IntelliJ Platform Plugin SDK Help

Deploying a Plugin

Before your custom plugin can be used, it must be deployed: built, installed, and then enabled using Plugin Manager.

To deploy a plugin:

  • Make your project by invoking Build | Build Project or Build | Build Module $MODULE_NAME$.

  • Prepare your plugin for deployment. In the main menu, select Build | Prepare Plugin Module $MODULE_NAME$ for Deployment.

    Prepare Plugin for Deployment
  • If the plugin module does not depend on any libraries, a JAR archive will be created. Otherwise, a ZIP archive will be created, including all the plugin libraries specified in the project settings.

    Jar Saved Notification
  • Install the newly created archive/jar file from disk. The editor_basics code sample builds the plugin archive/jar into the editor_basics project folder:

    Jar File Location
  • Restart your IDE so the changes will take effect.

Last modified: 09 March 2022