Plugin Contest 2016

Create plugins for TeamCity and get rewarded!

The Contest is now over. Take a look at the winners below and explore the list of submitted plugins.


Special Prize from TeamCity
Development Team

Debian Package Server

by netwolfuk

People's Choice

xUnit test runner 2

by jnyaccuratech


Key dates

Submitted plugins


Wesley Higbee

Founded Full City Tech to leverage his expertise to help companies rapidly deliver high quality software to delight customers.

Gary Ewan Park

Developer on the .Net Platform for almost 9 years, contributes to Chocolatey, Boxstarter, Cake, psake and GitVersion.

Jeffrey Palermo

Managing partner and CEO of Clear Measure, recognized Microsoft MVP for 10 consecutive years, and a frequent speaker at national conferences.

TeamCity development team

Judging criteria


Ideally, the plugin you develop should be good for something. The more people and teams we think will find your plugin useful, the better we'll like it.

Creativity and Elegance

Innovative thinking and coding that pushes the envelope really turns us on. You'll get points for novel, interesting or groundbreaking solutions.


Your plugin should attempt to solve a specific problem and you should solve that problem as completely as possible. Don't leave obvious holes in functionality.

Code quality and documentation

Your code should be readable, self-evident, properly documented, and easy to maintain.


  • Your contest submission should be a plugin for TeamCity, compliant at least with TeamCity 10.0.
  • All plugins must be contributed under a BSD, MIT or Apache open source license.
  • You may submit an entirely new plugin, or one that already exists in the list of TeamCity plugins. For an existing plugin, you should extend its functionality, and your entry will be judged solely on the new functionality.
  • All plugins are judged based on the functionality added since the Plugin Contest start date.
  • A participant may submit multiple plugins. They will be judged as separate entries.
  • The results will be announced on December 15, 2016 in the TeamCity blog and on twitter.
  • Please read and understand the Terms and Conditions before joining the contest.