IntelliJ Platform Plugin SDK Help

Tests and Fixtures

The IntelliJ Platform testing infrastructure is not tied to any specific test framework. In fact, the IntelliJ IDEA Team uses JUnit, TestNG, and Cucumber for testing different parts of the project. However, most of the tests are written using JUnit 3.

When writing your tests, you have the choice between using a standard base class to perform the test set up for you and using a fixture class, which lets you perform the setup manually and does not tie you to a specific test framework.

With the former approach, you can use classes such as BasePlatformTestCase (LightPlatformCodeInsightFixtureTestCase before 2019.2).

With the latter approach, you use the IdeaTestFixtureFactory class to create instances of fixtures for the test environment. You need to call the fixture creation and setup methods from the test setup method used by your test framework.

Last modified: 31 March 2023