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CLion Arduino Plugin
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This is a plugin to enable Arduino CMake integration into CLion. It uses the amazing Arduino CMake project from queezythegreat.

The current features are to create an Arduino CMake project in one click, and to create new sketch files.

Future features are to add menu option to easily change the board type, port number, import existing Arduino projects, etc.

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Recent change notes

  • Fixed .ino and .pde files not refactorable. Increased compatibility for Servo library
  • Re-compiled for Java 6
  • Added new project creation to Welcome Screen and File menu
  • Compatiblity with Arduino SDK 1.6 on Mac OS X
  • Removed Groovy runtime, no longer necessary
  • Fixed organization
  • Convert a project to Arduino CMake. This replaces CMakeLists.txt with a default one, deletes the default main.cpp file, copies in the Arduino CMake toolchain files, and deletes the build direcory to start fresh
  • Associates .ino and .pde files as C++ source, so you get syntax highlighting and prediction, etc.
  • Create a new sketch file in any directory. If you omit the extension, it will add .ino automatically
  • Adds import for Arduino.h to all newly created sketch files to enable code completion
  • Compiled with Java 6 for compatibility with OS X out of the box
What a HUGE difference it makes using CLion over the Arduino IDE. This plugin really makes it easy / possible to start running with CLion & Arduino fairly quickly. I can see that the toolchain and build process seems to be the same as the Arduino IDE, and it appears to build everything up to the .elf file. Is there a way from the CLion/Plugin environment to actually push the code to the MCU or does that still require the Arduino IDE..? That feature would take my rating from a 4 to a 5 for sure...
such a great tool
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