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Apache Felix OSGi Development with Maven

Apache Felix + Maven Bundle Plugin support for IntelliJ IDEA 9

This plugin provides native IntelliJ IDEA support for developing, running and debugging OSGi projects that use Apache Felix as an OSGi container, and Apache Maven and the Maven Bundle Plugin as their build system.

The plugin will provide specially tailed Run Configuration that runs Apache Felix, providing a user interface for choosing which bundles to deploy to Felix, selecting the start level, logging level, etc.

To determine the list of available bundles, the plugin will list all modules of type "bundle" (which is provided by the Maven Bundle Plugin) and their Maven dependencies.M/p>

NOTE: This plugin only detects Maven-based projects.

NOTE: This plugin contains code snippets copied from Apache Felix's Maven Bundle Plugin. These were copied since there was no easy way to directly invoke the Maven plugin. It is the intention of this plugin writer to contact Apache Felix and work together to refactor the code so that it is easily invokable from outside the Maven execution context (e.g. in IDEA's Maven support context)

Developed by Arik Kfir at Infolinks Inc.

Eclipse Groovy Compiler Plugin

Activates Groovy plugin in Intellij IDEA when the Maven Compiler is swapped to the Eclipse-Groovy Compiler in the pom. This adds the Groovy directories (src/main/groovy and src/test/groovy) to the IDEA build.

Intellij plugin development with Maven

This plugin provides minimal support for developing IntelliJ plugins using IntelliJ Maven integration.

First, this plugin imports Maven module as plugin modules (PLUGIN_MODULE) if one of the following is true:
  • Packaging is set to 'ij-plugin'
  • Packaging is set to 'jar' and 'ij.plugin' property is set to 'true'
  • Packaging is set to 'jar' and 'com.guidewire.build:ijplugin-maven-plugin' Maven plugin is configured for the module

Second, it removes all dependencies which have groupId starting with 'com.jetbrains.intellij.' after the import, assuming they would be provided through the IDEA SDK (so you can use these dependencies during the command-line build and have them fulfilled by IDEA SDK automatically when you import your module)

Third, this plugin updates plugin descriptor location using one of the following:
  • Explicitly configured value in the ijplugin-maven-plugin configuration.
  • Value of the 'ij.pluginDescriptor' property in the POM
  • Default value of "META-INF/plugin.xml"


By hsm

Open JAR packaged JavaDoc documentation in Firefox. Especially useful for Maven users. You will need to set Firefox as your external browser. If the JavaDoc target is not a JAR file, this will behave similarly to the native "Open In Browser".

In order for this to work in OS X you must create an executable script and have Idea use this instead of the default browser. This is the contents of mine:

#!/bin/sh osascript -e "tell application \"Firefox\"" -e "activate" -e "OpenURL \"$1\"" -e "end tell"

Shortcut: SHIFT+ALT+F1

Maven 2 Integration

This plugin integrates Maven 2 into IntelliJ IDEA

Maven Archetype Catalogs

A plugin to enable IntelliJ IDEA to fetch external Maven Archetype Catalog files.

IntelliJ IDEA is not able to fetch external Maven Archetype Catalog files (archetype-catalog.xml). To use custom Maven Archetypes, you had to add external Maven Archetypes manually.

This plugin for IntelliJ IDEA allows you to define a list of external Maven Archetype Catalog files. Those files are fetched and the containing Maven Archetypes are made available in IntelliJ IDEA when creating new Maven projects.


It adds a new entry Maven Archetype Catalogs to the Settings menu at File - Settings - Build, Execution and Deployment - Build tools.

Here you can add additional URLs or choose local files external archetype-catalog.xml files. If you need to authenticate to the reposistory, use an URL like 'http://[username]:[password]@[url]'.

After adding those Catalog files the Archetypes present in these files will be available when creating new Maven projects or Maven modules based on Archetypes.

Importing from pom.xml

If you define Maven Archetype Catalogs in your pom.xml file, those settings will be automatically imported.

You have to either define the property archetypeCatalog in your pom.xml or add a configuration for the plugin org.apache.maven.plugins:maven-archetype-plugin and configure the archetypeCatalog there.

Maven Archetypes

This plugin helps to generate initial java project layout with the help of Maven Archetypes.

Maven build-this-module plugin

Adds a menu item in the Build menu to run the install goal for the maven module that contains the current file.

Maven Dependency Manager

Compares and synchronizes dependency differences between Maven 1.0 projects and IntelliJ IDEA modules. Unlike the Maven plugin for IDEA, this plugin preserves other module settings updating only the dependencies. Adds the following menu items to the Tools menu:
  • Maven -> IDEA updates the IDEA module with dependencies from the Maven project.

  • Maven [- IDEA updates the Maven project with dependencies from the IDEA module.

  • Maven [-> IDEA compares the dependency differences.

Maven Dependency Sync

Keep your IntelliJ classpaths synchronised with a Maven POM File. You don't need to use Maven as your build tool, just leverage its handy dependency management!

Quick Instructions
  1. Create a POM file for your module(s) listing top level dependencies.
  2. Optional In the project settings under Maven Dependency Sync, configure a list of repositories. You can mix file and HTTP repositories. By default http://ibiblio.com/maven2 is chosen.
  3. Associate a POM file with an IntelliJ module in Project Structure -> module -> POM File.
  4. Then use Tools -> Fetch Dependencies to download all dependencies for modules with POM Files.
More Information Transitive dependencies are also fetched. This means you if you depend on hibernate, its dependencies (e.g. cglib, asm) will be fetched.

When a library is first fetched source and javadoc are automatically fetched. If they were not available from the remote repository you can install them in a local maven repository and then right click the library in the Project View -> Fetch Source and Javadoc.

A module can mix maven configured and manually configured libraries. The order of dependencies specified in the normal IntelliJ dependencies configuration will be preserved.

The local maven repository (a cache of downloaded artifacts) is located in $HOME/.m2/repository. The IntelliJ classpath will point at jar files in this directory. A future version of the plugin will be more flexible with this location.

You can use the same POM files to configure classpaths in your Ant build using the Maven dependency Ant tasks.

Maven Helper

By meo
A must have plugin for working with Maven.

  • easy way for finding and excluding conflicting dependencies
  • actions to run/debug maven goals for a module that contains the current file or on the root module
  • actions to run/debug the current test file.
    If maven-surefire-plugin is configured to skip or exclude the test, 'verify' goal will be used, see different configuration styles at https://github.com/harishkannarao/MavenSurefireFailsafeExamples

  • Right click in Editor | Run Maven
  • Right click in Project View Toolbar | (Run|Debug) Maven
  • CTRL + ALT + R - "Quick Run Maven Goal" action (you can use Delete key in the popup)
  • CTRL + SHIFT + ALT + R - for running goals on the root module (you can use Delete key in the popup)

  • Customize goals: Settings | Other Settings | Maven Helper
  • Define shortcuts: Settings | Keymap | Plug-ins | Maven Helper

  • Open pom file, click on 'Dependency Analyzer' tab, right click in the tree for context actions.

Maven Repo Search

Maven Repo Search Plugin IDEA Ports.
original is here.

Maven Runner

Building, Run/Debug maven module by mvn.
  • test class, method, package and module
  • run main method
  • run application server: jetty or tomcat, if pom file is selected
  • add option: config fork mode(from Preferences/Maven/Importing)
  • add a quick switch popup menu for maven build(shortcut: ^M)
  • add maven build menu to Build main menu(shortcut: ^⌘ + C/T/P/I)
  • show all dependencies at pom file, otherwise only module dependencies(shortcut: ^⌘U)
  • quick open pom file by maven artifact(shortcut: ^⌘M)
  • quick run plugin goals by quick switch menu(shortcut: ^P)
all shortcuts: from Preferences/Keymap/Plug-ins/Maven Runner/...

Maven Test Support Plugin

This plugin is intended to help developers work with tests in maven projects.

Currently the following features are available:

  • Displaying Surefire and Failsafe test results
  • Navigating from test results view to specific tests

Maven Version in Title Bar

Displays the maven version of your project in the title bar of the main window frame.

For example:
myproject - 1.0.0-SNAPSHOT - [C:\IdeaProjects\myproject]

The maven version is obtained from the <version> tag in the pom.xml file at the root of your project.

Maven1.x Repository Updater

This plugin is created to work with maven 1.x. When you use maven 1.x inside a multi module project, some times handling of artifacts by maven is problematic and cumbersome, especially when it comes to handling SNAPSHOT dependencies. This plugin will check the dependencies and update your local repository with the latest dependencies, mentioned in your project descriptors, enabling you to build your project offline. This will significantly improve the build time of your project. Select any of your modules and press Ctrl+Shift+Alt+U to activate this plugin.


Integrates Maven into IDEA


By vanhg
Maven Project Helper plugin for IntelliJ IDEA.
  • generate maven project skeleton from various maven archetype.
  • search maven archetype from local repository.
  • search maven archetype from central repository (addtional download required).
  • add dependency support
How to enable search from central repository?


This plugin provides strong integration of Maven with IntelliJ IDEA.


Manager for maven repositories. It supports viewing local and remote repositories, adding and downloading dependencies as module libraries and updating project.xml descriptors.

Seam Maven 2 Studio for IDEA

This plugin creates Seam 2.0 projects that use Maven 2 for builds.

Spark Examples Maven

Spark Developer using IntelliJ IDEA may suffer from setting maven's Provided scope to Compile manually, in order to run examples directly.

Tools -> Spark Examples
  • To Compile : Set all the dependencies in Provided to Compile
  • Restore : Restore all the dependencies setting
Then sychronize examples module.
  • It will only appear in Spark project. In other words, it will never appear in any other projects
  • If you do not sychronize examples module manually, the IntelliJ IDEA may take 2-3 minutes to update it
  • Usually, it is unnecessary to restore, since the setting of IntelliJ IDEA will not modify the pom.xml

See more at https://github.com/ChenZhongPu/Spark-Examples-Maven