JetBrains Marketplace Help

Check license API

If you are the author of a paid plugin, you can check whether the user with the specified email address has a license or not.

You should create a permanentToken in My Tokens tab within your JetBrains Marketplace profile dashboard.

CURL command template:

curl -H "Authorization: Bearer <permanentToken>" -X GET{productCode}/license?email={email}

where productCode is the Product Code of your plugin and email is an email of the user you would like to check.

The response has the following format:

{ "licenses": [ { "type": "string", "trial": "boolean?", "period": "string?", "startFrom": "string($date)", "validTill": "string($date)?", "overuseTill": "string($date)?", "ownerCode": "integer", "ownerType": "string", "ownerEmail": "string" } ] }

The response example:

{ "licenses": [ { "type": "PERSONAL", "trial": false, "period": "Annual", "startFrom": "[2019,6,26]", "validTill": "[2020,6,25]", "overuseTill": "[2020,7,2]", "ownerCode": 1234567, "ownerType": "Personal", "ownerEmail": "" } ] }
Last modified: 01 July 2024