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This plugin provides integration with AnyBar OS X menubar status indicator

Finder Info

Extends the project files popup menu with an option for showing file informations in the Mac OSX finder. Having the files component focussed, the keyboard shortcut [CMD] + [I] opens the finder file informations as well. Additionally, opening the file information brings all finder windows to the front. Please note: this plugin works on Mac OSX only.

Native Neighbourhood

Provides some actions to integrate IDEA into the native desktop environment.

Actions include executing the currently active file in the platform's default application, showing the active file in the platform file manager and opening a command shell in the active file's directory.

Integrates the actions into Tools-menu and main toolbar and provides an entry for the SelectInTarget-Menu to show in file manager.

Additionally a custom binary file type is registered and associated with several extensions. These files may be executed in the platform's default application by double-clicking them in the project view, for example.

Furthermore from native file manager files may be dropped on unused areas of the idea frame (empty space in toolwindowbars, editor tab area, toolbar, menubar and statusbar).

The action commands may be configured in config/options/other.xml in section NativeNeighbourhoodPlugin. Supported replacement variables are $FilePath$, $FileDir$, $FileName$ and $PluginsHome$. All Icons are loaded from configured "iconsDir" below /org/intellij/plugins/nativeNeighbourhood/icons/.

The labels may be customized in META-INF/plugin.xml in plugin directory. The associated extensions may be configured in other.xml or using the filetypes-applet in IDEA configuration.