-prone Compiler Integration

    Allows to build project using 'error-prone java compiler' (https://code.google.com/p/error-prone) to catch common Java mistakes at compile-time. To use the compiler, go to File | Settings | Compiler | 'Java Compiler' and select 'Javac with error-prone' in 'Use compiler' box.

    Execute Gradle Task

    By Romanow
    Plugin to be able to execute a gradle task from a context menu action on a module.
    You can also use Ctrl + Alt + G to trigger the Execute dialog in an editor. If used in the editor
    the current module path will be used as the base for running a task.

    File Watchers

    Executes task on file modifications

    Freeline Plugin

    android studio plugin for Freeline


    Submit Suggestions or Bugs

    GMavenPlus IntelliJ Plugin

    By kha
    Activates Groovy plugin in Intellij IDEA when the GMavenPlus plugin is present in the pom. This adds the Groovy directories (src/main/groovy and src/test/groovy) to the IDEA build. Inspired from Eclipse Groovy Compiler Plugin at https://github.com/rvowles/eclipsemavengroovy-idea.

    Gradle Cleaner

    By kbiakov
    Cancel & clean all Gradle tasks. Also clean project from related build garbage.

    Gradle Confirmation

    By shiraji
    This plugin shows a confirmation dialog before executing gradle tasks.

    GitHub | Issues

    Gradle GUI

    This provides a graphical representation of Gradle projects and tasks and allows execution of Gradle tasks directly within Idea. Frequently-used tasks can be added to the Favorites tab for quicker access. Output is shown in a separate panel allowing the main UI to be vertical and the output to be horizontal. This is the same UI as the UI embedded in Gradle itself. Note: you can assign keyboard shortcuts within Idea to re-execute the last gradle command and to execute gradle favorites. To do so, go to Idea's settings -> Keymap and select Other. In this list find commands prefixed with "Gradle: ". The favorites are keyed off of the display name so it can work across projects as long as their name is the same.

    Gradle Killer

    This plugin kills Gradle tasks using the system task manager with just one click.
    No more struggling with "ps" or playing Russian roulette with "java.exe" processes! Just click the icon in the "Run" section and you're done!

    NOTE: The plugin only works on Windows Vista (or newer) and Unix machines (with the pgrep command).

    Gradle Stop

    A small plugin that allows you to stop any running Gradle process in one click. For instance, it can help you cancel the building process. Note that it requires you to have gradlew executable in the project directory (it's there by default when using Android Studio). After the installation you can find "Gradle Stop" button on Main Toolbar and inside Run Menu. Please leave all your bug-reports and feature-requests on Github page.

    Gradle View

    By rholder

    What is this?

    Show a split tree rollup of the dependencies for each Gradle configuration in use by a project.

    Why would I need this?

    Dependency wrangling isn't easy in a large Java project. This IntelliJ IDEA plugin was built to add a little more sanity to the tedious task of analyzing dependencies by rolling up the entire dependency graph into a pair of more easily digestible trees derived from a serialized version of Gradle's dependency graph. The Dependency List provides a lexicographically sorted set of all the dependencies for each configuration in your project and all of its sub-projects. The Dependency Hierarchy shows a nested view of each Gradle configuration in your project and all of its sub-projects. Grey dependencies in the tree indicate it was included by a previous dependency that was added before (and can be safely omitted if it is explicitly being included).


    • Built on the Gradle Tooling API 2.3, but should work on most 1.x and 2.x versions
    • Visual highlighting to indicate dependencies in use and replacement versions
    • Lexicographically sorted listing for all Gradle configurations
    • Load any project's Gradle dependencies, not just the one currently open inside IntelliJ
    • Toggle the showing of replaced dependencies


    Hansel.io Command center for your live apps.
    Instantly deploy hotfixes | configs | flags | UI changes

    Hudson Build Monitor

    Monitors the status of Hudson builds

    IntelliJ with Bazel

    Bazel support for IntelliJ. Features:
    • Import BUILD files into the IDE.
    • BUILD file custom language support.
    • Support for Bazel run configurations for certain rule classes.
    Usage instructions at ij.bazel.build


    By oroncal
    All that maven and gradle should be. Simple, easy to use, nothing intrusive.

    Jar Tool

    GUI Based tool to create jar archives easily with facilities * to create executable archives * create executable archives * manifest file generation * including excluding classes from multi module IDEA projects * including 3rd party libraries * building source archives * generating ANT script

    JavaDoc Sync Plugin 10

    By woofgl
    The JavaDoc Sync Plugin will assist you to keep your JavaDoc in sync between interface definitions and the implementations, or method definitions and method overrides. The plugin now uses template based generation of JavaDoc, so that the JavaDoc text can now easily be customized to your needs.

    The JavaDoc Sync Plugin was originally written by Raymond Brandon but was updated for IntelliJ 8 by woofgl

    The JavaDoc Sync Plugin can:
    • highlight methods that define the @inheritDoc tag but there's no super method
    • highlight methods that define the @inheritDoc tag but the super method doesn't have javaDoc
    • highlight a class if one or more methods do not define JavaDoc
    • Generate JavaDoc for all methods that do not define JavaDoc according to user defined templates
    • Ignore methods that do not match the configured access modifier level
    • Ignore overridden methods of anonymous classes or inner classes
    • highlight methods that do not have JavaDoc
    • highlight fields that do not have JavaDoc
    • highlight methods of interface implementations of which the JavaDoc differs from the JavaDoc defined at interface level
    • highlight overridden methods/constructors of which the JavaDoc differs from the JavaDoc defined in the super classes

    When the JavaDoc Sync Plugin detects differences between the defining interface or base method and the implementing or overriding method, the user will get quick fixes presented to update the JavaDoc like:
    • Copy JavaDoc from parent
    • Move to parent and introduce reference
    • Replace parent JavaDoc
    • Generate JavaDoc from signature
    • Generate JavaDoc from field
    • Generate JavaDoc for all methods

    To turn on the JavaDoc Sync plugin, go to Settings->Errors and select "JavaDoc issues"

    JCompilo Java Compiler

    A pure Java 6+ build tool with advanced compiler features including Tail Call Optimisation


    A plugin for the Kobalt build system.

    LayoutCast IDE Support

    By mmin18
    IntelliJ of AndroidStudio plugin for LayoutCast


    By derkork
    This plugin integrates the Leiningen build system into IntelliJ IDEA.

    LESS CSS Compiler

    Watches directories for changes to LESS files and compiles changed files to CSS.

    Supports LESS 1.6.0.

    Features: Recursive directory monitoring

    When a LESS file in a watched directory (or one of its subdirectories) is modified and saved, it is automatically compiled to CSS and copied to the same relative path in one or more output directories.

    @import dependency resolution

    Files that @import a modified LESS file are also recompiled automatically.

    Include / exclude files by pattern

    Prevent specific LESS files from being compiled by specifying include / exclude patterns (glob) that match against filename, folder name, or any part of the complete path to the LESS file.

    Move, copy, and delete detection

    When a LESS file is moved, copied, or deleted, the plugin will offer to perform the same operation on the corresponding CSS file(s).

    Virtual filesystem notification

    Unlike other solutions, this plugin is smart enough to notify IntelliJ when CSS files are changed, moved, copied, or deleted. In most cases, updated CSS files will be immediately reflected in the editor and Project tree view.

    Selective compilation

    If the plugin somehow fails to catch changes to a LESS file, simply right-click anywhere in the editor or Project tree and select "Compile to CSS". You can also compile an entire directory by right-clicking on it in the Project tree.

    Error notifications

    Any errors encountered during the compilation process will produce an error notification balloon in the IDE containing a link to the file and the line number that caused the error.


    Screenshots are available at the LESS CSS Compiler page on the IntelliJ Plugin Repository website.

    Source Code:

    GitHub project


    NOTE: This plugin is ONLY compatible with IntelliJ IDEA 11+, PhpStorm 5+, and WebStorm 5+. It should also be compatible with RubyMine 4.5+, but has not been tested.


    By terry_h
    Manage global libraries and project libraries.


    Merger. Инструмент для сборки и разработки проектов в рамках микро-модульной архитектуры с возможностью использовать maven репозитории, ant скрипты, сборки проектов Intellij IDEA и прикладную модульную логику сборки на явном ООП. Сборочные элементы компилируются со scala 2.12

    My Runner

    By matstc
    Runs a file

    OpenJpa extension for DataNucleus integration

    By geri
    Version 1.1.0 -only- works with DataNucleus Plugin 1.1.0-beta or later! As a result this plugin is also just available for IDEA versions >= 10.5.

    Integration of the OpenJpa JPA class enhancer in IDEA as extension of DataNucleus IDEA enhancer integration plugin.

    Not part of- and not supported by DataNucleus!
    Since 1.1.0 DataNucleus plugin 1.1.0-beta (or later) has to be installed!
    If using DataNucleus plugin versions from 1.0.6 to 1.0.8 stay with 1.0.0!
    Leverages the features provided by the DataNucleus plugin but uses OpenJpa enhancer in the build process.

    • Install DataNucleus plugin first!
    • Look at the release notes of DataNucleus plugin, especially 'Known Issues'.
    • Do not post at DataNucleus Forum in case of problems!. You will get _NO_ answer there, as not supported by them. Use this plugins comments instead.
    • Tested with openjpa 2.1.1 and 2.2.0 only
    • If encountering ClassCastExceptions regarding xerces and the like, you most probably are including openjpa-all.jar and thus having issues with duplicate dependencies (with different versions) - so this plugin is not to be held responsible in such cases.

    Known issues:
    • When changing enhancer implementation for the first time the selection does not react immediately or needs a reselection to update the configuration.

    Private note:
    • When finding enough time I will put this project onto sourceforge or github to provide a central point for problem/enhancement inquiries (it's intended to be opensource anyway).

    Pants Support

    Support for Pants build system

    Phing Support

    Phing build tool support

    QuickBuild Monitor

    A plugin for monitoring QuickBuild Status.

    • You can set the monitoring options in the QuickBuildMonitor settings form.
    • You can add the QuickBuild configurations which you want to monitor during your development.
    • You can easily trigger/stop the specified configuration in the monitor.
    • You can easily track the build status in the monitor also.

    Reformat and Compile

    By sbmpost


    Code formatting:

    • Organize imports
    • Reformat code
    • Compile file
    • Make project

    RoboVM Intellij IDEA Plugin

    RoboVM support for IntelliJ

    This plugin requires Intellij IDEA to be run with Java 1.7+. You will also need to configure Intellij IDEA to use at least 1GB of heap memory. See the documentation for more information.

    By installing this plugin, you agree to these license terms.

    Salve Integration

    Idea integration for Salve: It will instrument the .class-files during regular compilation with salve lookups.

    Salve-2 Integration

    Idea plugin for Salve 2 bytecode instrumentation


    Integrates with Simple Build Tool (SBT) to enable building Scala projects easily and quickly.

    Offers a console where SBT commands can be entered interactively, and a Before Run task to delegate project compilation to SBT, as an alternative to the built in IntelliJ Make.

    Documentation, Screenshots

    SBT Executor

    Allows you to execute Simple Build Tool (SBT) commands through a menu in IDEA.
    SBT is a build tool typically used for Scala projects.

    Search YouTube Plugin

    My first IntelliJ Plugin

    Stop Build

    This plugin does what the stop button should do on android: stop the build aka. runs the gradle stop command.


    SwungWeave: Bytecode weaver to simplify Swing UI code

    ThreadFix IntelliJ plugin

    Provides a ThreadFix interface for IntelliJ, allowing developers to pull vulnerability information into their IDEs.

    Unvoid Methods 8

    By cablo
    Changes void return type to this for all methods in file (configurable) via Generate menu. After that, you can chain these methods like Hibernate or jQuery: person.setName().setAge(); For IDEA 8 only.


    Wasp Plugin for wasp 5.0

    yWorks Ant Explorer

    yWorks Ant Explorer visualizes Ant Build files. Open your build file and select "Ant Explorer" from the bottom tabbar. Ant Explorer allows you to view the dependencies of targets and properties.