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Maven interface

You can download a plugin update from the plugin repository using a Maven interface available at

URL format is the following:<channel> /com/jetbrains/plugins/<plugin_xml_id>/<version>/<plugin_xml_id>-<version>. <extension>


  • plugin_xml_id is a unique Plugin XML ID specified on the right of the plugin's individual update page or in the plugin.xml.

  • version is a full update version.

  • channel is a release channel the update is published to (empty channel means default Stable channel.)

  • extension is a plugin update package extension (.jar or .zip.)

E.g. to download VueJs plugin version 1.0.1 you should send a request to

Also, you can use Gradle or Maven to retrieve a plugin as a maven-dependency:

  • groupId is either <channel>.com.jetbrains.plugins or com.jetbrains.plugins for a Stable channel.

  • artifactId is pluginXmlId (pluginXmlId is specified as a Plugin XML ID parameter on the right of the plugin's individual update page.)


repositories { maven { url '' } } dependencies { compile 'com.jetbrains.plugins:<plugin_xml_id>:<version>' // for the plugin from Stable channel compile '<channel>.com.jetbrains.plugins:<plugin_xml_id>:<version>' // for the plugin from non-default channel }

(please see parameters described above)

Last modified: 04 April 2024