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About JetBrains Marketplace

This documentation includes articles and tutorials on JetBrains Marketplace operations. You can find more information about plugin development in the IntelliJ Platform SDK Documentation. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us at

What is JetBrains Marketplace?

JetBrains Marketplace is a moderated digital catalog that hosts more than 6000 extensions for JetBrains products provided by JetBrains and third-party plugin developers.

JetBrains Marketplace is a platform that provides:

  • JetBrains products with lists of compatible extensions and facilitates the download of compatible plugin updates.

  • Users with the ability to easily find, install, and manage extensions in a centralized location.

  • Plugin developers with a new channel to market and/or sell their extensions to the global JetBrains community.

JetBrains Marketplace hosts plugins for all IntelliJ Platform-based IDEs (including IntelliJ IDEA, PhpStorm, PyCharm, and so on), as well as .NET, TeamCity, YouTrack, Upsource, and Space (coming soon). Paid plugins are supported only by IntelliJ-based IDEs, including Community Editions, Educational Editions, and third-party IDEs built on the IntelliJ Platform. Plugins can be found and installed right from JetBrains Products or downloaded from the JetBrains Marketplace website.

What types of plugins can be built and found on JetBrains Marketplace?

On JetBrains Marketplace you can find:

  • IDE plugins to provide integrations (e.g. with VCS, issue trackers, build management servers, and other tools).

  • Plugins to add support for various languages and frameworks to your IDE.

  • Plugins to provide shortcut hints, live previews, File Watchers, and so on.

  • IDE themes and other visual customizations.

  • Educational courses to help you to learn new programming languages.

What are the benefits of using JetBrains Marketplace extensions?

By using JetBrains Marketplace, end-users get:

  • Additional functionality, thanks to plugins from third-party developers.

  • Extensions that are easy to install and update, thanks to integration with JetBrains products.

  • Extensions that are reviewed and validated by JetBrains Marketplace.

  • Additional protection, with plugins conforming to the JetBrains Marketplace Vendor Agreement.

  • Secure payments that don’t require providing credit card information to an external entity.

  • Management of all subscriptions via a single JetBrains Account.

  • Co-terming with various community programs (for students, user groups, Open Source projects, etc.) supported by JetBrains products.

  • Flexible pricing options, including free trials and special pricing offers.

Last modified: 04 April 2024