IntelliJ Platform Plugin SDK Help

Running and Debugging a Plugin

It's possible to run and debug a plugin directly from the IntelliJ IDEA. You need a configured special profile (a Plugin Run/Debug configuration) that specifies the plugin module, VM parameters, and other specific options. When you run such a profile, it launches the IDE with your plugin installed.

See IDE Development Instances for more information about configuration and advanced settings.

For information on how to change the Run/Debug configuration profile, refer to Run/Debug Configuration and Run/Debug Configuration: Plugin in IntelliJ IDEA Web Help.

Using IntelliJ IDEA's debugger, you can find out the origin of the run-time errors and exceptions.

To debug a plugin

  • Select Run | Debug... in the main menu, or press Shift+F9.

To run a plugin

  • Select Run | Run... in the main menu, or press Shift+F10.

Last modified: 18 May 2022